Lethal Touch

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The Happiness

The floor is covered in white rose petals and rows of candles are lit across the house, they are leading toward the bedroom. Ryker doesn’t pause and we are in our room, setting me on the floor I like the feeling of the rose petals against the bottoms of my feet.

“It’s so beautiful Ryker, thank you for doing this for me.” I hug him tightly

“Anything for you.” he whispers, his eyes dilating dangerously.

I run my hands up his chest, hooking his tuxedo jacket and shrug it off his shoulders. My fingers begin shakily undoing the buttons on his dress shirt, I’m really nervous but excited.

“Are you sure about this baby? This isn’t something we can fix once it has happened.” he whispers letting the white shirt fall to the floor.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” I give him an honest smile.

Every last inch of self reservation is gone the minute those words come out of my mouth. Our mouths become one, our tongues dancing together beautifully, I raise my arms and he carefully removes my dress and I know he’s pleased to see me completely naked under the clothing.

“So beautiful baby.” he whispers admiring my body up and down.

He brings me toward the bed and pushes my shoulders down, my face directly in front of his belly button. I unbutton the pants and remove the belt, I gulp as they fall to the floor, I pull on the elastic of his briefs and I gaze up into his eyes as I tug them off and my knees hit the floor in front of him. I don’t waste time and take his manhood in my mouth, I can feel myself getting wetter by the second and when he moans I almost lose it.

“Enough baby, I want to make tonight last and if you keep going this will be incredibly embarrassing for me.” his hands wrap through my underarms and pulls me up so I’m back sitting on the edge of the bed. Now he’s kneeling on the floor in front of me. Fingertips trail from my ankles all the way up to my thighs, leaving goosebumps all across my flesh. Lifting my legs so they rest on his shoulders, my back meets the mattress. Rykers mouth makes love to me and I come around him moaning out his name within minutes.

Our chest connect and I cry out in pleasure, lifting me off the bed he pulls the comforter down and places me back on the bed and he joins me pulling the blanket back up over his lower back. Reaching between his legs I guide him toward me, ready to embark in this journey with him, slowly he eases himself into me.

“My god Alethea.” he moans pushing into me even further until our bodies meet. My body arches loving what his body does to me.

We make love for hours taking small breaks in between to eat and to clean ourselves up, right now we are sitting in the bed eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Ryker growls when he notices a piece of jelly has fallen onto the valley of my breasts, I laugh but he’s set his sandwich down and is ready to have a different meal.

Sucking the jelly off my chest I prepare myself for another round. Instantly he’s inside me and this feels different than the last, he’s rougher and not holding himself back like he was before. Our bodies collide, our skin slapping against one another, I love the way he’s making me feel.

Rykers mouth meets the left side of my neck and I know that this is what we’ve been waiting for, I love that he doesn’t ruin the moment by asking me if I am sure about this. I can feel his teeth elongating against my skin, I moan out when his hips push himself into me completely. Cool lips kiss my neck and I cry out when his teeth penetrate my skin, it isn’t painful like when Orion marked me. Instead I come undone beneath him and something incredible happens.

My wolf comes alive inside of me, I can feel her trying to take control over me but she respectfully lets me be with Ryker.

“Your wolves eyes are so beautiful, it’s like I’m staring into the ocean.” he whispers bucking into me even harder, I know he’s only minutes away from his release.

Flipping us around I straddle him and ride him hard. My mouth hurts like hell and I know my wolf wants to mark Ryker as ours, I pause wondering if I should ask him but he answers for me.

“My heart and soul belong to you baby, mark us.” he pulls my hips down pushing into me deeply.

My mouth kisses the left side of his neck sweetly, I feel my teeth elongate and I mark him as mine and he slams into me two more times before coming inside me.

We are finally one. I can feel half of my soul leaving my body, Rykers half immediately replacing it, I hadn’t realized how empty I had felt before his soul paired with mine.Suddenly I feel light, I don’t feel feverish anymore and I stare down at my mate who’s eyes are hooded. We are both so exhausted and it’s only 11 pm.

“Graysons mark is gone, but Orions is still there.” he whispers touching the right side of my neck feeling the faded mark. Have I mentioned how perfect he is?

“I love you.” I whisper feeling so connected to him, our feelings blended into each other so easily compared to when we had the joining ceremony.

“I love you.” he says back quietly.

“Lets try and get some sleep before your wolf decides she’s ready to come play with mine.” I nod snuggling into his chest, falling asleep to the rhythm of his heartbeat. I wake before him and I need a shower badly, I pause staring at myself in the mirror, I guess I thought I’d look different but the only difference I see is Rykers fresh mark, four beautiful holes mark my skin and Orions are still there subtly.

I think about Orion for a couple of minutes, afraid that he’d be disappointed that I’ve moved on, like I love Ryker more than I loved him. I love them both more than anything in this world but I couldn’t hold on to the dead any longer, and I needed to let Orion go. My dead husband would always be apart of me but I can’t let him hold me back anymore. I am Rykers now and when I went back to the moon I’d greet Orion with my love. I needed to be with the living.

Reaching up I touch the inflamed mark and gasp at the raw happiness it spreads through me. Ryker steps through the door and sees me touching my neck, his body slides in behind me and stares in the mirror too. I see his mark clearly for the first time, I couldn’t imagine him having another females mark other than mine, leaning down he presses his lips against my mark and I shiver.

Rykers mark is so different, I’ve never felt this much pleasure but I’ve also never felt this sense of safety and how content I feel for the first time since my family died. Everything is different now and I’m so excited to see what our future holds.

“Your heat is going to happen by tomorrow, your wolf is very talkative. Seems she’s not ready to bear my children so she wants us to be prepared.” he chuckles turning to twist the shower knob on. Hopping into the shower we both take our sweet time, stealing kisses from each other like a newly married couple.

“I’ve never heard of a wolf speaking to her mates human vessel, I wonder why she won’t talk to me but will for you.”

“Maybe she’s just afraid to see how you’ll react to her voice, you haven’t heard it since Orion died and she might think it could trigger you.”

“It worries me that she won’t talk to me, I don’t know what to expect from this shift, is there somewhere we can go where you’ll be able to protect our pack? She’s a lot stronger than I remember. I’m just afraid that she could be dangerous toward others, I don’t know what to expect at this point.” I give him a concerned look but he doesn’t return that look, his body is so relaxed and I have a feeling he understands my wolf better than I do.

“Lets go to the cabin.” his hand rests on my lower back, guiding me toward his bike.

“Do you remember the first time I took you for a ride on this bike? God that was over a year and a half ago now, I can’t believe its been that long.” he stares off into the distance, probably thinking the same thing I am.

“I remember me distinctly embarrassing myself by asking if it was your pedal bike. Has it really been that long?” have we wasted all this time being horrible toward each other, my heart hurts thinking that most of our time together has been us being separated but I remember it was for the best. We’ve grown together but we also grew on our own, we found out who we were without one another and now we’ve begun a life that will show us who we will be together.

“Let’s go, she’s ready.” he starts the bike pausing for me to get on, I remember to use his shoulders to help me get up high enough.

I forgot how reckless he drove before, the gravel of our driveway kicks up against the garage making loud pings. So much for keeping our brand new house in pristine shape, I laugh to myself.

Luckily the cabin isn’t more than ten minutes from the house because now my wolf is scratching at the surface to let her out, I need to be away from everybody before she can come out. We are practically strangers toward one another at this point and I’m too scared to give her full rein, luckily Ryker will be able to tame her if we get out of control.

The moment I step off the bike she pushes through, throwing my human side on the back burner. My body hits the ground in agony, I never thought the pain would be the exact same as my first shift. I can’t help but scream in pain, Ryker is kneeling on the ground next to me trying to comfort me as much as possible but I can see the anxiety in his face, he’s trying his damndest to stay human, the wolf thinks his mate is in danger and needs protection. The Alpha is in protection mode and that’s a very dangerous mode to be in.

“Fuck!” Ryker yells trying to keep the wolf down. My body is scorching, every cell burning me from the inside out, The first bone snaps and I see black, this may even be worse than my first shift. My brain screaming at me that this is too much for me to handle, I try to push her back down but she’s not having any of that.

“Don’t fight it Al, it’s only going to make it worse, I know it hurts but you have to stop resisting her and let your body do what needs to be done.” he whispers touching my face soothingly.

Nodding I do as he says but it’s far from easy. For what seems like hours my body breaks and morphs into the wolf I thought I lost, she’s changed from before, not her appearance but her mind. We are still the same reddish gray color we used to be but her voice is darker than before, like she still hasn’t recovered from Orions death but she’s happy now that we have Ryker.

“It’s been a long time, I’ve missed you.” I whisper in my head

“I’m sorry that I left you to deal with our mates death on your own, I had to leave you otherwise my grief would have made things even worse for you. I was afraid my grief would destroy you.” my heart pauses hearing her voice for the first time in so long, I can’t believe she’s really here with me.

“I’m sorry for losing him.” I choked feeling my body grieve with hers.

“We both failed him, but we shouldn’t dwell on the past anymore, he’s gone but Ryker is here. Ryker has been more than a great man toward you, and his wolf loved you before I was even in the picture, his wolf loved your human side so much that he was willing to be alone the rest of his life and not search for another wolf.”

“I love him and I hope you’re okay that we marked him.” I know she’ll be okay with it but I still say it anyways.

“I would have been more upset if you hadn’t, that other male Grayson, I did not like that he marked you without your consent and if his mark stayed permanently I don’t think I would want to be by his wolf.”

“Grayson was just confused, I did something to lead him on and he thought that I had feelings for him, but that’s no excuse for him to mark me without my consent. I’m glad that his mark disappeared.” I say honestly and I can feel her push me back and take control.

She stares at Ryker, like she’s seeing him for the first time. Ryker falls to the ground on his knees in front of us, he bows his head as a sign of respect and to show her he’s no threat to her, she sniffs him and licks him. Chuckling he reaches up and scratches behind her ear, she gives an appreciative groan.

Standing tall he removes his clothing and shifts flawlessly, our wolves assess each other carefully. We wait until his wolf makes the first move toward us, she’s nervous and I think that Rykers wolf can sense that, stepping toward us our bodies press into each others pressing our scents into one another.

Our hearts feel full, he’s accepted us completely. We are one.

“Lets go for a run.” he says and we go.

Running through the forest we dodge trees and race beside each other to get to the imaginary finish line. My wolf is competitive and so is Rykers but I have a feeling that he’s holding back so he doesn’t embarrass us, we must run around the pack border at least twice and my wolf is content.

Rykers wolf nips at the backs of my ankles playfully and my wolf loves it, she hasn’t played in so long that she can’t help but nip back. They play together for hours just playful bites back and forth, tackling each other and rolling around in the long grass, she’s never felt so much love and happiness at once before, she tires but not before Rykers wolf makes us his. A quick bite to the neck and now the wolves are mated forever.

Ryker shifts back to his human form in front of the cabin and waits for me to follow, but before I shift she speaks to me.

“Your heat is coming tonight, if you want to have babies I understand but I’d like more time with him.”

“Will we be able to have his children? Will I be able to bear his children?” My body freezing completely, praying that I will be able to provide Ryker with an heir.

“I will do everything in my power to protect his children, we will have his babies someday.” she whispers letting me take control and shift back to my human form.

Exhaustion takes over my body, collapsing to the ground my head is just about to meet the ground Rykers hand catches me, he’s always catching me. Turning I stare up into his eyes with pure adoration, we finally made it, after all this time we finally are one. Bending down his lips graze mine lightly, my body is scooped up and brought in the house and set on the bed.

Ryker leaves me to start a bath and soon he’s scooping me up again and setting me in the steaming water, my muscles appreciating the heat soaking into them. Cool hands meet my shoulders easing me forward in the tub, making enough room for my mate to join me, his body is flush with mine and now i’m even more relaxed.

“I’ve never felt this way before Alethea. You make my entire world go round.” he whispers placing soft kisses across my shoulders and neck.

“You are my sun Ryker.” my voice just above a whisper, I feel a sudden intense cramping in my lower abdomen and I know what is going to happen. Ryker stiffens behind me smelling the difference in my scent.

“Your heat is here.” I gulp at the huskiness of his voice, his manhood hardening quickly, poking my spine.

“Let the games begin.” Sharp teeth sink into my neck, marking a new era.

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