Lethal Touch

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The Marking

We spent the weekend together playing games and swimming, I forgot how much energy kids have because we were up at 7 am every morning getting ready to go hiking or swimming or whatever the little monster wanted to do.

Waking up from the comfort of my bed I lay under the covers not ready to get out of the warmth that Ryker and I had created. After putting Aspen to sleep he snuck in and fell asleep next to me after a couple of kisses. Unfortunately our weekend had to come to an end and he had to leave for his Alpha duties and I had training with Brian in about 45 minutes.

I haven’t seen Alexandra all weekend so I’m excited to see Brian so he can fill me in on there weekend, she had told me after the ceremony they were headed out of town for the weekend. Hopefully since it was her heat they were able to conceive, I hope it was a successful heat because they’ve been trying for way to long and I know the only thing those two want is a little pup of their own.

Tip toeing down the stairs I spot Brian in the kitchen I can’t help but smirk at him while he looks like a female cutting up fruits to blend them, sneaking up behind him I hear the hard rock blaring through his headphones, chancing it I slam my fingers into the bottoms of his ribs not expecting his elbow to come flying into my nose.

“Fuck me!” I scream grabbing my nose that is already gushing blood

" Holy shit Alethea I’m so sorry! Why did you think it would be a good idea to sneak up on me like that!” he yelled back

" I guess I didn’t think.” I began to laugh but stopped when the pain in my nose made me lightheaded.

" Oh god I think you broke it.” I cringed attempting to stand up but before Brian could help me two large hands wrapped around his neck slamming him into the refrigerator. Ryker was at Brian’s throat, I’ve never seen him so angry before especially at Brian who’s one of his best friend.

" Ryker!” I cry afraid he is actually about to rip Brian’s throat out.

Rising on two wobbly legs I rush over placing myself in between the two so he couldn’t get any closer to Brian. Removing my hands from my nose I lay my palms on Ryker’s chest that is protected by a white cotton shirt that is now stained red with my handprints.

" Stop it Ryker! It was an accident, it was all my fault!” I panic nudging his chest but the scent of my blood is making me lightheaded, resting my forehead against his chest I notice the blood dripping onto his shirt and pinch my nose.

A solid arm wraps around me pulling me flush against his body when I finally hear a hefty thump onto the floor. Brian’s grasping his throat attempting to breath life back to his lungs but he sounds like a dying horse with the coughing fit he’s having. Ryker lifts me by my hips onto the counter and gently sets me down.

" Stay here.” He commands as if I’m going to get up and take a dirt nap from lightheadedness.

" Brian are you okay?” I moan lifting my head up and gag tasting the blood draining down my throat.

" How did you stop him? I’ve only ever seen him that angry when his mate died, he slaughtered a lot of people and the look he just had in his eyes was the same one that night. Nobody could stop him but somehow you did.“he said finally regaining control of his body, his hand wiping away tears from the coughing.

" I don’t know what I did, I just got dizzy, my head slumped and he just let you go.” I claim just as stunned as him.

Ryker returns with a first aid kit, opening it he pulls on latex gloves to protect himself. With skilled fingers he places two kleenex tissues into my nostrils without causing me any pain but the scent continues to make me sway.

" Well it’s not broken but you’ll have a nasty bruise.” he grits, I notice his eyes switching from obsidian to golden in a battle between the human and beast.

" Don’t move.” he says through clenched teeth.

Amber Iris’s stare at the flesh on my neck, I observe his canine teeth descending. Ryker has lost control of his wolf.

“Ryker.” I whisper raising my hand toward his shoulders.

" Don’t. Fucking. Move.” he pleads, I hear the pain in his voice so I stop.

I freeze as his face moves closer to my body. Feather soft hair tickles my neck as his head rests on my covered shoulder whereas his hands grip my thighs almost painfully, I hear him breathe in deeply but I feel his chest rumbling with a low feral growl.

" Ryker...” I whisper, his intoxicating scent clouding my thoughts. Before I realize what I’m doing my head meets his shoulder and my hands settle on the bottom of his ribs.

Brian rotated his body so his back faced us, it must have been uncomfortable to see his Alpha in such an intimate moment with a female.

" I just need another minute to get him under control, I’m sorry.” he murmurs, his cool breath tickling my skin. I understand he doesn’t want Brian to see him not be in control of his own wolf, rumors would start that he wasn’t a capable Alpha which would cause an uprising in the pack to challenge Ryker for his title, not that Brian would say a thing to another living soul about this moment.

" Take your time.” I whisper back for only his ears to hear.

Minutes later he pulls away so his face is a few inches from mine, his charcoal eyes finally revealing the pain of stepping away from me.

Rykers hand extends to Brian and he gratefully takes it, Rykers veins popping at the effort it takes to pull Brian up.

" Take care of her.” he says motioning toward me

" Of course.” Brian responds

Ryker glances back before taking off through the front door without closing it. My heart is in my throat.

" Alethea did he... Mark you?”

" No of course he didn’t.”

" I’ve never seen that man lose control of his wolf before. Ever.”

" Don’t say anything Brian, you know what that could do to him.” begging was new to me but for Ryker I’d do anything to protect him.

" I’m not saying anything Al, Ryker is the best thing that has happened to this pack since he became Alpha. I just can’t believe his wolf got control... Come here let me look at your nose.” He paused before coming towards me.

Pulling on fresh gloves he removes the bloody kleenex but not as gracefully as Ryker did making me grimace in pain. Handing me frozen peas he attempts to put the bag on the bridge of my nose carefully but being Brians size theirs just no way for him to do it gently, gasping out I grab the peas and fix it. Lying back on the counter I stare up at the ceiling feeling my face just swelling up like a plum.

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