Lethal Touch

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I awoke surrounded by healers, all of them staring and whispering to each other about me.

“What are you all staring at.” I groan attempting to sit up in my bed

I glare are the females that are moving even closer to me, beginning to scare. I can feel their hunger for power suffocating me slowly, for what power they’re chasing after I have no clue.

" Back off!” I choke

" You heard her ladies! Back off you’re making her nervous.” Catherine speaks her voice full of authority that nobody thinks about defying her. Immediately I knew she was head healer because of her walk, it’s full of authority and swagger just like an Alpha.

Catherine is the original healer who rescued me from my pack, she was the only female I trusted here because most of the other women were different. The other healers were particularly odd. When healers use their powers too often it shaves a piece of their life away, they are workers of the moon but you can only take so much from her before she demands her powers back. Hence why these women cannot understand what they’re doing isn’t okay.

" Why are they all staring Catherine?.” I spit

" They’re staring at you child, you’ve seemed to have gone through a little change last night while we were away. I suspect the moon has been visiting your dreams.” her voice hinted with sarcasm. I wondered if she scryed or was an oracle for these people, their’s no way she should know that the moons been with me unconsciously.

" So what if she has? What does that have to do with anything?” I sigh frustrated with this conversation. The thing about Catherine is she always beat around the bush and never gave me a straight up answer until I got incredibly frustrated with her and end up snapping.

" Everything about your appearance has changed dear.” She sighs reaching into her handbag and handing me a compact makeup mirror.

Opening the compact I stare flabbergasted at the female who’s staring back at me. The female I’m looking at no longer has ebony hair, it’s been replaced with stunning ivory locks while the roots are charcoal, it’s breathtaking.

I notice my eyes that used to be ocean blue had turned raven black with silver flecks orbiting around my Iris. They looked like shooting stars on a cloudless night, they would be lovely if they weren’t about to destroy the lives of those who destroyed mine. These eyes would be what everybody fears, the bringers of death and I would enjoy every minute of murdering them.

Catherine reached a delicate creamy hand toward me but before she could touch me I latched onto her hand, as soon as my skin made contact with hers, pictures raced through my brain all of Catherines past. Memories of her first meeting her mate, of their marriage along with their children being brought into this cold world.

Smacking her hand away from me I scramble away from the people before me to protect them from whatever I just did, crying out in pain as the new skin on my back stretches too quickly without rehabbing it first.

" You’re not only gifted as a siren but you’ve been given the gift of sight through touch. You are moon blessed dear. The moon has taken pity on you and chosen you to lead the rest of us who’ve been lost to this war Alethea!”

" This war is what got my family killed! Why would she want me to lead when I can barely wake up in the morning without wishing I was dead! I don’t want to lead an army to slaughter Julian! I want to slaughter Julian with my bare hands, what kind of person does that make me? That I wish I could murder another man but that’s all that gets me through the day! I am not blessed by the moon Catherine. I am cursed.” I scream beyond pissed at her.

" Julian started this war Alethea, we need to end this before more innocent lives are lost! He’s killing children and their families! It’s not fair to everyone else that’s losing loved ones because you’re going to be too selfish to help us.” Is she being serious? She’s trying to lecture be about how life is unfair.

" Don’t speak to me about the innocent lives that are being lost! I’ve lost more than anyone I know and me being selfish? Don’t I deserve to take care of this myself? To end my suffering? Julian has destroyed my life Catherine and you want me to forget that I am shattered inside? I will end this war but I will do it on my own. Julian is mine to kill, nobody else’s.” I sneer

" Alethea, don’t you think that going by yourself will do more harm than good? How could it possibly be okay for you to ever live on your own again after what’s happened to your family? You’re suicidal, how could you go unaccompanied without doing yourself in?”

I gaze back at her puzzled by the hurtful words she’s spitting at me, am I being selfish for wanting to kill the man who’s responsible for the death of my family? I don’t want to let others die because I refuse to help them but I don’t think I’m mentally nor physically capable of being around others. My trust has been cut thin and the families that I could possibly be helping could be the ones I kill in the future for being responsible for the deaths of those I love.

" I will do this alone. I don’t need anybody’s help Catherine, Julian is mine and mine only. The only time I will ever work for somebody is if they will lead me to Julian. Understand this, I will kill everybody who’s ever hurt me so I’d watch what you say around me.”

“Now get the fuck out of my room.” I curse at the entire lot of healers still standing around the two of us staring, luckily Catherine shoos everybody out and closes the door behind her.

Resting my head down on the pillow I let slumber pull me under. I dream of warm sticky blood running through my fingers after I swipe a blade across Julians throat.

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