Lethal Touch

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This Is War

“Wake up Alethea we are here.” he whispers stiffening lifting myself off of him, I open the door stepping out onto the grass where my family once played on, The moment I close the door hell breaks loose, I have no time to mourn the dead right now.

An arrow soars through the air piercing right into my left shoulder, I blink, my pain sensors not able to even process the trauma of the arrow.

“Aspen, don’t leave this vehicle!” he orders her to stay, he pushes her down to the floor and slams the door shut.

“Get down!” Ryker screams dragging me to the other side of the vehicle. I wince as he leans me forward to examine if the arrow was through and through, I cry out in pain as he snaps the arrowhead off and pulls it out of my shoulder, the arrow leaves splinters inside the wound. I almost vomit from the agony.

“You should heal quickly. There’s no time for goodbye I just need you to know that I love you.” he whispers kissing my forehead before he’s gone.

I can’t seem to move, I’m frozen in place watching wolves attack innocent men and women. Snapping out of my trance I launch off the ground landing on the back of our enemy who’s attacking one of my people and snap his neck quickly, stealing his knives I launch one into the skull of a young male whom was on top of one of my females.

A male grabs a fistful of my hair pulling my head back exposing my neck for the kill, I roar slamming my elbow into his nose before spinning myself around swiping the blade across his jugular, his blood spatters across my face but it doesn’t faze me.

I continue searching for Ryker but he’s nowhere to be found. I spot the rogue female who challenged me when I first came to Rykers pack, she’s my next kill. Sprinting toward her I let out my fiercest war cry before slamming into her, she topples to the ground. Smashing my fists into her face I watch her skin break open spilling blood onto the green grass. She’s hardly putting up a fight, something is wrong, she smiles at me as I take the blade slashing her throat ending her life, as soon as a male larger than the rest dislocates my injured shoulder without any effort I understand why she was smiling, I scream out in pain seeing dark spots. Throwing me off the dead Alpha Female I sail through the air before making contact with the unforgiving ground.

Groaning I open my eyes finding Ryker who’s pulling multiple wolves off his people, he’s a great fighter. The perfect Alpha. Forcing myself up I continue to save our people, rushing them into the safety of my old home, my heart breaks for the wolves who are losing their loved ones out here because of Julian, or because of me. I was the reason they were here wasn’t I ?

Ryker has multiple males on him trying to wear him down and go for the kill but not on my watch. Sprinting for them I pull one from his back snapping his neck quickly, the male closest to me throws me against a tree, his wolf is out and his nails are dangerously close to my neck. His claw barely misses my carotid but still splits the skin open, Ryker pulled him away just in time, Nodding my thanks I wipe away the blood, spinning off to kill the next wolf who dares harm my family.

An arm flings in front of me smashing me to the ground, my head once again bounces off the hard earth, my vision blurs and I try to blink away the tears but the vision is taking its sweet time to return.

“I should have killed you when I killed your family.” The man whom I’ve been searching for stands above me scowling, the scent of his cologne brings back fresh wounds. The man who’ve I dreamed about killing for years is staring down at me begging the monster to come out and play and she’s at the surface ready to fight.

“You should have!” Everything around me comes to a complete halt, all the fighting blurs and I cry out jumping off the ground kicking his legs out from underneath him. The monster is here.

We fight tooth for tooth, nobody is winning this fight yet. His fist slams into my jaw breaking it in multiple places, I falter for just a second and he takes advantage shoving me to the ground. His hands wrap around my neck and I see all his memories playing like a movie in my brain.

It brings us back to the night he killed my family. I watch him command the stranger to kill Orion in front of me, I wasn’t expecting it to be someone I knew. I felt myself shutting down, I felt all the pain I had begun to shove into a little box come back full force slamming into my body.

Ryker sliced open Orions neck before turning away from my screaming corpse. Ryker. No this couldn’t be true, Julian must have tampered with dark magic to mess with my gift. I could see Ryker’s face after he killed Orion and their was no emotion on it, it didn’t hurt him to see me in this much pain.

“He never told you that he killed your precious mate? How typical of him. I knew he was using you from the start to find me, but I never thought you’d fall in love with him.” Julian releases my neck pulling me from his memories.

He played me from the very beginning, used me to get Julian. My world came crumbling down around me for the second time in my life but this time I wouldn’t recover, But I would still kill Julian, I need to end what I’ve started. It hurts so much to realize that the man I’d fallen in love with, the man who I trusted with my life, is the one who slit my mates throat.

Sobbing I head butt him temporarily dazing him, I slam my knee into his groin throwing him off me. Straddling him I punch as hard as I can over and over again, tears streaming down my face, somehow he flips us back around choking me with his forearm that is covered with his sleeve. I can feel the veins in my face popping out from the lack of oxygen, my vision blurs and I think I’ve finally met my end. I close my eyes and stop fighting, ready to let the pain end.

Julian is ripped off my body and I’m coughing forcing the air back into my deprived lungs. Ryker has his father in a choke hold, forcing the life out of him. Julian passes out and his son lets go dropping him to the ground.

Ryker races over to me lifting me into his arms trying to shake the life back into me, he doesn’t know I know. From the way his eyes begin to water I think he’s just figured it out though.

“I’m so sorry, I wanted to tell you. Please believe me Alethea. I never wanted you to find out this way.” it was like his voice was trying to breath back the life in me but there was nothing to bring back. I turn away, I can’t look at his face because all I feel is agony. My body shakes with the sobs that are destroying my soul, I could feel his tears dripping onto my cheeks. The agony is tearing me to shreds from the inside out.

“The kill is yours.” He chokes helping me stand. Ripping myself away from him I head toward Julian who is now tied up against his own whipping pole.

Winding up my fist crashes into his face to wake him, I feel my knuckles dislocate but I feel no pain.

“Wake up!” I wail my jaw protesting

Julian smirks blood trickling down into his teeth. Knowing he’s finally met his end I think I see that he’s accepted his death.

“Tell me why you had to let me live!” my fist connects with his face again.

“You were the example Alethea, I thought that you would be so broken that you wouldn’t make it through a year without killing yourself. I was wrong about you, you became somebody I only wished I could be. You became the commander of death Alethea, you became moon blessed. You’ve turned in to the biggest weapon my son has possessed.”

“He used me! He will never possess me.” I spit hoping Ryker can hear the venom dripping from each word.

For the first time I almost believe he’s capable of feeling things, but this man has spared nobody’s life and I wasn’t even close to sparing his.

“For my father.” I stab the knife into his abdomen twice

“For my mother.” I stab again

“For my sister.” And again

“For my husband.” This time I smash the knife through his eye socket.

“For me.” I slam the knife into his heart, twisting the knife to add more pain, my laughter echoing as he takes his very last breath on this earth.

Dropping the knife I see the evidence of his death on my fingers, just how I thought it would feel, His hot sticky blood dripping down to the grass. Now his blood litters the earth instead of my families. I thought I’d feel a sense of relief when I killed him and in a way I do but now I feel the heaviness consume my body once again. That pain I thought would go away after Julians death only came back 10 times worse than before... because now I had nothing to look forward to.

Clutching my chest, my knee hits the hard earth and my stomach churns and I violently expel the contents in my stomach.

Turning I face the wolves who’ve gathered around to watch the death of their old Alpha, even the wolves who supported Julians war. I must look insane to them, a broken jaw with blood dripping from every surface of my body. I find Ryker and I see it in his eyes that he’s realized what he’s done, he didn’t just hurt me, he destroyed everything we had built together. Everything I had built back up.

“You ruined everything.” I cry, fresh hot tears stream down my face, it hurts so bad. It hurts so fucking bad that I can’t breathe.

“Let me explain, please.” his voice hoarse

“Theirs no time for explanation now.” I roar picking up the knife throwing it at him sinking it into his shoulder, his torso twisting to absorb some of the blow.

“Alethea please don’t do this.” he pulled the knife from his flesh wincing.

“It’s already done!” I fly into him slamming my body into his, throwing him onto his back, my fists meet his face... he doesn’t even block the punches and refuses to fight back.

“Fight back you coward!” I sob, the blood from my knuckles mixing with the blood from his face. This is how we show our love to each other now.

“No.” is all he says

Pulling the knife from his hand I press it against his throat preparing to end his life the way he ended Orions. A thin line of red appears and I question if I can kill the man I’ve grown to love. I see his sister staring at us with tears flowing down her cheeks and I know I can’t take away the one person left in her life.

Ryker takes advantage smashing my back into the dirt, the knife that was at his throat is now on mine. The Alpha has to put down the female who challenged him and to be honest I am ready to die, I have no more fight in me.

“Do it.” I press my neck even further into the knife cutting off my supply of oxygen and opening up my skin even more. His skin touches mine but for once I do not see memories, for once someone can touch me without me living their life. I don’t think Ryker notices that our skin touched for a millisecond.

“I said do it!” I scream letting the knife cut further into my neck,

“Restrain her, take her to the infirmary. Don’t let her get away!” his Alpha tone commanding his people to listen.

“Let me die Ryker, I don’t want to be here! I don’t want to be here with you!” I cry

“I can’t Alethea, I have to keep you safe now that Julian is dead those rogues have nowhere to go and they’re going to want to capture you and use you. I can’t let them hurt you.”

“You hurt me Ryker! I don’t deserve to be locked up here just because you don’t want to lose me! You’ve already lost me!” I scream fighting off the wolves trying to take me away. Screaming and kicking the people who are restraining me isn’t working for me whatsoever, I can hardly see anything from the tears running down my face. My body is shutting down, the pain of this war and the pain going on inside my head are clouding every thought.

A flash of silver caught my eye, Ripping away from the wolves I rush to find any sort of weapon and luckily I pick up throwing knives off a dead female.

“Stop! Don’t you move another muscle!” I scream but I was too late he already sliced her delicate little neck, launching the knife through the air it sticks into his throat slowly suffocating him.

No, no, no, no. Turning toward Ryker he hasn’t even had time to realize whats happened. Aspen is dead and he has nobody else now, just like me.

“Aspen!” I scream hoarsely

Rushing to her I pull her into my lap fixing the awkward angle of her neck pressing my fingers against it to try and stop the bleeding, rocking back and forth I coo and run my fingers through her hair trying to soothe her, I can’t save her.

“I’ve got you beautiful, it’s okay. You’re going to be okay I promise.” I love this little girl, correction loved her.

“Ryker!” I scream snapping him from his trance.

Pulling his sister from my arms he continues rocking her with tears streaming down his face.

“I love you cupcake, you know I do.” he kisses her forehead and she bleeds out around us.

“Ill wait for you Ry.” she whispers closing her eyes.

“Ryker...” Sorry doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what I feel for him.

“No...” he whispers cradling her body against his chest. I told you, everyone I love dies and now Aspen is dead.

Sitting up on my knees I wrap my arms around his neck and pull his head to my chest. I love him so damn much but how am I supposed to forget what he’s done?

“I’ve got you.” I whisper, his sobs are silent but his

“Now I know only a fraction of what you felt when you lost everything.” he whispers dropping his head to the ground, and he fucking cries. I don’t know how long we sit there while he mourns Aspen but today was not a win for any of us. I lost everybody including Aspen today and Ryker lost everyone too. Today we all lost.

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