Lethal Touch

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10 days after Waking up:

It’s winter time in South Dakota luckily, my eyes follow the silvery wisps of my breath. I walk down the path of my families demise, dreading what I’m going to find by the frozen Willow Tree of pain, even from here I already see the red stained snow. My knees hit the ground and I clutch the frozen earth emptying the contents of my stomach twice. I don’t know how I stand or continue moving toward their bodies but I manage.

Orions body is where I go first, falling to my knees I grab him pulling him into my lap pushing his blood crusted hair from his icy cold forehead, he looks so peaceful like he’s sleeping but I know his death was painful. I sobbed until I could barely see his pale face. Rocking our bodies back and forth, I screamed out in pain begging for someone to take me away.

" I will never forget you, you’re everything to me Orion. We will meet again.” Kissing his forehead I gently rest his body back to the earth.

I grieve over my mother, father and sister next. I begin dragging them to the funeral pyre where I will release their souls back to the moon, in my pack we do not bury the dead, we burn them. Some packs think it’s weird to cremate the dead but in my pack we believe once our body is dead we no longer exist in it. Theirs nothing left for our souls on earth so we send them up in smoke to the moon where we rejoin our creator.

Striking the match I settle a few feet away and watch the 4 pieces of my heart, burn wishing I was up there beside them. I should be up there, and once I destroy everything Julians ever worked for, I will never leave my families side again. I’ll rejoin them soon. My knees fall to the melting snow staring up into the sky as the ashes rise from the fire, from ashes we will rise.






My legs felt like lead hiking toward my fathers office. There I would find the locations, names, and crimes of all the Alphas who showed up to my families trial. There I would find the ones who sided with Julians army and I would write every single name down in black ink only crossing it out in red once they were dead. I will destroy all of their lives just like the destroyed mine.

This whole war was started on being hungry for power, Julian wanted my families pack because we were one of the highest ranked packs throughout The United States. All he had to do was convince others to follow his lead by manipulation, Julian managed to get almost half of the southern packs behind him by promising them land that he planned to keep to himself in the end. I promise he won’t even step foot back on my land once I find him, his pack is located in Northern Wisconsin but I wasn’t heading there first.

I take a breath in inhaling my fathers stale scent, my chest constricting painfully. Stepping out, I close the door on my old life peeking down on the piece of paper with the first name written down.

Alpha Nathaniel here I come.

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