Lethal Touch

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Oh boy

Its taken us 7 months to finish the house and I’ve loved every single moment of building it together, even though we yelled at each other playfully and the fact that I had absolutely no idea how to use a power tool to save my life. Our relationship is better than ever, we’ve set everything behind us and everything feels better than it did before I left, we still have things to work through but what couple doesn’t.

We stand in front of it admiring how beautiful it is, the house is a dark gray color with black shingles, a wrap around porch surrounds the house and I can just picture the two of us sitting on it drinking lemonade watching our kids playing with each other.

The last two days I’ve felt my body changing and I know instantly my heat is going to happen sooner rather than later. I don’t know how well prepared we are but the inside of the house is finished, so we would be able to be alone the entire time. I can already tell my heat is affecting Ryker’s wolf, he’s pacing the house and is full of piss and vinegar, his wolf is puffing himself up preparing to please every need my body demands.

“You look so fucking beautiful right now.” Ryker comes up behind me, whispering in my ear, his lips trailing down my neck. I was wearing a paint spattered tee and blue jeans, I would hardly call that beautiful, so I definitely can confirm my heat is messing with him.

“I am a hot mess Ryker.” I smile turning so I face him.

“A beautiful hot mess.” he returns my smile for about half a second until his lips meet mine passionately, my back meets the living room wall quickly. I moan as his hands explore my body roughly, oh god how were we going to make it 5 full days with this heat without getting pregnant.

“I really, really, really don’t know how I’m not going to knock you up.” he nibbles my lower lip and pulls away. I can’t help but laugh at his crudeness.

“Your wolf keeps calling out to mine and he’s going crazy, all he wants to do is mate and it’s making me think about being with you 24/7 Alethea. I don’t know if theirs a way to talk to her and tell her to stop but the only thing I can think about is fucking you on every surface of our house.” his hands grip my hips tightly.

“I’ll see what I can do, she doesn’t really talk to me and I think that’s why I haven’t been able to shift.” I whisper moving into him, I rest my head on his chest.

“I mean we could practice before your heat comes, this kitchen table looks like the perfect place.” he whispers pulling my shirt off.

“I think I will take as much practice as I can get.” I smile back removing his pants.

“I was really hoping you’d say that.” his devilish smirk has my heart stuttering. Grabbing my ass he picks me up popping me down on the cold wooden table and we practice for hours.


I stop by Alexandras house and I am already holding little James in my hands, it’s been a couple of days since we moved into our house and my heat was about to happen any day now, so I’ve decided to get away from my Alpha for a couple of hours so he doesn’t have an aneurism. Rykers wolf is driving him crazy and his wolf is giving me high blood pressure, no more sex for at least a couple of hours because my lady business was sore.

“Do you guys know if you can have children Al?” Alexandras in the kitchen making a pitcher of pink lemonade, her voice echos out into the living room where I freeze while holding James.

Ryker and I may never have kids from the extensive scarring on my body but we’ve never really spoken about whether it would affect our relationship or not. I hope that regardless if I’m able to bear children or not, that he will still accept me for who I am, I know it’s hard for an Alpha to not have a child to carry his legacy but I hope that I would be enough for him.

“I don’t know if I can or not, I never told you this but I was pregnant before Julian attacked my family. I lost the baby, it was a little boy.” I smile down at James who’s giving me a toothy grin, his chubby cheeks make it so his eyes are closed. Alexandra brings out two glasses of lemonade setting them on the coffee table, her eyes are glossy with fresh tears and that is not like her to be so emotional.

“I’m so sorry love, I couldn’t even imagine.” she swiped away a tear and took a sip of her drink.

“I’m good now, I just hope that Ryker will still love me if I can’t bear his children.” my arms swing and bounce James to sleep.

“You should know by now that he’s head over heels for you. If you really think he’d leave you because you can’t have his kids, you’ve got some more shit to work out, you’re worth more than you give yourself. Ryker believes you are the Sun, Alethea, you just have to believe that you’re the sun too.” I look up at her admiring her positivity.

“You’re the best, I hope you know that. I will spend the rest of my life proving to you guys that you’re amazing people inside and out.” Brian comes barreling through the door waking the baby.

“Alethea we have a problem.” My heart stops for a second before resuming its pace.

“This can’t be good.” I stand abruptly

“Grayson is challenging Ryker for the Alpha position. Grayson has it in his mind that Ryker isn’t good enough for you and that Ryker isn’t good enough to be our Alpha. I don’t know what to do.” he sniffs the air and his eyes dilate.

“Now I know why Rykers wolf is so on edge.” he says closing his eyes until they return to normal.

“I better go and try and stop them.” I head for the door and Brian joins me.

“I’ll see you in a little bit babe, bye my little man. Love you two!” he yells closing the door right behind me.

Sprinting toward the arena I wonder what in the hell I am going to be able to do, in order to stop these two from destroying their friendship. Once inside I find Ryker pacing back and forth as some of Graysons friends hold him back and attempt to talk him down.

“Ryker.” I whisper moving toward him, my body senses his and immediately relaxes.

“Al.” he stops pacing long enough to embrace me and kiss me deeply. I’m not sure if he’s doing this to show Grayson that I’m Rykers or if it’s my heat, regardless I couldn’t pull myself away from his lips.

“What in the hell is he doing Ryker?” I can’t help but look over at Grayson, my heart hurts for him.

“Grayson has never acted this way until you Alethea, he’s in love with you. It’s like he’s fantasizing a relationship with you even though you two aren’t even speaking to each other.” My mind is literally so blown I can’t come up with anything to say.

“He’s challenged me in front of everybody Al, I have no choice but to put him in his place. Damn why did he have to do this to me, he’s going to be stripped of his rank and I’ll have to find someone to replace him.”

“Well it looks like his friends are trying to talk him down Ryker, if anything you’ll have to teach him a lesson but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to demote him completely. If anything you can swap Brians position as Delta and give him the Beta position. I don’t believe Grayson is thinking straight.”

“That is why I love you so damn much.” he whispers kissing my hair. But while we were in our own little world Grayson got away from his friends and he slammed into Ryker pushing him away from me, I fall to the ground but suddenly I’m being pulled up by Grayson.

Grayson is at my throat biting into my neck, marking me as his. I cry out in pain, he marked me on the side Orion marked me and I feel Orion’s bond leave me completely. I feel Orion being ripped out of my soul once again completely crushing me over and over again.

I fall to my knees holding my bleeding neck. My eyes find Rykers, he has tears in his eyes, we could be losing each other. Grayson touches my arm gently spreading the electrical shocks through my body, I’m in denial because Ryker never marked me and I felt the shocks and now my body was answering to another male that I didn’t want.

“What did you do?” I pull my hand away seeing my bright red blood.

“I need you to be with me Alethea.” he tries touching me again but I wind up and smash my fist into his left cheek.

“That isn’t your choice to make! I am in love with your Alpha! You don’t ever get to take somebody’s choice away from them and you just stole that from me! I have gone through enough in my life and I know that Ryker is who I need to be with, but now you’ve destroyed our chance at being happy!”

Ryker is still on the floor too stunned to realize whats happened. I begin to move toward him but Grayson stops me, grabbing his wrist I twist it until the back of his hand is facing the floor.

Ryker finally gets up and he’s beyond furious, the look in his eyes is a look I’ve never seen before and one that I pray I never have to see again. If looks could kill, Grayson would already be on the floor.

“You took away my females choice! Not only did you take away this females choice, you marked her on the side her deceased mate already claimed her on. If you even knew her, you’d know how important Orion was to her.”

“Who’s Orion?” Grayson questions dumbfounded.

“If you even knew her, you would already know that Orion is her mate. Orion was and still is a huge part of her life, Grayson! You just ripped the only little piece she had of him out!” Rykers wolf is showing himself ready to attack Grayson and at this point I’m okay with Ryker teaching Grayson his place. I also appreciated that he respected how much Orion meant to me, and that Ryker made it seem like he knew Orion.

“What you did was wrong and I should kill you on the spot, but you didn’t just wrong your Alpha, you’ve wronged your Luna. Alethea will be able to decide your punishment.”

“Who’s your true mate Grayson?”

“Her name is Maggie, but...” I cut him off immediately

“Maggie from the diner?” I ask stunned


“I want her to see what you’ve done. Somebody bring her here, now.” I command, my neck is throbbing and I’m feeling very lightheaded.

Maggie is less than 5 minutes away when I begin to sway, luckily nobody notices. The moment she enters the arena, I can see how exhausted she looks, she must be working overtime at the diner. Graysons exterior doesn’t seem to change when he sees his mate and that’s what breaks my heart.

“Why am I here Alpha?” she asks giving Ryker a slight yet respectful bow.

“Grayson has marked another female.” he says boldly.

Maggie looks over to me and sees Graysons fresh mark and I can feel her anger and shame radiating off her body. I try to give her an apologetic look but my vision is blurring painfully, my eyes roll to the back of my head and my body falls to the ground, but before my head hits the ground, a strong familiar pair of hands catch me.

“I’ve got you baby.” Ryker whispers pulling me to his chest, regardless of a very protesting Grayson.

“I swear to god Grayson if you try and touch her one more time, you’ll be dead.” Rykers voice is the last thing I hear before my eyes succumb to the darkness.

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