Lethal Touch

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Both my eyes are already beginning to bruise and lots of people stare as Brian and I step into the arena, were laughing at a stupid joke he says. I nudge him beginning to sprint just like our normal routine and by our 8th lap I’m feeling the burning in my lungs, he screams in my ear to keep pushing myself and stop being such a little female so I show him exactly how much a female can perform.

“Enough, lets spar.” he smiles turning toward one of the sparring rings, jogging behind him we hop into and begin our second workout of the day.

I’m more prepared than I’ve ever been, the only person who is still able to beat me is Ryker and we haven’t sparred against each other since we first met. Brian is still a challenge for me but today I hardly break a sweat while dancing around him throwing punches and kicking the insides of his thighs.

“You fight dirty woman!” he yells as I kick inside his thigh a little too close to his junk.

“Fighting was never meant to be clean!” I smile dodging as he throws a left hook

Finally we end it when Brian taps out from an arm bar I performed, it only takes 10 minutes for me to finish him off and I think he’s impressed by his stunned expression.

“You’re ready to face him.” he says looking at somebody over my shoulder

“Who?” I question turning to face the unknown man

“Your lover.” he speaks nonchalantly while shrugging his shoulders.

I don’t respond but instead I stare at the Alpha punching a bag that his third in command is holding; correction trying to hold the bag in place. His shirtless body is showing off his rippling muscles that are glistening with sweat.

The punching bag doesn’t look like it can take much more, the seam seems to have begun to split open dripping out some of the contents onto the ground. One more punch and the bag splits in half falling to the floor with a thud, I may have misjudged how strong Ryker is.

“He’s gotten bigger and stronger since you’ve been here, it makes no sense to me but it really seems like his body is responding to you as his mate. All males go through their growth spurt once they meet their mate just like Ryker did when he met Jasmine but after you showed up he got taller and thicker.”

“He’s a good man inside and out.” I can’t help the idiotic grin on my face

“That he is. The best Alpha this pack has ever had.”

“Was Alexandras heat successful? Are you gonna be a father?”

“We aren’t sure, she hasn’t bled yet so it looks hopeful for us but I don’t want the both of us to get excited only to be let down like the other cycles before hand.” his eyes fall to the floor in shame. It must be hard on him to feel like he’s letting his wife down by not producing a child, I know a lot of males beat themselves up when their female struggles with fertility.

“I understand, I have a good feeling about it though.” I give him the most genuine smile I can muster.

As soon as I turn back toward Ryker his eyes are already on my body, they finally trail up to see my face and see the purple forming under my eyes. His Iris’s switch between amber and black and I see them lock on Brian and in the blink of an eye Ryker is on top of Brian punching him over and over again. It’s all happening in slow motion and I can’t seem to process what’s happening until Brian is near unconsciousness.

“Ryker enough!” I scream trying to kick him off Brian, as soon as my foot makes contact with his side his hand wraps around it pulling on it so I lose my balance and fall onto my butt.

Luckily me falling pulls his human side out again bringing some sense into him, moving off Brian he grabs my hips lifting me from the ground. Now standing I move around Ryker and try and see how I can help Brian, luckily they keep a doctor on call at all times and within minutes they’re taking him to the clinic.

Ryker watches as I rush to Brians aid, confused as to why I would care more about him almost killing Brain instead of caring that Ryker defended me. I give him the look every single woman has that makes men freeze in place.

“Is he going to be okay?” I question concerned turning toward the doctor.

“He will be just fine, all we’re going to do is stitch him up and send him on his way.” the doc smiled kindly moving toward the exit.

I turn back glaring at Ryker who’s watching as they bring his friend to the hospital because of his own hands. At least he looks like he feels guilty for beating Brian to a bloody pulp for no reason whatsoever.

“My wolf took over. He couldn’t forgive Brian for hitting you even if it was an accident.” Any thought I had about being pissed at him vanished the moment his lips touched my ear and his breath tickled my neck.

“Let this be a lesson to everybody who even thinks about touching my female, it will not end well for you. Training is over for the day, go home.” he growled sending off a dangerous vibe throughout the room. Everyone was out the door within minutes.

“I’m sorry Alethea.” he whispered lifting me while wrapping my legs around his waist. Luckily I was wearing my long sleeve shirt instead of the t-shirt I initially was going to put on this morning.

Pressing my back up against the wall his lips find mine frantically dominating my entire being, his hands moving over every single inch of my covered skin. Tugging my braid he creates more access to my neck, his wolf humming with pleasure tips me over the edge and I moan loudly. Lips continue their assault against my flesh until somebody enters the dome completely killing the mood.

“Sorry Alpha I didn’t know anybody was still in here.” the male stated embarrassed and uncomfortably.

“We were just leaving Michael. Thank you for cleaning up after us it’s greatly appreciated.” Rykers compliment leaves the teenager puffed up with pride.

Leaving the arena we head back to the pack house where Ryker immediately heads to his room for a shower, while he’s away, I call Alexandra and let her know everything that happened and that Brian would be just fine but she should head to the hospital to pick him up.

I can’t stop my feet from moving toward Rykers room, I open the door and see the steam coming out of the bathroom door. Do I go into the bathroom or do I wait out here for him? Opening the door the steam hits my face giving me goosebumps.

Pulling back the shower curtain Ryker looks out at me confused.

“What are you doing love?” he asks grabbing the towel wrapping it around his waist while stepping out of the tub.

“I don’t know what I’m doing.” I whisper stepping closer to him, he stares at me confused as I fall to my knees in front of him.

Reaching for the towel his hand stops me.

“Alethea you don’t need to do this. I don’t need you to do this until you’re ready, I’m happy with the way things are right now.” he says running his fingers through my hair.

“I’ve never been more ready Ryker.” I whisper back

“Are you sure?” he asks gazing into my eyes

“I’ve never been more sure.” I stare back into his eyes.

Removing the towel I see all of Ryker for the first time, every single inch of his delectable body. The water still sliding down his lean stomach while droplets from his hair drip onto the floor.

His manhood already hardening for me, wrapping my mouth around him I hear him pull air into his lungs. I’m finding it harder by the second to not touch him, this is such an intimate moment between us that I struggle to keep myself from removing every inch of clothing I have on and I think he is having the same struggle.

Rykers hands twist and knot through my hair as I continue my assault, he never once pushes me or forces himself further into my mouth, he allows me to completely control the situation which I gratefully accept. My tongue swirling over him I hear him moaning out my name which has my inner self purring.

“Alethea if you don’t stop I’m going to come in that beautiful mouth of yours.” he says as his entire body begins to tense preparing for his release.

I don’t stop. I pull him even further to the back of my throat where I feel him spill his seed and I swallow the salty liquid happily. Knowing that I’m able to make him let go this way boosts my ego like nothing else, I just didn’t expect him to grab my hips and toss me onto the bed. I can’t help the little squeal that escapes my chapped lips.

“Now it’s your turn.” he whispers lifting my shirt slightly while brushing a feather light kiss against my stomach. His fingers carefully pull my pants off but leave my red laced underwear, his eyes still hooded gaze up at me asking for permission. I nod fiercely accepting whatever he wants to give me.

Teeth scrape against the skin where my underwear lining is before they grab my panties beginning to tug them off, I shudder when his teeth nip at my inner thigh. As soon as they’re off he’s kissing and licking every sensitive part of my legs, slowly making his way up toward my aching bud.

As soon as I feel his breath fan over my core I cry out waiting for this pleasure he’s about to give to me. Ryker doesn’t start slowly; no he attacks my swollen body not allowing me a second to process all the incredible fire he’s creating within my lower belly. I guarantee the entire pack can hear the way their alpha is making me feel but I cannot control the sounds coming out of my mouth and I’m only slightly embarrassed by this.

My body quickly tightening letting Ryker know he’s catering to its every need, my body shudders finally coming undone after that shattering orgasm that continues for a few more moments before my body makes its way back down to earth.

“You’re so fucking beautiful Alethea. I could never love another the way I love you.” he whispers bringing his lips up to mine giving me a taste of myself. Rolling to the side he pulls a long sleeve shirt on while tugging on a pair of boxers. Sitting back down he pulls the covers over the both of us lulling us into a deep coma.

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