Lethal Touch

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I turned toward Ryker but stop in my tracks, he’s dressed in a tux... so much for semi-formal. I suppose he’s attuned to wearing a tux at every function just for his image but geez this man leaked Greek god, It left me completely breathless. I forget how to walk.

“Ms. this way.” a young boy ushers me toward the makeshift stage where Ryker awaits me.

Soon I’m settled in right next to him gazing into his dark eyes which seem to get even darker by the minute, I can smell the scent of lust oozing off him and my entire body goes rigid. Fuck. I can hear his wolf surfacing giving a rumble to show off to the others that he’s found someone he wants and nobody else can have.

“We are gathered on this beautiful evening to welcome a new member to this pack, one who has become a great asset and has given us so much insight into not only finding Julian but showing us many things that have already impacted us in the best way. She’s also been kind enough to help out at the hospital taking care of our elders and it brings me great honor to welcome her.” Ryker motions for the Witch to come over and begin the binding ceremony, she chants words in latin, motioning for us to take the knife to cut our palms and mix our blood, binding us together always.

I wince at the blade slicing into my skin but Ryker doesn’t show a lick of pain, Squeezing our hands into fists we examine the blood dripping from our palms. I stare into the bowl and watch the blood swirl together until it’s mixed as one, until we are one. The Witch smiles at the two of us congratulating me on becoming apart of the pack, I smile back admiring her beauty, Her dark skin radiates against the moonlight, she’s glowing in elegance. All of a sudden I feel every emotion from him slam into my body, I gasp looking to him and he’s feeling the exact same thing I’m feeling. When he told me about this he said that the people being bound to him don’t get any of his emotions but I definitely felt everything he felt.

Someone interrupts the packs cheers immediately silencing everybody.

“Why have we welcomed her into our pack Alpha? A She-wolf as dangerous as she is, will pose potential threats from other packs surrounding us! Alphas will wage war against ours for her, she’s the ultimate weapon in fighting not only this war but any others that may happen in the future! This is a big mistake!” I recognize the wolf screaming the truthful words as the one whom I attacked in the meeting a few months back. I have to give it to him, he’s not as air headed as I assumed.

“If that happens we will deal with it! I’ve gone across the country making alliances with every pack, the only people that pose any threat are a group of rogues but we all know if it is to come down to it, we will defeat them without issue. Alethea can also take care of herself and I doubt any Alpha is going to just take her without her permission, she’s a strong woman who is now apart of our pack and you will do well to remember that she is an Alpha female who outranks you.” his voice booms across every single member daring them to question his decision, luckily nobody else says a word. The boy gulping in fear hangs his head in shame.

“Now let’s eat!” he yelled gazing out to his people.

Everybody lines up picking up paper plates, Ryker is at the head of the line along with me. Everything looks delicious, I pick up a cheeseburger heading over for the salads and settle on a delicious crisp Caesar salad. Chips and desert require a second plate which I luckily grabbed, after stacking my two plates full of food I head for the table where Ryker is gesturing me to sit beside him.... his right side.... where the Luna sits.

I hesitate and he notices instantly where he’s asked me to sit but doesn’t correct himself and continues to point toward the seat, Ryker will not let me sit anywhere else but beside him tonight. His wolf is out to play.

Sitting we eat in silence while the rest of the pack converse amongst one another. After finishing up dinner we gather around a large fire pit where people begin playing guitar and humming along to the guitarists.

“Ryker are you going to play tonight?”

Woah. I think my heart just exploded! What is it with us females falling for musicians? It’s like our ovaries are magnets to guitarists...

“Yeah I’ll play.” he states plainly grabbing the guitar one wolf is offering him.

Rykers fingers smoothly strum cords that sing to my heart. Every note coming from that guitar is food for my soul, the soul that’s been broken and dead for so long is finally mending together. All because of a man whom I’m not supposed to care about. I’m screwed.

“Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me, cause we were just kids when we fell in love.” His eyes never leave me as he sings the words to one of my favorite songs, I’m almost positive my heart bursts at the sound of his voice.

I can’t take my eyes off him, after tonight their’s no way we can hide our relationship from the pack. I think he knows this too because every glance he steals toward me shows me exactly what he’s feeling.

“I don’t deserve this, you look perfect tonight.” he finishes finally releasing me from my trance and I turn to see all the other women feeling the same way I do, we are all swooning over the man singing a love song. Everybody applauds their Alpha including myself and someone throws in a catcall whistle and we all laugh until our bellies ache.

Ryker moves toward me holding out a hand asking me to dance but I don’t have anything to cover my hands, his eyes fall to my bare fingers and nods in understanding. A young female who’s maybe 4 years old at the most rushes toward Ryker squealing in joy, she jumps into his arms and he spins her around while she giggles.

Does he have a Daughter?


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