Lethal Touch

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Rykers POV

The second I heard her scream out in pain I was in the kitchen within seconds ready to destroy whoever thought it was okay to hurt my girl. My wolf takes control when I see it’s Brian, her own friend who hurt her.

Without thought I attack him, digging my nails into the flesh of his neck and slam him into the fridge hearing the contents spilling around inside it. I can’t control my wolf and this has never happened to me before, I’ve trained myself and my wolf incredibly well in the obedience of composure. Yet here I am attacking one of m closest pack mates.

“Ryker!” her voice sounds like she is screaming at me underwater

The second she places her head against my chest, I snap out of it ripping my attention away from Brian. The blood on my shirt is sticking to my skin scaring me, pulling her onto the countertop I quickly run to get the first aid kit, gently putting the tissue into her nose I watch as the tissue turns red.

My wolf refuses to go down quietly, he’s back and forth between our human side and the wolf. I have to smell her in order to calm down.

“Don’t move.” I wince out in pain, my canines extending ready to bite into her neck

It takes everything in me to step away from her to help Brian get up.

“Take care of her, please.” I stare him down, the wolf commanding him to take care of this female.


I picture the punching bag as Brian, I can smell the moment she steps through the doors but I can’t look at her otherwise I will hurt Brian even more than I did in the pack house. When I hear the sound of her laughter it lightens my mood, I like that the two of them can joke around with each other but I don’t think they realize how loud they are because I can hear her asking Brian about Alexandras heat and if it was successful.

It makes me wonder if Alethea wants children someday, I know she lost her and Orions baby but I wonder if she’d ever want a child with me. I want to have children someday to carry on my legacy but for Alethea I would sacrifice my want for her even though I want children passionately. Al would be such a good mother, it’s in her bones even though most don’t see it in her. It is there but in this moment her priority is killing Julian and nothing else.

The punching bag falls to the floor broken beyond repair, I can hear them whispering but I’m not sure what about but I hear her laugh that’s music to my ears and I can’t help but turn around toward her. I snap when I see the purple beginning to line both undersides of her eyes. Damn Brian for fucking her up because I was about to fuck him up.

I wasted no time in attacking him, within seconds he was on the ground, punch after punch after punch and I couldn’t stop myself. I could feel the persistent kicking into my left side that was coming from Alethea, grabbing her ankle she falls to the floor ripping my attention away from Brian. If looks could kill I would be dead right now, Alethea is not thrilled I really hurt our friend. I’m not happy I did either but I just couldn’t stop myself.

The minute they took Brian away I ordered everybody to leave because I was completely unpredictable at this point in time. I was afraid if anybody even looked at me the wrong way I would attack them unprovoked.

“I’m sorry Alethea.” I whisper wrapping her legs around my waist, staring into her face I wince at the sight that is beginning to form on her delicate face.

Pressing her against the wall I find her lips frantically, tugging her hair I have more access to her neck, my wolf is still out to play and he’s loving ever single second of pleasing his chosen one. Somebody interrupts pulling us from our trance.

“Sorry Alpha I didn’t know anybody was still in here.” the male stated embarrassed and uncomfortably.

“We were just leaving Michael. Thank you for cleaning up after us it’s greatly appreciated.” I puff him up, someday he’s going to be a warrior and teens need their ego stroked to recognize there strength.

Leaving the arena we head back to the pack house where I head for my room to take an ice cold shower, standing in the water I try to forget how much Alethea gets to me. I hear my bathroom door open and I pull the curtain back to see who’s intruding my space.

“What are you doing love?” I grab a towel wrapping it around my waist while stepping out of the tub.

“I don’t know what I’m doing.” she whispers, her knees meet the floor.

Reaching for the towel I stop her.

“Alethea you don’t need to do this. I don’t need you to do this until you’re ready, I’m happy with the way things are right now.” I say running my fingers through her hair, I don’t needs this from her but fuck, I want it.

“I’ve never been more ready Ryker.” she whispers back, her plump lips swelling with want, I can feel my own body responding to this as well.

“Are you sure?” I question peering into her eyes. Alethea needs to be ready for this, I can’t go through with it otherwise.

“I’ve never been more sure.” she stares back. The honesty is evident in her voice and what little control I had, is now gone.

Her small hand removes the towel exposing me to her, I’ve never been a self conscious person but for her I feel like I need to impress her with everything about me. Her eyes follow the water dripping down my abs and all I want to do is devour her.

Wrapping her mouth around me, I suck in air trying to steady myself. My fingers twisting through her hair as she continues working magic with her perfect fucking mouth, I never force her into anything she doesn’t want to do. When she does something incredible with her tongue I can’t help but moan out her name.

“Alethea if you don’t stop I’m going to come in that beautiful mouth of yours.” I clench out feeling my body stiffen preparing to release myself into her delectable mouth.

This goddess refuses to stop and continues until I spill my seed into the back of her throat, grabbing her hips I whisk her to my bed and lay her down gently ready to please her the way she just pleased me.

“Now it’s your turn.” I lift her shirt kissing her stomach before I carefully pull her pants down seeing her ruby red underwear, looking at her I ask for permission to continue and she nods furiously.

I tug off her panties and nibble on her incredibly sensitive inner thigh, I can’t stop myself from kissing and licking every inch of her until I finally make it to the spot she wants me to tend to the most. I almost come again the moment she cries out the moment my tongue meets her aching core, I feel her body tightening underneath me and I find the right spot to send her over the edge, I love the way she feels when she comes undone around me.

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