Lethal Touch

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The Whole Family

I study the female realizing she is a spitting image of Ryker. It’s impossible to not see the similarities between the two, I grow sick with jealousy.

“This is her isn’t it Ry? The one who’s blessed with the moons sight?” She whispers just loud enough for me to hear.

“Her name is just Alethea, love. But yes this is the moon blessed female.”

“It’s nice to meet you Alethea. My name is Aspen, like the tree.” she smiles showing off her missing two front teeth. I can’t help but smile back.

“It’s nice to meet you Aspen.”

“Has my brother offered to dance with you? Its part of the ceremony to dance with the Alpha if you’re a female.” her brother. Was I really going to be that kind of female who was jealous he had another female in his life? Absolutely not.

“He’s offered but I have nothing to cover my hands with.” I give her a gentle smile to ease her anxiety.

“That’s funny because that lady back there gave me these gloves for you to put on.” she points to someone in the back who ducks out of my vision before I recognize who it is.

“Well go dance now!” she jumps up and down giggling

Slipping the gloves over my hands Ryker holds his hand out once again but this time I take it happily. One hand holds mine while the other rests on my hip, his cheek pressed against my hair and his soft breath tickling my ear.

“I’ve never laid eyes on someone as beautiful as you.” he whispers

“I’ve never heard a voice as beautiful as yours.” I whisper back watching as goosebumps rise against his flesh.

“I don’t sing often, only for you and sometimes Aspen when she can’t fall asleep.”

After a few minutes of swaying back and forth he began to twirl me in circles around the dance floor. Soon people began to join us and for once since I lost my family, I began to feel like a normal woman.

“I want to show you something.” he whispered in my ear once again.

Nodding I feel his hand wrap around my back resting just below my hip, careful to avoid my skin, leading me toward the pack house. I couldn’t contain the anxiety bubbling up my chest, I wasn’t sure what I should expect.

We reach his bedroom where he carefully opens the door ushering me in and he follows. In a matter of seconds I find myself smashed against the wall with his lips hungrily attacking mine, it doesn’t take me more than a second to respond. I can tell he’s trying so hard to keep his hands on the little bit of clothing I was wearing because his hands were roaming every inch the dress covered. The electric shocks are driving me wild.

Moaning into his mouth he pushes into me even harder than before making me wince a little.

“I’m sorry.” he apologizes between kisses.

Our tongues battle for dominance and he’s winning, his lips moved down to my neck nipping and sucking at my skin, arching my back from all the pleasure gave Ryker a full view of my now protruding chest. A growl escapes his lips his eyes now on my breasts, I watch as his head dips even lower nipping at the skin while is tongue darts out tasting my flesh.

“Fucking hell, what are you doing to me Alethea.” he sounded like he was in actual pain. His lips never once left me.

His palms wrap around my wrists pinning them above my head as his lips attack my neck once more. Finally his lips meet mine and the battle for dominance is back again, my hands begging to explore his thick biceps and to run them through his hair, it’s like he read my mind because he lets my wrists go and I begin to run them down his neck down to his arms.

“I need you so bad Alethea, fuck me.” he pulled away staring into my hooded eyes.

" You know we can’t be together in that way Ryker.” I whisper pained

" I know someday we will finally be together that way and doing this.. Just kissing you is beyond enough for me, plus we need to go back outside otherwise the packs going to wonder where we are and when we are together sexually I’m going to need more than just 10 minutes. I’m going to need the entire night with you.” he nibbled on my ear lobe.

We head back to the party hoping that no one noticed that we were missing for so long but were immediately caught by a teenage boy.

“Ohhh I found the Alpha and his lady friend.” he joked before looking to Ryker realizing he just teased his Alpha but Ryker just smiled without his teeth.

“I have an announcement to make!” Rykers voice echoed through the evergreens.

“This female is with me now, nobody will harm her or you will harm me! If you hurt her you go to war with me! Is this going to be a problem?” he questions begging someone to challenge him. I couldn’t believe he was actually telling everybody.

“Will she become our Luna?” someone raises awareness to things I haven’t even thought about.

“That’s up to her.” he responds quickly like he already knows we have a future together, what happens when he realizes I’ll never be the woman he wants me to be? I don’t know if I see my future self being bubbly or cheerful and I don’t know if that’s who he wants me to be. We need to sit down and have a long discussion.

“Long live the Alpha and his Queen!” A strong man chants, soon the rest of the pack follows behind him. All throughout this pack you could hear the screams of its pack members welcoming their new Luna.

Welcoming me.


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