Lethal Touch

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3 years later:

Our pack is flourishing, we have many applications waiting for approval to transfer into the pack but we are at full capacity at this point. Ryker has done the one thing his father never could have managed, he’s running a successful pack and a happy one at that. Nobody is being tortured on their poor performances, instead we teach them when they’ve failed, nobody is perfect and we don’t expect anyone to be because the two leaders of this pack are far from perfect.

It’s as if everything has fallen into place.

“Al lets go to the cabin this weekend, it’ll be nice to get away for a few days. I would like to have some time alone.” he smiles at me from across his desk, theirs a sparkle in his eye and I wonder what he’s up to.

“Sounds like a plan. I just have a few more duties I need to take care of, I’m heading to the hospital to help out with a surgery and some laboring females. Other than that I should be ready to go by 6 tonight?” I am ready for the weekend, all these duties are tiring and I really could use a break.

“I’ll pick you up at the hospital at 6.” his smirk is contagious and I can’t help but smirk back.

Stepping out of the office I head for the hospital, as soon as I step through the sterile doors I relax instantly. This place is like my second home and I’ve been interning to become a nurse, I want to be known as the woman who brings life instead of the woman who takes a life. Luckily with all my experience, the doctors and nurses are willing to train me instead of me having to go back to school, though I’m still required to study from textbooks from human nursing school.

“Today you’ll be needed in surgery, but after that I’ll probably have you shadow me with some of the pregnant females and inserting IV’s. It should be a simple enough day.” Jackie has been one of my greatest supporters and greatest teacher, she’s been a nurse for over two decades and is passionate for her work and that’s why we get along so well together.

“Sounds like a plan to me Jackie. It looks like this should be a relatively short surgery so I should see you in about 4 hours.” nodding she goes back to her charting and we go our separate ways.

Reading up on the surgery it’s a pretty simple procedure for our doctors, we are fusing an elders spine to help relieve some of his pain. I am hopeful that the surgery does help him because every second we spend time together he brings this aura of happiness that’s contagious and I can’t help but want to sit with him and talk.

“Alright, well the nurses are going to prep you so I’m going to head down and get myself prepped.” I smile and head for the elevator. Entering the scrub room I sterilize myself and head into the operation room and get that prepped for the doctor and the patient.

Thankfully surgery goes well and the elder is awake and beaming.


Ryker is right on time and finds me pulling off my socks and putting on my teal crocs, he always makes fun of me for wearing them but they’re honestly the most comfortable shoes ever created. Strong arms pull me up and bring me to his hard chest, inhaling his scent I relax even more.

“Baby I love you but oh my god those fucking crocs have got to go.” he laughs into my hair.

“You’ll have to pry them off my dead body.” I smile into his chest.

Rough hands wrap around my neck, tilting my face up. Rykers cool lips mold into mine passionately, somethings between us will never change, I thought things would cool down after we’ve been settling down but our love life is still like a raging fire. Moaning into his mouth he nibbles my lower lip before pulling away all too quickly.

“Oh Alethea, you can’t make those noises and expect me not to rip your clothes off.”

“Oh Ryker, remember I don’t like to be taken in front of people.” I wink recalling one of our very first conversations with each other.

“That is very true, good thing we’re going to the cabin.” he whispers kissing my head and pulling away.

Our drive is full of chatter about our day, he’s always curious about how my days in surgery are going. Something is different about him tonight, he’s so giddy and nervous.

Pulling up to the cabin I notice something different, the house is filled with light but the lights aren’t on. I’m getting suspicious.

“Ryker, what is going on?” my nerves getting the best of me.

“You’ll see.” he is already out of the car and opening my door before I can even process what he’s said.

Stepping through the front door, my heart starts racing, it’s decorated almost exactly the same as the night we officially marked each other but this time there are pictures of Ryker and I. Pictures from when we first met each other, my joining ceremony when Ryker sang to me, pictures of us with Aspen and so many more.

“Ryker.” I whisper, I’m speechless. It is so beautiful in here. Turning I around I see him. My handsome Alpha down on one knee, staring up into my eyes, those eyes pouring out so much love and adoration.

“Alethea, from the first time we met each other, I knew with every fiber of my being that you were special, everything about you called out to me and at first I tried to fight the battle that was raging inside of me but somehow you were able to tear down every wall I had built up, you invaded my heart and ever since then I knew that I needed to have you by my side for the rest of my life. You’re the other half to my soul and now for the first time in my life I feel 100 percent complete and now I want to make it official. Will you do me the honor of marrying me Alethea Rose?” tears were already gliding down my cheeks, my hand covering my mouth to hold in the sobs that are trying to escape my mouth.

“Of course I’ll marry you Ryker.” he stands up with tears in his eyes, and slides the stunning one karat black diamond onto my skinny ring finger. Staring at it, my brain hasn’t caught up with what’s happening, we’re going to get married.

“Their’s going to be a huge ceremony you know that right? The pack won’t allow us a small ceremony, they’ll want this to be known nationwide, babes.” my body doesn’t react nicely to this idea, I would prefer to have a small ceremony with our closest friends but for Ryker I would suffer through an insanely large ceremony.

“I can handle it Ryker, for you I’d do anything.” I whisper bringing his head closer to mine to taste his delicious lips.

My fiance carries me to the bedroom where we make love to each other for the very first time as an engaged couple. Instead of calling Brian and Alexandra we decide to wait until the end of our weekend together, we’d be seeing them on Sunday and I couldn’t wait to meet their new little bundle of joy, they welcomed a little girl to their family less than three days ago. Brian has been doing so well as Ryker’s beta, Brian was absolutely born for this job and as sad as it is that Grayson was demoted, this is exactly what Ryker needed.

Grayson has the most beautiful daughter, she’s his twin. Lily’s hair is fiery red and she’s free spirited beyond belief, unfortunately Grayson and Maggie’s relationship is over, he said it’s too much water under the bridge. They’re seeing other people now and both of their significant others are beautiful people so hopefully every thing will turn out the way it needs to be.

It’s early summer time now and the days are growing hotter by the minute, so its the perfect time for us to go for a swim, but once we get there I notice his slight pause, she’s been gone for awhile now but the memories will never fade of her swimming with us. The most beautiful little girl I ever saw, will never get to be an aunt, nor did I ever get the chance to raise her as my own little girl.

“What are you thinking about.” he whispers coming up behind me in the water, wrapping his arms around my shoulders so his hands hang above my breasts.

“Aspen.” I sigh leaning into his chest

“Whenever I think about her, my chest burns with agony. I wish she was here, she would have loved to be in the wedding.” his body shakes with sadness.

“She would have.” I sigh, spinning around I stare into his stunning eyes that pull me into his soul. Our bodies pressed together as the sun sets and the reflection off of the water holds our eyes until finally the sun disappears and it’s time for us to get back to the cabin.

My mind wonders to the recent invite we just got from the Alpha King, apparently he’s finally found his mate and that we’ve been summoned to meet the Alpha Queen. I already know that Ryker isn’t going to be thrilled about having to travel back but hopefully since meeting his queen he’ll have toned down.

I feel the familiar burn inside my abdomen indicating my heats coming, Doubling over in pain I clutch my stomach, like I’m trying to hold my organs inside me.

“What the fuck? I thought you still had another month before you were supposed to have your heat.” Ryker is struggling to keep his hands to himself now, this is not going to be good, we have not prepared for this.

“Ryker we don’t have anything to stop a pregnancy from happening.” I gulp

“Al, what if we started trying for a baby? We aren’t getting any younger and everything’s falling into place.”

“I don’t want to be ugly and fat for our wedding day Ryker.” I groan as another wave of pain shoots through me, I would rather be shot than go through this.

“Oh Alethea, the wedding would be within the next few months, the only thing you’ll have to do is get the dress and the rest is up to the wedding planner, she’s been through many Alpha’s weddings and she’s the best we’ve got. The pack isn’t going to wait another 9 months for us to marry, as soon as they find out it’s going to happen fast.” his tongue dancing across my neck.

“Are you sure you want this Ryker? Their’s no going back on a baby.” I moan as his teeth nibble on my mark

“Angel, we can’t keep waiting for something bad to happen to us, we’ve been through more than any single person should have in our lifetimes. Someday we are going to have to get over our fears of death, and remember to live again.” his whisper spreading goosebumps across my skin, I know he’s right and that we can’t keep living in fear that something is going to happen.

“Let me put a baby in you, Al.” his teeth nibble my ear lobe and I’ve lost all control

“Ryker, if we can’t conceive, are we going to be okay?” I pause before we get lost in each other.

“No matter what happens, we are going to be more than okay.” his hands wrap around my thighs pulling me up into the air so my legs are wrapped around his hips.

It’s different this time around, maybe it’s because we are possibly creating a life in this moment but I also am feeling like I’m on cloud nine.

Afterwards we lay in the bed together holding each other, and the pain in my abdomen has subsided thankfully. Ryker’s leaving soft kisses all over my shoulders and the back of my neck, I think he’s excited that he could be a father but the next couple of days are going to determine if we are or not. I guarantee that Ryker and his wolf aren’t going to let us out of bed this weekend in order to increase our chances.

This could be the start of a whole new life for us.

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