Lethal Touch

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After everybody settled down we all gathered around the fire to listen to the wolves sing. Ryker sang wooing every female around him once again, his sister sitting right beside him staring up admiring her brothers voice. I’ve never seen somebody look at someone the way she looks at him, so much love and adoration makes my heart so full of joy.

It’s like she knows I’m watching her because she turns smiling to me, standing she makes her way toward me but soon realizes theirs no open chair but she barely hesitates before climbing on my lap nuzzling herself comfortably into my body. Stunned I wrap my arms around her avoiding skin.

Gazing back to Ryker he’s staring wide eyed at the two of us, this must not be normal for her. Her dark hair tickles my nose but I can’t help nuzzling into her a little more I find myself actually comfortable with her being in my arms. I smile at him and he returns one.

“You like my brother?” She asks still watching her brother

“I do, very much. He’s a good male.” I speak without looking away from her brother

“He’s a very good brother. I love him too. Is it true that my daddy hurt you very badly and that’s why your moon blessed?”

“Yes it is true, I lost my family.”

“My daddy isn’t a very good man.” She replies

“No he isn’t but it’s a good thing you had a wonderful mommy and brother to raise you.”

“Will you be raising me now too?”

“That’s up to your brother love.”

“You’re gonna be my big sister someday.” She smiles and I giggle seeing her two top teeth missing.

I smile back down but before I can respond Ryker interrupts.

“What are the 2 most beautiful females doing over here?”

Aspen giggles hopping off of my lap into her brothers arms, his laugh is contagious and I find myself laughing right along with him.

“I think it’s past somebody’s bedtime.”

“I am tired Ry, can you and Al tuck me in?”

“Absolutely.” We both say

Heading toward the pack house Ryker places his free hand on my hip leading me the opposite direction. Toward the cabin we once stayed at together. It was a long walk one that put Aspen to sleep.

“She’s taken a liking to you, she normally doesn’t take to people so fast.”

“The two of us are a lot alike.” I laugh

I get a panty dropping smirk from him that makes me stumble a bit. Regaining my composure I fall into step with him. Unlocking the door he ushers me in locking it behind him. He whisks Aspen away into her room and finds his way back to me.

“Stay with me tonight.” He pulls me into him kissing my neck.

I answer with a moan instead of him taking charge I do. I fist his shirt leading him toward the bedroom, his legs meet the edge of the bed and I push his shoulders back so he’s laying on his back. Climbing on to the bed I straddle him, his hands meet my love handles tugging me down harder onto him stirring a moan from me. The hem of my dress drastically raising showing my lace panties, Ryker notices immediately.

“Fuck.” He groans dropping his head back against the mattress.

Lips smash together in a battle of who needs who more. Tongues dancing together to their own song, our bodies syncing to each other.

Ryker is tugging my dress up so my stomach is now showing and he’s not stopping there, it’s a good thing Alexandra pushed me to wear the lingerie we bought. Raising my arms he tugs off the dress, staring at black bra with see through mesh. He’s got a full view of my breasts.

“It’s killing me not being able to touch you.” He says bringing his fist to his mouth biting his knuckle.

I begin to move off but he stops me by flipping me on to my back using my dress as a barrier from my skin.

“Just let me look at you.” He whispers

Speechless I just nod, wishing I could just feel his touch brought physical pain to my chest. I miss being touched, I miss being loved, I even miss sex. Something I never thought I’d miss after Orion died, I told myself there would never be another man for me but Ryker is changing my world.

“Why did you choose me? Out of all the women in your pack even the surrounding packs, you chose me?”

“I didn’t choose you Alethea my heart did, my wolf did and when they chose you I began to see who you really are, that’s when my soul chose you. My soul doesn’t want you, it needs you, I need you.”

I smile a light blush brightening my cheeks. I can’t necessarily relate to what he’s saying because my entire being chose him the minute I laid eyes on him, if my wolf were active I know she’d want him too.

“I will always choose you Alethea, Always.”

" I love you Ryker.” I blurt truthfully, I’ve never been more honest with myself than right now.

“Don’t say it back just because I said it, if you ever say it I want it to be because you mean it.”

“Let me show you how much I love you Alethea.” his lips press against the valley between my breasts his hands on both sides of my body pressing into the mattress holding his weight.

Smooth cool lips press deep kisses into every inch of my torso, the goosebumps on my body haven’t gone away since the first kiss. My hearts going a million miles a minute and my body is definitely responding to his, my breasts are swollen with want and my panties are soaked through. I’m feeling self conscious because I know he can smell my arousal but he has this way about him that seems to put others at ease and I immediately feel less nervous.

“Take off your bra.” his breath tickling my skin, sitting up slowly his tongue darts out against the flesh of my collarbone, I love the way he’s making me feel. Grabbing the bottom of my bra I begin to tug it off.

“Slowly.” his hoarse voice makes my insides clench, slowing down I watch what I can do to him.

His eyes move to my chest as I let the straps slide down my arms releasing my breasts, he brings his hand back to his mouth biting his knuckle once again.

“Lay back down.” he says breathlessly

I do as he says and my eyes follow his head bowing down toward my nipples, soon his mouth begins sucking on my already erect bud. My back automatically arches pushing me even further into his mouth. His mouth plays with both of my buds until my entire body tightens before finally releasing.

“So fucking beautiful.” he whispers

Raising off me he places the sheets over me covering me completely but lays back down on top of me but just kisses my lips. We kiss until we both are too drained to do anything else but sleep.

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