Lethal Touch

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I begin to turn around to leave the arena but Ryker grabs my shoulders spinning me around so I face the pack head on instead of running away from my people. I needed this, I needed to prove to them that I was here for the long run and that I would be their luna someday. I needed them just as much as they needed me.

“Don’t turn away from them, show them how strong you really are.” he whispers just low enough for me to hear. I give myself a pep talk to pump myself up, I mean I am an Alpha female for god sake. Nobody is going to make me feel small. I am strong.

I take a deep breath and stand tall, I can do this. I feel disappointed in myself for leaving these people who were so kind and welcoming to me but I hope that they’ll find it in their hearts to forgive me.

“Are we ready for training today?” Rykers voice echos through the entire arena because of the static silence. Everybody yells out their answer but continue staring at me so I decide to speak up for myself, Ryker doesn’t need to defend me anymore.

“I know that leaving you all was wrong, it made it seem like I used this pack at my disposal, like I used each and every one of you to fight a war just for me and for that I want to apologize because that’s not remotely true.” I pause searching all of their eyes for anything.

“I love this pack as my own. You are my people, you all know I lost my pack and I never thought I’d find someplace to call home ever again but I did and I found my home in each and all of you. You are my home and I hope that you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive me because I am in love with your Alpha and I don’t ever want to leave my home again.” I finish hoping they give me a good reaction.

A male steps in front of me, Ryker stiffens next to me just waiting for the male to touch me the wrong way. But to both of our surprise he pulls me to his chest embracing me tightly, pulling away his rough fingers grip my forearm tightly greeting me as his family the way Rykers pack greets each other. My heart stutters. I instantly do the same.

Everybody in the arena greeted me this way until one lone female stood in front of me, her face cherry red with anger. Before I know it her palm meets my cheek, my eye waters and my face feels like pins and needles, I pause before I act hoping she’ll grace me with a reason to why she just slapped me.

“Did he tell you about me? Or the other females? Because when you were gone, he screwed a lot of females, so many I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them were pregnant. You stole him from me.” she spit in my face

“What Ryker did when I was gone is his business, I’m the one who left him and I didn’t expect him to wait for me. It’s not my fault that you spread your legs for somebody that wasn’t your mate, so I would appreciate it if you didn’t take your anger out on me, are we clear?” I question using my Alpha tone. Blonde hair covers her face trying to cover her shame, but I wont say that what she just said didn’t hurt me a little bit. I had forgotten about the female that was in the room when I showed up here for the first time in six months.

“We will talk about it later.” he whispers kissing the side of my head. I pull away feeling the pain on my cheek and the burn inside my chest. Ryker keeps his emotions in check but I thought I saw a slight grimace from him.

Training went surprisingly well, I was able to keep up with Grayson which is a first. Ryker obviously went above and beyond in training not showing his pack a lick of weakness, but he wouldn’t spar with me no matter how much I egged him on. I just wanted to get one good punch on him but he was smart enough to turn me down. I loved him but he deserved a solid left hook to the cheek for sleeping with other women.

Grayson and I sparred and I was able to keep up with him getting a few good hits on him but none that could take him down for the count, I could tell that it bothered Ryker that we were together.

“Keep up Alethea, you’re too slow! A little male could take you down with no problem!” Grayson yelled while circling me, my feet grip the flooring and I slam my body into his feeling my shoulder protest from hitting him, but he staggers and I use that to my advantage, my fist slams into his right cheek and my left hits his ribs.

“Good work. Rest your shoulder.” his voice sounded concerned and his hands were turning my body around but Ryker was immediately pushing Grayson away and checking if it was out of place, somebody is jealous.

“Grayson, if you touch my mate ever again, I will end you, no matter how much of a friend you are to me. I’ve asked you not to touch her repeatedly and you refuse to listen, what is it going to take to get that through your head? You have a beautiful mate who’s accepted you but you’re still chasing mine.” Ryker towers over Grayson by a couple of inches, so Grayson has to look up at his Alpha to speak to him. I didn’t know his mate had finally accepted him.

“My mate rejected me for almost 4 years Ryker, Alethea accepted me the minute she met me, her skin was the first skin to skin contact I’d had with another female in years. Alethea made me feel something again but when we danced together at the bar, I put two and two together and my wolf is very fond of her.”

“Did you dance with her after I told you to stay away?” Ryker interrogates

“No, we danced the night you found us outside her bedroom. I would have taken care of her better than you Ryker, she didn’t deserve anything that you put her through especially after everything she’s already been through!” Grayson steps even closer to Ryker challenging him in the slightest way.

“I know she didn’t deserve to be treated that way Grayson, I confided in you about her! You were the only one I spoke to after she left and you used that to your advantage to get closer to her. You told me that you understood my feelings toward her after she left. Did you really think she’d choose you?” Ryker steps even closer so that their chest are almost touching and all I can do is stand back and watch stunned.

“I didn’t use it to get closer to her Ryker, we’ve hardly spent any time together except for the bar and the one time in the arena. I thought maybe if we did have more time together she would realize how awful of a male you are and that she’d turn to me for comfort but you’ve got your claws so deep in her that it’s poisoning her mind.” Graysons wolf is peeping out at it’s Alpha in a challenging way.

“Don’t you dare tell him he’s an awful male, what kind of friend are you that you would try and steal the person that he loves? Everybody that has ever met Ryker has told me that he’s one of the most amazing males they’ve ever met and I can 100% attest to that, if you think I could ever love you Grayson you’re wrong. I lost Orion and Ryker was the first person to breath life back into my body, if you think I would have loved anybody else other than him you’re delusional. Ryker helped me battle my worst demons not you. Ryker stole my heart, not you. Ryker is my mate, not you.” I exaggerate the last sentence trying to explain to him as best as I can, hoping that he will understand.

“And I’m sorry if I put the idea in your head that I wanted to be with you but I don’t. You have a mate Grayson and so do I, lets’ move past this.”

“Yes luna.” he grits his teeth trying to hold back his anger but luckily there won’t be a fight today, now for the future I’m not so sure.

Grayson leaves the arena so just Ryker and I remain, my heart pounds inside my chest from the confrontation. What did I do that made Grayson believe I wanted to be with him? I mean getting drunk and dancing with somebody doesn’t mean I wanted to mate with them, but maybe he thought that it meant more than what it was.

Ryker just stands stiff for awhile before he turns to look at me with a look of appreciation in his eyes, moving closer to me he puts his hands on the sides of my face and kisses me passionately in the middle of the arena in front of all of his pack. All to soon he pulls away searching his pack members eyes he states clearly,

“You are more than welcome to stay or you may leave, training is done for today. Enjoy your time with your families,” dipping down to me he whispers “We can talk about what the female said to you on our way to Brians.” Nodding sternly I agree

Leaving the arena we decide to take the short route to their home, it’s only about 15 minutes from the arena and it gave us plenty of time to discuss what just happened.

“How many were there?” I ask quietly trying to act like it isn’t affecting me as much as it is. I wish that it didn’t because I don’t like being a jealous female.

“Three. It was only three and I only slept with one, the one that hit you today. The rest were rumors that the females spread. None of them were ever you though, I used them to forget about the pain left in my soul, but they never compared to you.” Our bodies move close to each other, the ground is wet from the recent weather change and it’s starting to warm up again.

“Okay.” I respond easily, what’s the point of wallowing in my self pity, when our time together wasn’t promised. Either one of us could die at any moment and I am done letting our past affect our present.

“That’s it?” he looks over at me, with an eyebrow raised.

“I don’t want to waste any more of our time together, you’re still afraid to love me Ryker. If I hold that over you we will never be okay, theirs no one else for me Ryker, just you. You could find a suitable mate within a month and you’d be able to move on and remain a great leader but me, I will never be with anyone else because I can’t go through another broken heart.” I kick a rock and watch it bounce off the tree stump

“When are you going to get it through your thick skull, it’s you. I could never love another the way I love you. I am going to be afraid for the rest of my life because you could do so much better than me, we are going to build a house together Alethea.. do you really think I’m not in this for the long run?” he questions strongly

“I guess it’s something we will both have to work through, we just don’t think we are good enough for each other, when in reality Ryker, we are made for each other.”

“You know I’m going to marry you someday right?” his lips brush against my temple

“I hope so.” I smile

We want him and his wolf forever.

My wolf speaks for the first time in so long that I almost cry.

“Your wolf is back.” Ryker says stumbling away from me a little

“How did you know that?” I questioned stunned

“I could smell a faint change in you, you smell like your lavender body soap but now you smell like Lavender and wild oranges. I just thought I was mistaken. She just talked to my wolf.”

“She talked to your wolf? How the hell is that possible?” I question, wolves normally didn’t speak to one another, it was unheard of.

“I don’t know, I’ve never heard of wolves speaking to each other while in human form. I guess your wolf likes me.” he wiggles his eyebrows suggestively

“Shut up!” I laugh slapping him playfully

My heart starts picking up its pace when I see their driveway. I am afraid to see them and speak to them. Ryker grabs my hind squeezing it to reassure me and I appreciate the gesture.

Knocking on the door we wait, I can hear the baby cooing and I can’t help but smile. Brian opens the door and his eyes crinkle in disbelief.

“Alexandra, someones here to see you.” he turns allowing us to walk in, the familiar smell of honey and black tea hits my nose. I hear her swear as she attempts to get off their couch, I remember sleeping on that couch and it’s almost impossible to get off.

Our eyes meet and my body hurts, she’s holding a beautiful male with loads of black hair. I’ve really missed her, I’ve missed Brian too. My hand covers my mouth, I missed this.

“You know when I told you that I didn’t love you guys? I lied, you two are the most amazing wolves I’ve ever met. I really fucked up when I said that to you. I love you guys like my own family, I hope that maybe after some time you’ll forgive me.”

“You show up here, after telling my husband you didn’t love us and you just thought we’d forgive you with open arms?” her face turns red

“Cause you’re absolutely right, I forgave you the minute you came back. I’ve missed my best friend and I miss having you around because I’ve wanted someone to babysit this little shit so I could take my mate on a proper date which includes sex.” she smiles so widely that her eyes were almost closed. Brian takes the baby and she pulls me into a hug and I cry, I am a mess.

“What’s his name?” I back away

“James Ryker Crowley.” I sneak a peak at Rykers face which turns a little red but I think he’s honored they choose to name their firstborn after him. Brian pulls me into his large embrace but Ryker growls angrily at the males touch.

“Why is your wolf so possessive of her now?” Brian steps back, moving toward his wife who’s holding James.

“Her wolf is back, and the wolf talked to me. Her wolf actually spoke to me.”

“No fucking way, I’ve never heard of that happening before. Congratulations Alethea, that’s exciting that she’s back.

I smile but the only thing I want to do is hold that chubby baby boy.

“Do you want to hold him?” she asks and my head shakes up and down furiously.

They motion for the couch and we both follow, Alexandra hands me James and I can’t help but feel like I’m going to break him. My heart is the fullest its’ ever been and I now know that I definitely want children, Ryker must know what I’m thinking because he just chuckles.

“He’s so perfect.” I rub my index finger across his soft cheek and his lip twitches up into a subtle smile.

After about a half hour of me holding him Ryker takes him from my arms and is so naturally good with him, my uterus is begging for a child now. I don’t know how long we stay but I believe it is time for James to have a nap and it looks like Alexandra and Brian could use a nap as well, so we excuse ourselves.

As soon as the door closes I start heading for the pack house but Ryker pulls my hand the opposite way. We make it about five miles away and I see the foundation and frame for a house is standing tall in front of us, is this the house that he wants us to build?

“This is our house.” he smiles proudly

The house is in the woods far enough away from people but still close enough to get to the pack house if there were an emergency. It’s so beautiful here, surrounded by pine trees and tall maples, green grass is just starting to sprout through the ground and I can’t imagine what this place will look like in a few weeks.

Bringing me over to the frame he gets the biggest smile on his face and I can’t help but smile too.

“This is where our master bedroom will be, the master bathroom will connect right here and we will have a tub that the both of us can fit in at the same time. Two of the spare bedrooms will be on the other side of the house so that way when we have guests or children they won’t be right on top of us and they wont hear us at night.” he winks moving toward a large area that I believe will be the kitchen and living room combined.

“This is the living area and kitchen, where we will spend our time with our friends and our future family. Alethea, this is really happening isn’t it?”

“Yes it is.” I grab the back of his neck and kiss him deeply. I hop up and wrap my legs around his waist. We just kiss and kiss for awhile before we make it back to the pack house, he opens the door to my room and I am ready to show him how much I love him.

Unbuckling his belt and button I let his jeans fall to the floor with a clink, I pull his t-shirt over his head and he stands in front of me naked. My clothes fall off next and together we lay in bed just kissing. Our skin igniting with electric shocks is almost enough to send us over the edge, his rough hands roam over every surface of my skin leaving trails of pins and needles.

Our mouths never once leave each others, our tongues dancing together in harmony for the first time since I’ve come home. This is exactly how we are supposed to be together, I know that after today our relationship is going to be different.

I position him at my entrance and groan loudly as he pushes into me,

“Fuck, Alethea.” he whispers moaning out breathily.

Rykers body knows exactly what to do to mine when we are together, our bodies now producing a thin sheet of sweat from pleasure. Rykers mouth attacks my neck, leaving bites and nibbles all across it.

Our bodies meet roughly now, our restraint becoming almost nonexistent. Two large hands raise my hips so our bodies collide even harder, my hands fisting the sheets because I’m afraid that if I don’t do something, everybody is going to hear me call out their Alphas name.

Ryker starts moving slower before he pulls out of me, his hands grip my hips and flip me until I’m on all fours. Our bodies finally reconnect and I relish the feeling of how much deeper this position is.

“Oh god Ryker.” I moan as my left hand extends back words gripping his hip bone.

Cool lips meet the hot flesh of my back, his lips trail down my spine leaving goosebumps in their trail.

“What are you doing to me Alethea.” he moans pushing into me further.

I’m 2 seconds from coming undone and he knows it, one more buck into me has me coming around him hard. Minutest later he follows emptying himself into me with a growl. After we clean up, we lay in bed together just holding each other.

“You know that I’m going to go through a heat again, probably sometime in the early future?”

“I don’t know how I’m going to handle you going through that, I don’t know how we aren’t going to be conjoined the full 5 days of your heat.” he whispers kissing the back of my hand

“I haven’t gone through the heat in a long time, I don’t remember how it felt to go through it. What happens if I get pregnant?” I look to him wide eyed.

“Are you ready for children?” he asks seriously

“I don’t know if I’m ready to share you yet, but holding that baby today made me really want one.

“Then I guess I better be very careful.” he smiles kissing my head.

“I love you.”

“I love you too baby.”

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