Lethal Touch

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2 weeks later;

My dreams have always been vivid, they’re almost always horrific memories of my past that haunt my mind. That’s what I’m experiencing currently, I should have expected to have nightmares after what happened with Samual but I had hoped the moon would give me a break, that’s laughable.

I guess I expected that I would be back in chains but instead it’s the crash, more so seeing Ryker dead. The way his body sits there motionless, blood coming out of every orifice of his head, when Brian performed CPR on him I could hear his sternum crunching and when Ryker didn’t wake up I felt all the original pain I did the first time I saw him die.

As soon as Ryker’s eyes open and meet mine, I’m thrown back into the cellar where Samual kept me, instead of beating me this time he starts stripping off his clothes and what little clothes I had he ripped off, I knew what was going to happen, it was inevitable. I wake to Ryker shaking my shoulders trying to speak to me, but it feels like my head is underwater.

“Wake up Alethea!” he yells loud enough for me to snap out of the trance I’m in. My lungs burn like I’ve been holding my breath for hours, sucking in air I am able to move and grab Rykers arms squeezing tightly. Warm fingers hold my face, it looks like he hasn’t slept in weeks, his poor eyes are ringed with dark circles.

“I’m sorry.” I finally get out.

“What happened in the dream?” he whispered pulling me into his chest.

“I watched you die all over again and this time Samual had his way with me, or was about to until you saved me.” I grunt painfully, adjusting myself so I fit into his chest more comfortably.

“I’m so sorry love, is there anything I can do to help?” he whispers into my ear kissing it.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing Ryker, but I also need you to take care of yourself, when was the last time you slept for more than four hours? I’m gonna turn Netflix for awhile and nap, why don’t you go back to sleep?” he’s already shaking his head no but I refuse to let him suffer at my hands.

“I’m here Ryker, I’m not leaving and nobody is going to hurt me here. Sleep because your pack needs you strong and healthy.” Finally he nods closing his eyes snuggling into my breasts.

Turning on Supernatural I try my hardest not to laugh uncontrollably when Dean screams at the kitten in the locker, it’s one of my favorite episodes ever. I think I watch at least 3 episodes before Ryker stirs calling out Jasmines name, my heart plummets into my stomach, should I be jealous he’s calling out to his dead mate?

My lips kiss his feather soft hair and I realize I’m being paranoid, Jasmine is apart of his life and it’s normal to dream about her. I’ve dreamt of Orion many times while with Ryker so this shouldn’t be any different, I just haven’t called out his name while sleeping against another person.

I can feel my stomach churning with jealousness though, I shouldn’t be but I am. It makes me jealous because she was his first and she will always have that over me, Jasmine will always be Rykers original mate just like mine will be Orion.

I hear my cell phone ping letting me know I have a new message from Alexandra asking if we’re going to be home tonight so she could come visit for a wine night. It would be nice to get home and have a girls night but I wasn’t sure how Ryker was going to take that, maybe he could use a night out with the guys to drink. I message her back saying it’s a plan and that I can’t wait to see her.

Finally Ryker wakes but it doesn’t look like it helped, if anything he looks worse than before.

“Are you okay?” I question.

“I guess we’re both going to have nightmares for awhile, you shouldn’t be asking me if I’m doing okay Alethea, I’m not the one who was kidnapped.” he rubs the sleep out of his eyes but doesn’t make a move to get off me.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I run my fingers through his hair to try and soothing him.

“No, I would rather just get home, we can eat some breakfast and take off that way you’ll be more comfortable in our own home.” Nodding I let it go and begin to lift his head off me but he resists slightly.

“I don’t want to move yet.” he snuggles into my breasts even more leaving light kisses on both of them, I giggle hard and slightly wince.

“Alexandra is coming over tonight and we are gonna have a wine night according to her but she knows I can’t stand the taste of wine so hopefully she’ll bring something stronger, I figured you could go out with the boys tonight and try and relax for a little bit.” his hairs tickling my chin. I feel him stiffen slightly but quickly recovers.

“I would rather stay at the house with you, I can stay in the office and do work but I don’t want to leave you.” his voice holds a slight anger to it.

“Ryker we’re going to have to be away from each other sometimes, we have to rip the bandaid off while it’s still fresh.” I say truthfully, he needs to understand that we won’t always be together.

“Absolutely not, I just got you back Alethea. It’s too soon for me, please.” he sits up on his elbows peering into my eyes, I can see the anxiety running across his Iris’.

“Invite some of the guys to the house Ryker, that way we wont be separated and we can have friends over.” I toss out the idea hoping he’ll bite.

“I do have a lot of work to do Alethea, I’m really behind on my duties but I’ll get work done before they come over.” he sighs running his fingers through his hair messily. My leg healed quickly and just yesterday I was able to get the cast removed, it was still slightly stiff but I was free.

Getting off me he holds a hand out for me, grabbing it he assists me off the bed and we head for the bathroom. Twisting on the hot water he helps strip me, i wait for Ryker to strip and get in first, he slides in and helps me in as well, my back settling against his chest comfortably.

Rykers hands scoop water up and washes my shoulders gently, I can feel his body naturally hardening and my chest burns with excitement and I can’t help the quiet moan that escapes my lips, he groans pulling my body even closer to him if possible.

I turn so I’m facing him and hold him but his hands meet my hip bones quickly pushing me away from his erect member.

“You’re to hurt.” he whispers into my neck

“I know what I can handle Ryker.” I say back kissing his neck and he caves more easily than I expected, now his hands eagerly pull my hips toward him.

Spinning around I bend and position himself at my entrance and ever to slowly he sinks himself into me, I hold him still for a moment so I can adjust to his thick length, we both moan relishing how it feels to be intimate again after being apart for a month. It does hurt but not enough to stop me from continuing, I’m slow but he seems to like that we’re not rushing.

“My god Alethea.” he groans as our bodies slap together loudly

Together we make love slowly yet beautifully. My ribs only protest slightly so I’m able to truly enjoy being with my mate intimately. Rykers fingers dig into the flesh of my bottom pulling me further onto him, taking him fully is almost painful, it’s so deep in this position.

“I love you so much Ryker.” I bring my back to his chest, twisting my head to kiss him slightly, we’re going to be okay, I know it. My core is tightening and I am so close to coming undone, he senses this and his fingers brush against my sensitive buds and I explode over him.

My mouth meets his again messily, our lips are frantic. he’s stiffening and I reach between my legs cupping him as he groans out his orgasm.

“I love you too Alethea.” he whispers kissing my mark.

Smiling I stare at him and wonder how in the world I got so lucky to have such an amazing male. I’m excited to see how things are going to pan out in our future, I just hope that things will start to settle down for us.

Getting out of the shower we both dry ourselves, Ryker helps me get dressed and I just stare at him adoringly.

“Ryker, promise you’ll never leave me.” I snuggle into his chest

“You know I’ll never leave you love, I promise you I’ll always be by your side.” he kisses my head

“I’m really hungry.” I snicker into his shirt

“Well I can’t wait to show you how I cook pancakes and eggs.”

“I’ll stand guard and make sure you’re doing it right.” I wink and head for the door to leave the room .

Ryker is already setting up the chair next to the stove and grabbing all of his ingredients, I giggle when he drops the mixing spoon into the pancake batter. Other than dropping the spoon he does a fantastic job this time around, the stoves at the right temperature and the pancakes are coming off golden brown. Ryker chuckles when he hears my stomach growl, handing me a plate I sit at the table and begin to eat,

Silently we stuff our faces, Ryker grabs a bowl of fresh fruit and my mouth waters when I see the fresh juicy watermelon. Stabbing a piece Ryker holds it out for me to take and I do happily, my eyes close when the juice runs down the back of my throat, I moan and he growls lowly. Opening my eyes, he’s staring at me with fire dancing in his eyes.

“The watermelon is delicious.” I say shrugging my shoulders.

“It is.” his eyes still trained on me with a devious smirk on his face.

Finishing up our meal I attempt to help clean up but Ryker puts a halt to that immediately by a firm scowl. Relaxing I stare as my amazing mate washes dishes careful not to break any of them with his big bear hands, I wonder how he gets anything done with those things honestly, I’m not sure how they can fumble with anything small. I imagine what he’d look like trying to put a ring on my small fingers and I smile because I hope that someday we will be in a place to get married.

I grimace when a painful spasm rips through my chest, I didn’t think I’d need more pain medication already but for some reason it was becoming more and more painful by the second. Grunting I grip onto the counter to help ease the pain but obviously that does nothing, Ryker is by my side whispering in my ear but I can’t hear him over the agony ripping apart my body. At least I knew that I was healing, without the pain I knew I would never heal. It’s funny how that works both mentally and physically, both Ryker and I have gone through our fair share of pain and we’ve both felt the agony but we healed, sometimes you have to go through hell just to find the sunlight again and we’ve finally found it.

“Breath baby, just breath through it.” his voice sounded miles away but I did as he said, heading back to the room I sit and wait for him to come back and take me home. Shoving the pill bottle toward me I twist and push the cap down, swallowing two pills dry I gag slightly but they go down eventually.

Ryker doesn’t give me the option of walking to the car, instead he picks me up wrapping my right arm around his shoulder and is very gentle. Our conversation is light and cheery, we’re both excited to be heading back to our fortress, I decide to shoot Alexandra a message that I’m not quite up for drinks tonight, and that I’ve been eating pain medication like it’s candy. Luckily she doesn’t put up a fight and says we can reschedule.

“So what are we going to do with our lives now that we’ve finally overcome all of the obstacles that have been thrown at us so far? We are finally free Ryker.” I turn to him and for the first time since we’ve met each other, we are truly free from the burdens of our past. The people who wanted us dead are dead, and we’d probably receive more challenges in the future but right in this moment nothing else threatened us.

“We can finally be together the right way Alethea. Now we don’t have the weight of the world on our shoulders and we can just be together. We’ve already faces our biggest demons, now whatever life throws at us we can handle it.”

Grinning I realize he’s exactly right, and that’s exactly what we did.

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