Lethal Touch

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The White Wedding

Today is the day my life is going to change forever, I have to catch my breath to believe this is real, that I am marrying my true love, my hearts desire, and my best friend. Alexandra is with me at the pack house, she’s doing my hair and makeup all while trying to entertain James. The last pin goes in my hair and I stare back at the woman in the mirror, my hair is curled beautifully and Alexandra placed the last swipe of deep plum lipstick on my lips and time was running out as a single woman.

Slipping on my dress, both me and Alexandra stare at it adoringly. I decided that simplicity was exactly what I wanted, the rose colored dress was fitted from my waist up but flowed elegantly from the waist down. The lace material curled and swirled into floral designs, my back was completely exposed, I wasn’t afraid to show off the scars anymore, everyone deserved to see how their luna struggled throughout her life yet overcame everything to get to where she is today.

It’s fall so it’s beautiful outside, the leaves are all orange, red and a wonderful yellow. Alexandra and I had a 10 minute argument about me wearing heels but in the end I won, I would walk down the aisle barefoot. I am not a female who wears heels and skirts, so she finally gave in and left me alone. Brian interrupted letting us know that it was time for the ceremony to start, that’s when the butterflies started. As Brian was about to take James out to stand next to Ryker, I stop him.

“Brian, can I ask you something?” I smiled at him, hoping that he’ll agree.

“Anything, by the way both of you look absolutely breathtaking. Ryker is going to cry when he sees you.” he smiles bringing me into a hug

“I don’t have my father to walk me down the aisle, but I thought of you and I wanted to ask if you might want to give me away to Ryker.” Alexandra is beaming, swiping away a stray tear, Brian has the biggest smile on his face and I think this means yes.

“It would be my honor Alethea.” he kisses the top of my head gently,

“Lets go meet your future husband, he’s waiting.” he says looping his arm, waiting for me to take it.

Stepping through the doors, I walk down the steps and round the corner toward the beginning of the aisle. The moment I step into the aisle, my heart stutters, I see my beautiful male standing at the end of the aisle staring down at me with the biggest smile on his face, his eyes were full of tears just like Brian said they would be.

Brian starts guiding me toward the ceremonial stage and I can’t look away from Ryker, I know all my people are smiling at me but I just can’t stop staring at him. A dark navy tux fits his body perfectly, the plum colored rose sits on his peck, I make my way from his body up to his face and that smile is still there, I can’t help but get teary eyed.

Ryker steps down the 3 stairs and prepares to help me up, Brian and I reach the end of the aisle gracefully, the music ends the second Brian gives me away to Ryker.

Ollie is the one preforming our ceremony today, we decided that we didn’t want a long ceremony, luckily she was okay with that. Our wedding ceremony is different in Oneida pack, since I was joining Rykers pack I would be getting the brand of Oneida pack.

My little boy was barely showing in my dress but I did have a noticeable bump compared to when I first tried it on. The pack still didn’t know yet but Ryker wanted to wait until today to announce it to everyone, I wanted to wait until tonight as well just because I wanted to make sure things were okay and that me and baby were clear from any possible complications.

Ryker glances down and smiles at my belly, he can definitely see the bump.

“You’re so gorgeous Alethea, I can see our future growing inside of you, he’s going to be a big male. I can’t believe you’re going to be my wife.” he whispers kissing the shell of my ear. I don’t respond, instead I stare into his eyes beaming with a happiness that hasn’t existed in a very long time.

Ollie begins the ritual, speaking latin, our formal tongue. The ritual is short and the wolves behind her are already heating the brand, the template is elegant yet simple. The circle is a full moon, pine trees scatter the bottom portion and two wolves sit shoulder to shoulder, the symbols of an Alpha and a Luna of Oneida. Ryker would also get the brand today, only mated wolves wore the brand but in our case everything has been backwards, so instead of our marking ceremony being public, it was our wedding.

I hold out my left wrist preparing myself for the pain that was about to come, the searing of my skin makes me grunt out in pain, but it isn’t anything I can’t handle. Ryker holds out his bare wrist and stares at me the entire time the hot iron is pressed into his flesh, both wounds will heal by tonight. I stare at the raised red flesh and gaze back to my now husband. We are officially one in every sense of being together.

“You may kiss your luna now Alpha Ryker.” Ollie adds

Ryker wastes no time in pressing his lips into mine, sealing our marriage toward each other forever.


Together as husband and wife, we eat and prepare to tell the pack that we are expecting a future. I am so excited to see how the pack will react to the news of a child, I know they’ll be happy but I am afraid they may be upset that we hadn’t waited until our marriage was formalized.

Ryker stands, as do I but I let the Alpha give his pack the news, I can see the way this baby affects him, he never thought he’d have the chance to be a father, I’m thankful I am able to carry his male in my belly.

“Everybody, your Luna and I have some news that we would like to share with everyone.” Rykers arm pulls me closer to his side

“We are expecting a little boy to join this world in about 6 months, this pack will have an heir.” his voice is booming with pride, I can tell his wolf is stroking his ego greatly.

Everybody was silent for a moment before they all clap and cheer around us, the pack is cheering for its new future that’s growing inside of me.

Lining up, the higher ranked pack members come to congratulate us individually, first it’s Brian and Alexandra but from the look on their faces they already knew, I look up at Ryker and new he had already told them beforehand. Grayson is next and he’s holding Lily, her smile is so contagious and I can’t stop myself from reaching out to her to take her from Grayson.

“Are you sure, you should be holding her?” Grayson asks concerned, his girlfriend Brooke stands beside him holding his hand, her mate had left her for another female but she landed a very solid man. They looked happy together. I am happy for them.

“Grayson, how did you create something so beautiful.” I press my scent into hers, so she’ll remember how her luna comforted her.

“I ask myself that question every day. Doesn’t she just light up the room when she walks in?” he smiles at his daughter and it is the greatest love a father can have, the love of his child.

“Yes she does. How is everything with you two?” I make conversation so I don’t have to give Lily back. Brooke is the one who responds, she’s so stunning.

“Well I’ve been wanting to speak to you and Alpha Ryker but I haven’t found the right time to speak to you guys about this, I don’t want your night to be ruined by work.”

“What is it Brooke?” I gaze at her kindly, so she doesn’t think that I’m upset by her asking a question.

“I want to join the pack, I know so many applications have been sent in but I wanted to see if I could be an exception.” I turn to Ryker and he takes Lily from me, yet he smiles down to me nodding, so I answer for him.

“We’d love for you to join this pack, Brooke.” I wrap my hand around her forearm and she does the same, our cheeks meet and press our scent into one another. Grayson catches my eye and gives an appreciative nod. Grayson is a good male, I’m glad he’s found someone to spend the rest of his days with.

Brian and Alexandra come back after we’ve greeted and been congratulated by everyone. Alexandra is almost hopping up and down with excitement, she hugs me for at least 2 minutes straight. Brian comes over to me next and his hand sprawls across my lower stomach in a way that would be intimate if it weren’t coming from one of my closest friend.

“This is going to be a very strong male.” I can’t help but smile, Ryker didn’t appreciate the touch but I know it wasn’t meant as anything more than friendly and comforting.

Ryker slides behind me, brushing my hair away from my neck. Soft lips kiss down my neck and to my shoulder blades, goosebumps litter my skin. I stiffen when his teeth nibble the skin where my shoulder meets my neck.

“I hope you don’t plan on sleeping tonight.” his breath tickling my ear. I blush furiously, and I can’t contain the moan that slips from my mouth.

During our first dance, Ryker’s mouth is all over my body, it’s slightly embarrassing for the other wolves, so many turn away but others just realize that their Alpha is so deeply in love with their luna. I squeeze his shoulder a little harder than necessary to make him stop, his mouth affecting me more than I want it to. Ryker doesn’t stop is onslaught.

“Ryker, if you keep doing that, I’m going to be a puddle in the middle of this dance floor.” I lay my head on his chest groaning.

“I know, that’s why I’m taking you into the pack house, this minute. I’m going to fuck my wife for the first time as a married couple.” his teeth sinking into my mark

As soon as the song ends, the music continues and the couples and children dance on. Ryker places his hand on the small of my back and we hurry for the pack house, my stomach clenches with excitement.

Slamming his bedroom door shut, he lifts me and gently places me down on the bed, his mouth is on me within seconds. All to quickly he’s standing, pulling me to him, I turn around so my back is facing his chest and I bend so my chest meets the bed. Ryker fumbles with the bottom portion of my dress until finally he has full access to me, he wastes no time in removing the 3 pieces of clothing separating us. Slowly he sinks himself into me, the intensity is almost enough to make me pass out, then he starts bucking into me so hard and so fast it shouldn’t even be possible.

“Oh god!” I cry out fisting the sheets, biting the inside of my cheek to stop myself from falling apart underneath him already.

“I’m sorry angel, this is going to be quick for both of us.” his teeth grazing my ear lobe, just that statement almost pushes me over the edge.

Ryker uses his reinforcements and once they meet my sensitive bud, I’m done for. A few more thrusts and we’re both panting heavily, Ryker brings me a wet washcloth to clean up with. We have to go back outside to finish our ceremony, I’m exhausted and Ryker knew that so luckily we would call it a night here in a few hours.

“My beautiful wife.” he whispers helping me adjust the dress into the correct position and we go back out to our people.

Everybody tries to pretend they didn’t notice the two of us missing but everyone knew what we were doing. My face is red with embarrassment but Ryker is whisking me out onto the dance floor, this time he doesn’t distract me with his mouth, instead he twirls me across the dance floor just like in the Disney movies.

The laughter that comes out of my mouth doesn’t feel like my own, the lightness that sits on my chest is still so new for me. Ryker changed my world for the better, he’s the sun on my darkest days.

“I can’t believe we finally made it.” I whisper swiping a tear from my eye. After all this time together, all the heartache, all the suffering and pain, all of the happiness and new beginnings, Ryker and I had finally reached the end of our first race together. Now we are beginning the race of marriage and parenthood together and I couldn’t wait to see where that lead us.

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