Lethal Touch

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Our End

I didn’t ride with Ryker to his pack and I honestly don’t know if he cared that I was absent, he carried his little sister to the vehicle and they left. I felt the need to stay back for a few hours to help clean up my home, we burned the dead but only to get rid of the bodies not for ceremonial purposes.

As soon as the dead were disposed of I decided to see if Julian had tainted my families home, once I push open the doors I know he left it untouched. My dads office is the first door on the right and I enter hoping to see if some of the pain has dulled but I was immediately thrown against the wall in agony, he was still everywhere even though he was gone.

Sitting in his chair I scream and scream until my lungs are begging for mercy, it’s almost like my dad knew I was here because I felt a light hand rest against my shoulder pulling away my pain. I could smell his cologne that he used to wear for fancy occasions and then I could smell my mothers perfume. My sisters little hand stroking my hair and my husbands soft lips kissing my face and I realize that they never truly left my side.

“I can’t wait to be with you guys.” I smile crying

Opening his bottom drawer, I know a bottle of whiskey will be dusty begging to be opened. Removing the wax seal I open the bottle taking a large swig of the expensive liquid but I relish the hot burn down my throat. Closing the door I need to leave and get the rest of my things from Rykers pack. My jaw needs to be reconnected properly so I go to find one of the healers we brought and she quickly examines and snaps it back in place with only a yelp from me, it’s already healing.

Hopping into a vehicle with the rest we head back to the pack but nobody tries talking to me, we are all too devastated by our losses. I don’t even think about Ryker the entire ride back to the pack, not once does he even cross my mind, the only thing I can think about is the fiery excruciating pain spreading across my entire body. I really miss my family, my husband especially because right now after a war has been won he’d be holding me telling me everything was going to be different from this point on and we’d look at our child together remembering the good in this world.

Closing my eyes I reminisce our short time together, every kiss he’s ever given me, every smile I’ve ever received but what haunts me is the sound of his laugh echoing throughout my mind. I must have startled the man next to me when I jolted up from my seat gasping for air.

“Are you okay Alethea?” Brian asked from the drivers seat, I never even noticed he was in the vehicle.

“No.” I respond honestly staring straight into his eyes, the guilty expression on his face lets me know he knew about what Ryker did to Orion.

Closing my eyes once again I let exhaustion take over and pull me into slumber. My dreams are flooded with both men that I love, mostly Ryker plagues my dream with all the good times we’ve had together; how much I’m going to miss his smile. My dream lets me forget what Rykers done and let me imagine a life where we’d end up together but all dreams have to end eventually.

The slamming of car doors startles me awake, Brian waits until everybody exits the vehicle before speaking to me.

“He didn’t have a choice Alethea, I hope that maybe you can find it in your heart to forgive him.”

“How long have you known? The entire time I’ve been here training with you and visiting your mate who’s become my best friend? How long has Alexandra known Brian? You’ve all been lying to me since the moment I crossed this border.” I feel the heat rising to my cheeks, my voice getting angrier by the second.

“He wanted to be the one to tell you, I know we both should have told you but I wanted to give him the chance to talk to you about it.”

“I trusted all of you.” the tears already dripping onto my skin

The pitiful expression on his face makes me want to punch his nose in. Stepping out of the car I slam the door sprinting to the house but I can’t bring myself to go inside, because the minute I walk through that door I know that his scent is going to tear me apart even more.

Putting my brave face on I step inside the chaotic house, it looks like a tornado went through the house, everything is torn apart. Chairs are strewn across the entire house, the island has been torn from the kitchen floor, the living room furniture is upside down and looks to have been thrown against the wall. Every wall has holes in it and I can hear the next room that’s being destroyed and its Rykers.

Tiptoeing up the stairs I see a couple people contemplating what to do about the Alpha who’s losing himself behind the closed door. They see me and stop instantly, just the look in my eyes tells them they need to leave this man alone.

“Show some respect to your Alpha, don’t hover.” I snip

Opening his door I see everything is demolished, ducking I miss a lamp to the head.

“Ryker.” I whisper, he stops immediately and stares at me in disbelief

“I thought you’d be long gone hours ago.” he says sitting on his bed

“Me too.” I say

“Why are you still here, Alethea?” his body is stiff, it no longer turns toward me when we are close.

“Because I don’t know how to leave the man I love. The man who’s made my entire world better until today.” I smile and cry at the same time, our entire world is crashing down in front of us .

“Stay with me, please.” I follow the tear trailing down his cheek.

“You know I can’t Ryker, I need time to figure out the mess thats going on in my brain. You killed him Ryker. You killed him.” I sob, my knees almost failing me but I refuse to fall in front of him.

“I didn’t have a choice baby, Julian forced me to do it.” he stands rushing over to me grabbing my shoulders holding on tightly likes he’s afraid to let me go.

“I know but that doesn’t change the fact that your hands did it Ryker.” I move closer to him taking in his scent trying to engrave it into my brain because this right here, this is our end.

“I don’t want you to leave me, I need you. You are all I have left.” he whispers into my hair I can feel the water droplets hitting my hair.

“Maybe someday after I figure out who I am, I’ll come back to you.” It physically hurts me to say this.

I can almost feel both of our hearts breaking together, two people holding each other together are slowly falling apart. Stepping back I look up into his eyes and I smash my lips against his, I need our pain to go away. It takes him a minute before he responds but he does, he really responds.

Tearing his shirt in half I rip it off his body tossing it to the floor, my lips meet his skin licking and nibbling as I kiss his flesh.

My hands feel his skin for the first time and its more than I ever could have imagined, so soft yet so rough at the same time, I can feel every ridge in his skin, the rough curves of his muscles, the way his coarse hair tickles my skin. The warmth of his skin warms every cell in my body. It feels so different than when I touched Orion, Rykers being so much more intense.

“How are you touching me?” he groans, his hands gently touch my sensitive skin. Rough fingers move across my face, exploring every inch of me, his cool breath brushing across my face makes me shiver. Iris’s watch every area his hands move like they’re afraid they’ll forget what this feels like.

“I’m not entirely sure why it happened but I have a theory that when I killed Julian that the moon took away the curse to let me finally move on, but Ryker I don’t want to talk anymore tonight.” I bring my lips back to his, my fingers run through his feathery soft hair.

Hands meet the back of my thighs and he picks me up wrapping my legs around him, walking out his room his hand searches for the door knob to my room. Opening it he steps in and heads for the bathroom, setting me down on the cool tile he pushes me up against the wall kissing me so deep that I forget who’s air I am breathing.

Lifting my arms above my head he tugs my shirt off, trailing his fingers down my arms then down to my torso where his touch sends shocks throughout my entire body. I shiver feeling every part of me heat up under his touch. Ryker’s fingers feel so rough but so gentle at the same time, he’s pressing his scent into me so I don’t forget what my male smells like when I leave.

“Oh god, Ryker.” i moan into his mouth

Unbuttoning his pants I push them down as far as they will go, right along with his boxers. My pants are the next piece of clothing to be removed, he reaches into the shower turning on the faucet. Slowly he removes the clasps of my bra all while his mouth attacks mine, my panties are next and his lips trail from my neck down my belly until his mouth meets the one place I need it to.

“Ryker!” I cry out at the intense pleasure his tongue is creating.

The sensations going through my body are almost too much for me to handle, his hands gripping my ass pulling me closer to his mouth and its to much for me to handle and I cry out in orgasm.

Rising he lifts me by my thighs once again, sliding the shower curtain to the side he steps in putting me under the almost scalding water but our lips never leave each others once. Grabbing my loofa he squeezes some body wash onto it and lathers it up before scrubbing it across my dirty skin.

My eyes follow wherever his hands travel, once he’s done I do the same for him.

“Make love to me Ryker.” I drop the scrubby on the floor while wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Angel, I don’t want to hurt you more than I already have.” he whispers placing kisses all across my neck, tears threatening to fall from his eyes.

“We both have pain that needs to be taken away Ryker, let’s not overthink this.”

His kiss seals it, tonight we wont stop. After washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner he turns the water off but doesn’t dry us off, instead he brings us straight to the bed where he lays us down.

Lips brush my collarbone trailing down to my breast where he takes one of my nipples into his mouth while his hands torture my body, they never stay in one place long enough for my body to process where they are or where they’re going. My hands run across his back feeling every muscle every scar that litters his body. The whip marks are so soft yet they are raised further than the untouched skin.

“Are you sure about this?” he whispers placing himself at my entrance

“I’ve never been more sure.” I whisper back sealing his mouth with mine.

Pushing into me he stops halfway to give me time to adjust to his large size. It hurts honestly but I’ve also never experienced so much pleasure. Every kiss we’ve had leading to this moment was so worth it, the pain we are experiencing is worth it.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?” his body goes rigid

“Don’t stop Ryker.” I moan arching my hips up waiting for him to continue

He pushes into me the rest of the way filling me completely, his body fitting into mine so perfectly.

“My god Alethea.” he pauses before continuing his achingly slow onslaught, My body responding to his every touch and every move.

“Harder Ryker, please.” I groan but I feel hot tears prickling behind my eyelids, he abides.

Rykers body is pleasing me in every way possible but I feel the tears flowing down my face, so much pleasure yet so much pain. Flipping us over Ryker lets me take control and I do, I watch what I can do to the man underneath me, I drive him wild; his hands grip onto my hips so hard that his nails dig into my skin drawing small droplets of blood. My legs tighten around his waist holding me steady, my fingers explore every inch of his torso, after not being able to feel another humans skin I couldn’t help but touch his skin. I begin moving and his eyes switch from wolf to human, my beautiful male is coming undone beneath me.

“I love you so much Al.” he whispers, opening my eyes I see his teary eyes.

“I love you too Ryker.” tears drip from my face down to my chest, his eyes follow the drops.

Lifting me off of him he positions me on all fours before slamming into me. Our bodies slap together loudly and I’ve never felt anything so amazing in my life, his lips connect with the ruined flesh of my back, they’re gentle when teasing and licking the sensitive skin. My moans could be heard from miles away, his hands tangle through my hair tugging it lightly but hard enough to expose my neck toward him.

“Oh my god Ryker!” I cry out from such intensity

Screwing me from behind like a wolf would with his mate, his fingers rub across my flesh as if he’s trying to engrain what this feels like to his memory. I’m coming undone beneath him and he knows, his hands grip my hips and place me onto my back.

“I want to look into your eyes as you come.” his mouth meets mine passionately, neither of us are ready to accept our fate.

Lips meet my neck, teasing and nipping the skin until blood raises to the skin making it even more sensitive. With every move he makes, I’m another step closer to coming around him. It’s like our bodies know that we are both so close to our release because his body adjusts perfectly to make me scream out his name and come around him.

Thrusting into me deeper than before he grips onto my butt before thrusting into me one more time before he releases into me, his seed filling me completely.

Easing out of me, I wince. Ryker pulls my back into his chest and we lay there in the aftermath of our love, But we both know that this wont last.

I tense and he feels it.

“Don’t leave me yet, please.” his lips kiss my ear.

Nodding I close my eyes and pretend everything is alright, because when we wake up in the morning we were going to meet our end.

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