Lethal Touch

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The Heat

The pain is excruciating when Ryker isn’t touching me, it feels like my entire body has been lit on fire and is burning from the inside out.

Wet bodies press together pushing me into the bed, he didn’t dry us off once we left the bath tub, he just picked me up and carried me to the bed.

Rykers inside me within minutes, he wastes no time in thrusting into me deeply. Moaning my nails dig into his shoulders, his body is cooling the fire inside me, but is igniting a new feeling inside me.

“Harder Ryker.” I cry out feeling my body beg for more of him, he happily gives me what I desperately crave. Our bodies still slick from the water slap together loudly, his arm under my shoulders holding me in place so I don’t move as he thrusts into me.

“You feel so fucking good Alethea.” his teeth sink into my mark and that tips me over the edge, I come loudly under him.

Gripping my hips he flips me so I’m on all fours and penetrates me again, his moans are making me hot all over again.

“Fuck.” he pushes into me until he can’t anymore, he’s moving so slowly now that it’s almost torture. Hot lips kiss and lick my spine spreading tingles all across my body, he’s so deep inside me its almost painful. Soon his bucks become wild and I know he’s coming undone, I reach my hand between my legs and cup him lightly messaging his most sensitive area and within 3 thrusts and he pulls out spilling his seed onto my lower back.

“This is going to be a dangerous night for us Al.” he collapses on the bed next to me.

“I should have bought condoms.” I smack my palm to my head feeling like a moron. This shouldn’t be rocket science to us wolves but we get in the moment and don’t even care that we could produce a child 9 months later if we aren’t safe.

“If it makes you feel better, I don’t think the condom would have curbed the fire from your heat.” he whispers pressing a wet kiss to my shoulder before turning to grab a drink of iced water.

“You’re right, it wouldn’t have helped but then we wouldn’t have such a high chance of becoming pregnant.” I smirk

“I wouldn’t mind putting a little baby inside of you. Don’t freak out, I know we still want to wait for children but I’m just saying that I wouldn’t be all that upset if you were to get pregnant.” his words take my breath away

“You do realize that I just got pregnant from what you just said to me?” I giggle until I feel the next wave of cramps hit and now the joking has come to a stop.

Now round two begins.

5 Days later:

During my 5 days of heat, we never once were separated. Unfortunately that meant that Ryker was hardly ever outside of me, he struggled greatly to keep from coming inside me and eventually to neither of our surprise he did.

Luckily for us I bled this morning proving that I wasn’t pregnant, I would have been okay with being pregnant with Rykers baby but I’m also glad that I wasn’t. I wanted more time with him as just the two of us.

“I can’t wait to start a family with you baby, someday we will have our own little crotch goblins running around.” he laughs loudly but I am speechless. Crotch Goblins? Again speechless.

“Ryker where the hell did you find the term crotch goblins from!” I laugh hysterically my side aching.

“Saw it in a facebook video once and ever since it has stuck with me.” Shaking my head I head for the kitchen preparing breakfast.

Chatting we eat our breakfast and pack our things to head back home, to be honest this place feels so empty when we don’t have anybody to share it with. I haven’t been back here since Aspen was alive and she brought so much life into our world that it was bringing back sad yet amazing memories. I had forgotten to shut the barrier from my mind to Rykers so now he knows what I was feeling.

“I miss her too.” he whispers into my hair,

“I’m sorry.” I close the barrier so I don’t hurt him more than I already have.

“Don’t be sorry, I don’t’ want to forget her. I want people to remember her and if we don’t talk about her then it’ll be like she never existed.” he pulls away grabbing the small bag of clothing outside toward the bike.

I hear the bike start and I head for the door myself but pause, I feel a light feather like touch on my knee but nobody else is in the house. Immediately I tear up thinking that this could be Aspen sending me a message that she’s okay and safe, I just wish that she could tell that to Ryker. I don’t know why the moon picked me but I feel like I’m her portal from the other side, meaning I can sense the people I’ve lost because of my connection with the moon. I smile down at the floor knowing that I probably looks psychotic but I believe she’s with me.

“We love you Aspen.” Walking through the front door i close it behind me and get on the bike with my mate.

The moment we step through our door Ryker is getting phone call after phone call, the pack was respectful enough to let us be the entire course of my heat but we both knew that we had to come back to reality.

“What do you mean they’ve been to almost every pack?” he steps into kitchen to try and keep the conversation more private but our house wasn’t a mansion.

“The Alpha king is hosting a meeting? Why is he concerned with this? I don’t need him getting involved, you know how he is Brian, he will want to possess her.”

“Fuck me, when is he requesting us to meet?” I could hear his growl getting more feral, him becoming more beast than human.

“2 days from now? Okay thanks Brian I will see you tomorrow.”

I’ve never seen Ryker look so ghostly pale, like he’s about to vomit. Whatever he’s about to tell me makes my stomach churn, I’ve seen this look one to many times before and it is never good news.

“A pack of rogues have been going through each pack in the U.S in search of you. They didn’t know you returned back here, there’s another Alpha male who wants you by his side apparently. Since this Alpha has been to so many packs it’s been brought to the attention of the Alpha king, he’s requesting a meeting with all the Alphas including us.” his eyes hit the ceiling, frustration drips off of him like rain.

“So we are meeting all the Alphas in 2 days?” I step toward him hoping I can help calm him down but he shy’s away from my touch.

“I don’t want you coming with me, the Alpha king is not a good man and I’m afraid if he gets one look at you that he won’t let you leave.” Now he’s pacing across the kitchen with his hands in his hair, he’s afraid.

“I’m not letting you go alone, we are a team now Ryker. This Alpha is after me so I need to go with you to figure out what the hell we are going to do to stop him. The Alpha king is nobody compared to you Ryker, he can try and make me stay but he will figure out quickly that he can’t keep me somewhere I don’t want to be.” I hop onto the countertop and watch him slowly lose himself.

My stomach churns thinking about being hunted, it feels different being hunted rather than being the hunter. I can say with upmost certainty that I don’t like the feeling that’s running through my veins. I think what I’m feeling is fear.

I’m afraid.

I always get in these situations where I find happiness and all of a sudden it’s ripped away from me in a blink of an eye. Ryker and I are newly mated and now we were being forced to leave our pack behind and face another war, where I might lose everything I love all over again.

Losing Ryker was unimaginable, if he was dead there would be no way I could ever survive that kind of heartbreak twice. My chest constricts painfully even just thinking about Ryker dying, he notices because he’s at the counter in between my legs holding me.

“If you think that you’re going to lose me, you’re wrong. We are going to grow old together Alethea, we are going to have babies and grand children someday, don’t think for one minute that you are going to be alone.” he whispers soothing me

“I love you. Where is this meeting?” my mind is racing a million miles a second and I’m not able to comprehend our future at this moment in time.

“It’s about 2 hours East of us. We can leave tonight and stay in a hotel or we will leave Thursday morning and get there just in time for the meeting.”

“I could be happy with some hotel room service, but I also know we have pack business to take care of. Let me know what we are going to do.” I hug him tightly, hopping off the counter I head for our bedroom to pack some clothes, I’m not sure how long we will be gone but as a woman I pack enough clothes for 2 weeks and give Ryker about a week of clothing.

“Babe I need to head to the pack house for a couple of hours, do you have any business there?”

“Yes! I’m coming with you.” The suitcase is way to heavy for me to pick up so I drag it across the hardwood floor, Ryker stares at me like a deer in the headlights.

“You’ve got to be kidding me Al. We wont be staying that long!” he laughs loudly holding his side.

“Don’t laugh! You never know what will happen! It might be super hot so I need my summer clothes or it could be super cold so I need winter clothes!”

“Alethea, we are werewolves.”

“I may have forgotten that for a minute.” I whisper laughing at myself for his incredibly truthful remark, well now I just feel like an idiot.


Arriving at the pack house, Ryker and I go separate ways. I head to the kitchen to see my friends and they all have the biggest smirks on their faces when they see me, more so see my neck.

“Holy shit.” a couple of the girls say at the same time and I can’t help but blush while they all giggle.

“So do we call you luna now?”

“You can call me Alethea. If you prefer Luna that’s fine but I don’t care what you guys call me. We are friends and I don’t want to rule over you guys.” I smile kindly

“So how was it? Mating with our Alpha?” Marissa raises an eyebrow with the most devious grin I’ve ever seen.

“Not something I need to discuss with you.” I turn fire engine red

“That amazing huh?” She swats my arm laughing loudly

I’ve missed seeing these guys, they made my transition back doable. When Ryker hadn’t accepted me back into his life, they had taken me under their wings, they were a godsend for me and I couldn’t be more thankful for them.

“It was more than I ever could have imagined, that’s all I’m giving you.”

“Ugh why couldn’t Ryker have taken interest in me! I need mind blowing sex!” Marissa groans loudly and all us girls burst out into a fit. My wolf wasn’t thrilled by her words but I convinced her that Marissa was joking.

We chat for what feels like hours before Ryker returns to the kitchen in search for me, he pauses when he sees all the woman and his eyebrow goes up in question, wondering what kind of trouble we are causing.

“Time to go baby, how are you ladies today?” He asks genuinely curious as to how his females are doing.

They all respond with the typical responses but Marissa is just giving him the look of knowing what they two of us did. Ryker notices the look she’s giving him and he frowns not appreciating the way she’s staring at him and she immediately stops.

Rykers hand meets my lower back and we say our goodbyes to the ladies before we leave for the hotel, I can feel 6 pairs of eyes burning holes into my back so I sneak a peek behind us and they’re all making kissy faces at me. I’m going to kill them when I get back.

Settling into our car we wait for Brian and Grayson to pull in behind us. Grayson is marked now, he must have finally mated but all I know is that I’m glad he’s no longer trying to force something between us. While we were waiting for Ryker and Brian to get the vehicles packed and ready, Grayson apologized to me profusely and I accepted but I definitely kept my distance until I knew he could be trusted completely.

“Grayson finally apologized to you, yeah?” Rykers jaw was grinding as if he was struggling with the thought of Grayson and I speaking.

“Yes he did, don’t worry he was very civil and didn’t touch me. I believe he’s finally mated.”

“Grayson did mention that to me, we are still trying to rebuild our relationship but I don’t know if we will ever be the same as we were before.”

“I think someday things will go back to normal between the two of you. You’ve known him since you were pups, don’t let his one mistake ruin an entire lifetime of friendship. I’m assuming he was there for you when Jasmine died, he has always been there for you Ryker.”

“I know I just need time to forgive him for marking you. I’m so angry that he would do that to a female, especially one that his best friend is in love with.”

“Life is so short Ry, just remember that.” I grab his hand squeezing it tightly.

The drive to the hotel goes achingly slow, I forgot how much I hated sitting in a car for hours upon hours. Finally after what feels like days of sitting we reach the hotel and check into our rooms and now we wait for a very tense meeting between the Alphas.

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