Lethal Touch

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I’m being ripped away from Ryker, the boy scoops me up and turns us so I can’t see my mate anymore. I try getting out of his grip but I haven’t had enough time to heal yet, Ryker is screaming at the male to let me go but he just laughs and continues toward his vehicle.

“Please don’t hurt him.” I beg, the male looks down at me with harsh green eyes that resemble emeralds, they’re beautiful but also murderous. Blonde hair hung low just below his eyebrows, it’s long but it suits him well, I thought he’d be this fat disgusting man but he’s the opposite.

“I don’t care about Alpha Ryker, Alethea. I only care about you, ever since you slaughtered my family, all I’ve been able to think about is destroying you. I’m going to make you pay in every way possible and you are going to wish you were dead.”

“I don’t care what you do to me, just don’t hurt him. Kill me, torture me do whatever you need to do but promise me you won’t hurt him, his pack needs him, without him that pack will starve and die.”

“I promise I won’t harm a single hair on his head.” the boy looks down at me again scrunching his eyes.

“You love him very much don’t you?” what a random question for him to ask while he’s kidnapping me.

“Yes I do.” I respond struggling in his arms

“I never thought you would be capable of loving a creature after what you did to my family. I can’t wait to break your spirit and destroy the person you’ve grown into.” he laughs tossing me into the trunk of his car.

It’s insanely hot in this trunk, no airflow what so ever, the sweat is dripping down my spine and I need to pee so bad. I don’t know how long I’ve been in here but I’ve lost consciousness more than once, my stomach continues churning thinking about what they’re going to do to me. As long as Ryker is safe, that’s what I have to keep telling myself, this is worth it keeping him safe.

They slam on the breaks and my face meets the back of the cars seats, the trunk opens and I’m immediately restrained and blindfolded. I stumble as they rush me to some musty smelling building, the doors close behind us loudly and they continue leading me down a hallway. Someone picks me up and throws me over there shoulder and carries me down a set of stairs, I’m in the basement now and I hear the clinking of chains knowing that they’re going to tie me up.

“I need to pee.” my head moves around to see if somebody heard me.

“Take her to the restroom, make sure she’s restrained otherwise she’ll destroy you.” the rogue Alpha states

Great, I’m going to be chaperoned while I urinate. They’re going to have to pull my underwear down, this isn’t going to be good. A male pulls the blindfold off and we are in the restroom, I stand there with my hands behind me, turning my head toward him I just wait for him to realize that I can’t pull my dress up or do anything for that matter.

Eventually he realizes his predicament and helps me, embarrassment spreads throughout my body. The man hands me a piece of toilet paper and I am able to clean myself up and he brings me back out, the Alpha stares at me as his wolf removes the handcuffs and hooks me up to the chains hanging from the pipes in the ceiling. My arms are getting numb from hanging this way but I’m gathering that I won’t have any feeling in them for a very long time.

Moving toward me the Alpha stands face to face with me, his hands trailing over my body, they pause at the front of the dress. Toying with the thin fabric covering my chest, ripping the dress down the middle he exposes me to all the males in the room. Struggling against the chains I attempt to cover myself but it’s impossible.

The Alpha gazes at my body, shifting his weight he turns me so my back is at his front. Cool fingers touch the scars across my back, it’s almost painful the way he traces every raised scar, ice cold metal presses into my skin, a silver knife digs into my skin.

I howl in agony, the blood dripping to the floor in pools, he laughs at my pain, just like I laughed when I killed his parents. I deserve everything he’s about to do to me, I had forgotten what a monster I really am, when I was with Ryker he helped me be a better wolf, I vowed to never kill anybody that didn’t deserve it and I would keep that promise, that’s if I would live through this.

“Don’t worry by the end of the month you’ll be gone or pregnant. I haven’t quite decided which one is more fitting. You’d make powerful children especially with an Alpha.” his lips touch my shoulder and I shudder in disgust.

“My heat just finished, I won’t be able to get pregnant for another 3 months, you’ll have to kill me first.” I try spinning to face him but he’s got a tight hold on me.

“And Alpha Ryker wasn’t able to impregnate you? That’s too bad.” his teeth sink into my shoulder and my body jerks away from his but that just makes his teeth dig into me even more. Tears run down my face in steady streams, this is a new kind of pain. This pain feeds off of fear and I am terrified of what he’s going to do to me.

“We weren’t ready to have children yet!” I spit at him, he comes in front of me and his fist pulls back and smashes into my face, I see black but don’t pass out.

“Theres no need to get sassy with me, bitch.” his saliva splashes onto my face. Blinking I attempt to get my eyes to adjust but they still see black.

“I’m going to press my scent into every pore in your body, because I know Ryker is going to come back for you and when he smells you, he’s going to be repulsed and he’s going to leave you.” This is one delusional wolf, but at the same time it worried me that Ryker could leave me if this Alpha forced himself on me.

“You’re insane.” I respond quietly, he’s already starting to break me and I’ve been here for less than an hour.

“I might be just as crazy as you are. Come on Alethea, we’re both monsters here, just because you played house with Ryker doesn’t mean the monster inside of you left.” his hands slide underneath my bra and I turn my head away so I don’t have to see what he’s going to do. Canines bite into each of my breasts, and my misery is heard by every wolf in here.

After leaving multiple areas bloody and bitten he walks away from me but only to grab more chains, but these aren’t to tie me up even more. The chains swing through the air and crack against my rib cage, the pain is unimaginable, I wail noisily.

“This is for my parents!” he screams, he lashes me at least 5 times and stops only when blood begins spurting out of my mouth, I think I have a collapsed lung but hopefully my wolf will heal this quickly, all my ribs have to be broken.

“By the end of this month Alethea, you’re going to wish you were dead.” he whispers squeezing my thoracic cavity making my lungs protest from screaming.

The last whip of the chain has my femur snapping in half, the most painful bone is now severely broken and it causing the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt, I already know he isn’t going to set it. My voice is already cracking from my screaming, my vocal cords are protesting but nothing will stop what is about to come.

3 weeks later:

It’s the same routine every day, he bites me and he beats me. I’m losing my faith in Ryker finding me. The rogue Alpha- named Samual has officially broken me, he shaved my head today but he doesn’t realize that it’ll grow back within a couple of days but still the thought of me looking like a male destroyed my spirit. I’ve gone back to my bad place, the place I was before Ryker came into my life, I’ve shut off my humanity. Bite marks litter every inch of my body but none stick, he hasn’t been able to mark me and luckily his bite hasn’t made me sick.

“He’s found us, my little rose.” Samual whispers into my ear while nibbling on my lobe.

Sinking his teeth into my neck, chest, shoulders and arms I don’t even scream in pain anymore. Samual’s never touched between my legs but now his fingers rub over my underwear pressing his scent into my female anatomy, tears flow down my cheeks heavily. Clenching my thighs close he’s forced to remove his hand, his tongue gliding from the lining of my underwear all the way up to the valley of my breasts.

“Sir it’s not Alpha Ryker who’s here to take Alethea. It’s the Alpha king, we need to get you the hell out of here otherwise you’ll be dead within minutes.” one of his men explains quickly

“I wasn’t expecting to live beyond this, but I am truly upset that I won’t get to see Rykers reaction to you looking the way you do. It is time for me to go.” he whispers kissing my lips harshly and begins toward the only exit in this place.

Splinters of the door fly down the stairs, someones here. Someones finally here. Wolves file down the staircase and they gap at the scene before them, then they attack anything that moves. Most of the rogues are eliminated within minutes but they keep a couple men including Samual alive.

Ares struts down the stairs loudly, his eyes find my body and gawk at the sight. I don’t know what I look like but I can assume I’m far from beautiful, my eyes fall to the ground because of a neck that wont support my head.

“Where is she!” a familiar voice echos through the house, my heart aches and it speeds up. My mate is here.

“Down here, Alpha Ryker.” One of the Alpha kings men responds.

Ryker barrels down the staircase and our eyes meet for the first time in a month, my head falls again but I’ve missed him. I’m feeling my humanity again.

“Get out.” his anger taking control

“Leave the Alpha!”

Most of the men begin shuffling out, taking along the shackled rogues. Ares stays behind, I smell Brian and Grayson scents and I know they’ve joined in this little parade. Ryker doesn’t even question the Alpha, I just hear the snap of his neck and the sound of his body hitting the cement floor. I can feel him staring at my body.

My mate comes over to me but hesitates to touch me, he’s afraid to touch me.

“Everybody, get out. Now.” he whispers standing in front of me, shielding me from their eyes. My breathing quickens by his closeness. Everyone shuffles out aside from Ares, I don’t know why he insists on upsetting Ryker even more.

“Get the fuck out Ares, she isn’t your mate.” Ryker growls angrily

“I’m the one who followed the lead here, I just need to know she’s okay.” he questions genuinely

“Of course she’s not okay, she’s been held captive for a month now. She’s alive and she’s safe now, so leave.” Ares leaves the room, leaving me and my mate alone.

“Baby.” he whispers touching my face, he lifts my head so I can see him. My cold eyes soften when I stare into his, oh how I’ve missed him.

“You came for me.” I haven’t spoken in almost two weeks now, my throat protests angrily.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t?” his fingers rub my face gently.

“I lost hope after the first week.” my eyelids are heavy and they begin to close.

“Stay awake Al, please. I am gonna get these chains off of you.”

Reaching for the right cuff he holds it in his grasp and squeezes it, it falls apart instantly and my hand drops to my side. Somehow I’m able to wrap my arm around his neck but it’s not a strong hold, my other hand is freed and Ryker pulls me into his chest. My leg protests angrily and my cries echo in the room, it still hasn’t been set and the bone has healed in the incorrect spot.

Ryker pauses, setting me on one of the stairs, he tugs off his shirt and places it over my head. Picking me up bridal style I settle against his smooth warm skin, his scent dulling my pain immensely. Stepping through the doorway I hear the silence of every male here, I sense their eyes all over my legs taking in the bruises and bite marks, most of them have never seen a tortured wolf before so I can’t be upset over their curiosity but I don’t like males staring at my deformed skin.

“Theres a doctor in a pack that’s about 2 hours from here, he’s waiting for us to get there. Once she’s cleared she’s free to go.” Ryker bristles at Ares’ comment

“Once she’s cleared she’s going to come home with her mate.”

“I think she’s capable of deciding where she wants to go after this Ryker.” Ares’ spits angrily.

“Stop it Alpha Ares’, I’m leaving to go home with my mate and to my pack where I belong. Thank you for helping Ryker find me, I will forever be grateful and in a way I’ll love you for saving me but nothing more will come of it.” I close my eyes and breath deeply, oh how I’ve missed this scent. Rykers warmth soothes my aching body.

“As you wish Alethea.” his voice is forced. I know it hurt him to hear me reject him time after time but he needed to understand that I felt nothing for him but gratitude.

“Let’s go please, I’m very tired.” I cry into Rykers chest.

Ryker isn’t driving, instead he sets me in the back seat and joins me, bringing me back into his chest, he refuses to let me go and I sob, his voice in my ear calms me but not enough to stop the tears.

“I’ve got you, you’re safe now.” his breath tickles my ear.

Shifting I squeak from the pain and Ryker apologizes a million times. I fall asleep in his arms but I can still hear the three men speaking in hushed tones, they’re worried for me.

“She’s got bite marks over every inch of her body Ryker.” Brians voice is filled with anger

“The bruising all over her body hasn’t healed up yet, do you think he just did this to her this morning? Or that she hasn’t been able to heal herself from reoccurring trauma?”

“I can’t.” Ryker pauses but can’t finish his sentence, his body is so tense, a couple of minutes later he resumes.

“Most of it looks fresh, but some of the bites are still healing over. The bruising is yellowing so it’s older, maybe 2 weeks or less, I can’t begin to imagine what else he did to her.” his breathing shallow and fast.

Rykers hands brush over my scalp, its already growing back and is just above my ears.

“Do you think he, you know.” Grayson can’t even say the word.

“I don’t know, his scent is in every pore of her body.” Ryker tensed once more.

Opening my eyes I stare at him, he doesn’t realize I’m awake yet. Ryker hasn’t shaved in a couple of days and looks like he hasn’t slept the entire time I was gone, his dark circles are prominent.

“You look rough around the edges too babe.” I mention hiccuping, peering down at me Ryker cringes but manages to smile.

“That’s not what we meant baby. We’re just concerned.” he adds

“He didn’t do what you think he did, he didn’t rape me.” I close my eyes again, nausea filling my belly.

“I’m so sorry Alethea, I tried to find you sooner but it was dead trail after dead trail.” his eyes fill with water but I stop him before he can continue.

“Ryker I’m safe now, that’s all that matters to me. I’ll get better I swear.” I plant a kiss on his peck

Rykers face remains stoic, he’s angry with himself, he blames himself for me being kidnapped and tortured. A bump in the road jerks us around the backseat and I can’t help but yelp out from the tenderness of my body.

“Damnit Grayson could you try and not hit every pothole in the fucking road?” Ryker spits

“I’m trying Alpha.” Graysons eyes meet mine in the rearview mirror and I give him a sympathetic look

“Sleep.” Ryker whispers lulling me into slumber, for the first time in a month I’m able to fall asleep comfortably and in the arms of my mate.

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