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The wedding is a week and the nerves are setting in, my stomach churns with anxiety and I feel the nausea crawling up my throat. This baby is happy to keep me constantly hovering close to the toilet, most foods are making me queasy now days.

Once we found out I was with child, we were beyond ecstatic but also surprised that it was so easy for us to conceive. I’ve never seen a man so happy to see a positive pregnancy test in my life, today we’re headed to the doctor for our sonogram and I can’t wait to see our little bug. At the same time, I’ve been completely terrified these three months and I don’t know how I’m going to go 6 more without developing a full head of gray hair.

The flashbacks are the worst, all I can think of is the son that I lost and the agony starts to rip through me, the fresh dose of hormones also don’t help with my emotions.

Ryker steps into the hospital and the look on his face is priceless, he’s so excited and so damn happy it makes me cry even more. This is Rykers first time going through being a parent, and I can already tell he’s going to be one hell of a father, just likes he’s been one hell of a mate.

“Oh Angel, the hormones are kicking your ass today aren’t they?” his shirt absorbs my hot tears, I can’t speak but instead I just cry harder, but laugh at the same time.

“This is so awful Ryker! Seriously I cried over a piece of pizza today! I was sitting in the cafeteria and they didn’t have any pepperoni, nor did they have any pickles! All this baby wants is pepperoni pizza and pickles and they didn’t have any, the poor cashier had no clue what to do with me, she literally poked me and tried comforting me with chocolate. Oddly enough the chocolate was kind of brilliant and it worked.” I sniffle wiping my tear stained cheeks

“I have pepperoni pizza and pickles at home babe, I’ve got you covered, and I’ve got my little man in there covered, if it’s pizza and pickles he wants that’s what he gets!” his palm spreading across my belly, I don’t have a bump yet but soon I’m sure the Alphas child would start destroying my body.

“It may be your daughter you know, she may like pizza and pickles.” I smile thinking of having a little girl who could change our entire world.

“You know I would love a baby girl but I truly think it’s going to be a boy. It’s like a sixth sense, angel.” The nurse calls our name and we head up to the room, she has me pull my shirt up and tuck it under my breasts, while she tucks a towel into the waist of my yoga pants.

The gel is ice cold and I can’t help but squeal, Ryker is so focused and so quiet it’s almost frightening. After a few minutes of moving the wand across my stomach she finds our little bug nestled inside of me, and soon the heartbeat.

Ryker is staring at the screen in amazement, happy tears in his eyes.

“We made that.” he whispers standing up so his face is against the side of my head.

“You look about 12 weeks does that sound about right?” she asks

“Yeah 12 weeks and 4 days.” Ryker answers for me

“So you’re far enough along that we can run a blood test for abnormalities and with this test we can find out the gender of the child.”

“Yes we want the blood work done but only to test for any problems for the baby.” I mention

I am already terrified of the needle that the doctor is bringing in, it’s going to hurt like a bitch and I am not prepared. Ryker’s face is white and his eyes are about as wide as the moon, he looks like he’s about to be physically sick. I laugh as he sits down in the chair, looking like he’s about to vomit.

I cry out as she sticks the needle through my flesh, it doesn’t hurt as much as it’s a pressure that is indescribable. Luckily it was only for about 5 seconds before the pain was gone.

“We should have the results of the gender by the end of the day if we really rush them, for the Alpha and Luna, I’ll make sure you know by no later than 8 tonight. Now the abnormalities will probably take up to a week for us to figure out.” she says smiling and leaves the room before we can thank her.

Ryker nods curtly toward the woman but he seems angry at her for some reason.

“Can you bring the baby back up on the screen, please?” Ryker asks

“Absolutely Alpha.” she says smiling widely, even she can feel the excitement he’s radiating.

Together Ryker and I watch the screen for a little while longer before we deem that we’ve been in here for far too long and that they need to see other patients.

After leaving the hospital Ryker drives us home and I immediately fall asleep, I’ve been exhausted the entire 12 weeks of this pregnancy and I hope I’ll make it through the day tomorrow without needing a nap. Alexandra let me know that the wedding wasn’t as insanely big as I was let on, but I should prepare myself.

Ryker snuggles into me and we nap together until I get a phone call from the hospital, my hand smacks Rykers shoulders until he sits up abruptly searching for the threat. I turn the phone on speaker so he can hear what we are having.

“Hi guys, just was giving you a call to let you know that your results are in if you’re still interested in knowing the sex of the baby.” she sounded so happy for us, or maybe it was my hormones, who knows.

“Of course we want to know!” we both say in unison

“Congratulations Alpha Ryker and Luna Alethea, you’re going to have a little baby boy.” I don’t know when she hangs up the phone but together Ryker and I cry happily, I’m going to have another son.

Ryker holds me as I grieve for my angel baby and while I cry with happiness for my rainbow baby. Together we cry for the creation of our son, Xavier Orion Black.

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