Lethal Touch

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Rykers POV

Standing at the end of the Aisle I stare at the beautiful goddess who’s taking the arm of the young male I have escorting her to me. I can sense the nervousness coming off her but the minute she looks at me I can smell the fear vanish. That dress she’s wearing is so revealing but fits her so perfectly, I can feel my wolf sending off messages of other males to back off and remove there eyes from this woman.

I watch as this female walks toward me with such confidence and I wonder how I got so lucky to be the one she choose to open up to. I don’t know what I did for her to trust me the way she does but I am so glad that I was able to be the one for her.

Standing next to me I stare at her without a filter, I listen as the ceremony continues and only when our blood mixes do I notice that our bond is different than those from my pack, it’s stronger, she can feel my emotions now if I don’t keep them in check. It’s almost like we mated but this bond is less strong.

When the male speaks out against her it takes everything in me to not launch off the stage and end him for talking about Alethea that way, as if she wasn’t standing right next to me or the fact that she is an Alpha female who has the power to defeat any enemy, she just needed the right training to bring out the real strength in her. Alpha females are some of the most powerful Alphas I have ever met. I was surprised she didn’t react like I expected she would.

After we eat I feel this lightness to me, when an old friend asks me to play guitar like I used to when I was young , I couldn’t stop myself from playing a song that immediately made me think of Alethea, especially her in this very moment. Sitting in a chair cross legged gazing at me through her thick eyelashes, her hair blowing gently from the breeze bringing her sweet scent toward me. The words flow out of my mouth naturally.

Reaching my bedroom I open the door and in a matter of seconds I smash her against while my lips attack hers hungrily, I try so fucking hard to keep my hands from touching her skin but it’s so hard when her dress barely covers her sculpted body, my hands still roamed every single inch of her body that was covered by the dress. The electric shocks that were consuming my body were driving me wild.

I can’t help but push into her even harder when she moans but I notice the wince.

“I’m sorry.” I apologize between kisses.

Our tongues battle for dominance mine winning, my lips move down her delicate pale neck, nipping and sucking at her sweet tasting skin. Arching her back she gives me a full few of her full chest. A growl escapes my body as I gaze at her breasts. I dip down nipping at the mounds of flesh while I taste her.

“Fucking hell what are you doing to me Alethea.” I wince out, it was almost painful to speak instead of continue to attack her body with my mouth.

My hands wrap around her wrist pinning them above her head as I begin kissing her neck again. I could feel her hands begging to be released so I abide and I almost black out as her gloved hands tug at my hair and run down my neck to my arms.

“I need you so bad Alethea, fuck me.” I pull away staring at her through hooded eyes.

" You know we can’t be together in that way Ryker.” she whispers pained

" I know someday we will finally be together that way and doing this.. Just kissing you is beyond enough for me, plus we need to go back outside otherwise the packs going to wonder where we are and when we are together sexually I’m going to need more than just 10 minutes. I’m going to need the entire night with you.” I nibble on her earlobe.

The moment I sang another song I watched as my sister climbed into the lap of the woman I’ve begun to love, I watched as Aspen snuggled into Aletheas chest as if it was the most natural thing for her to do. Aspen is not like that with anybody except me, I wonder if it’s true that kids have the ability to sense how safe people can be.

As soon as the party died down I bring my two females back to the log cabin, where I put my sister to sleep.

“Stay with me tonight.” I pull her into me kissing my favorite place on her body.

Instead of me taking charge, she fists my white shirt leading me toward the bedroom, my legs hit the edge of the bed where she pushes my shoulders back so I am laying down. Climbing on top of me she straddles me, I tug her down onto my hardening core. The hem of her dress raising drastically shows off her sexy lace underwear.

“Fuck.” I groan loudly

Tugging up her dress I stop as soon as her stomach shows, kissing, nipping, suckling and tasting her smooth skin but I don’t stop there, she raises her arms allowing me to tug off the dress. The bra she wore was see through and I got the full view of her breasts

“It’s killing me not being able to touch you.” I say bringing my fist to my mouth biting down on my knuckles attempting to control myself.

She tries to move off of me but I need more time with her, flipping her over I just stare at her beauty.

“Just let me look at you.” I whispers

“Why did you choose me? Out of all the women in your pack even the surrounding packs, you chose me?” her question stuns me for a moment

“I didn’t choose you Alethea my heart did, my wolf did and when they chose you I began to see who you really are that’s when my soul chose you. My soul doesn’t want you it needs you, I need you.”

“I will always choose you Alethea, Always.”

" I love you Ryker.” she blurts

“Don’t say it back just because I said it, if you ever say it I want it to be because you mean it.” she whispers afraid she outspoke herself.

“Let me show you how much I love you Alethea.” my lips press against the valley between her breasts.

“Take off your bra.” I whisper, she sits up slowly and I can’t stop but kiss her collarbone while running my tongue across her skin. Grabbing for her bra she begins ripping it off but I want to cherish this moment with her.

“Slowly.” My voice hoarse.

The straps of her bra trickle slowly down her arms, releasing her beautiful chest.

“Lay back down.” I say breathlessly

My mouth meets her flesh feverishly, suckling on one of the most sensitive parts of her body, she responds so beautifully arching her body, pushing herself further into my mouth and I continue until her body releases because of me.

“So fucking beautiful.” I whisper into her skin.

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