Lethal Touch

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The Alpha Kings Queen

Ryker and I were already about 30 minutes away from the Alpha kings home, I can’t say that I was necessarily excited to be back in his home after they way he’s treated me and Ryker. I’m hoping that since he’s met his female, he’ll have backed off a little bit, but I’m preparing myself for the worst.

Xavier is making his presence known, I’m 5 months along now and my belly is now swollen and it was obvious I was with child. Only the pack knew of my pregnancy so it would be quite the surprise to the surrounding packs, but I still wanted to keep it on the down low just in case something happened to the baby.

Ryker’s hand is on my thigh lightly messaging it, comforting me, soon his hand travels to the bump and it just sits there, feeling his son grow inside me. The smile on his face, lights up my whole world.

All too soon, we are pulling into the driveway of Ares’ house, I forgot how many people were going to be here and it makes me nervous. The entire house is decorated beautifully with flowers and candles, welcoming the new Alpha Queen, she’s going to be absolutely beautiful I already know it.

A younger male greets us, taking our suitcases and showing us to our room for the night. I was excited to dress up for the night, Alexandra helped me pick a floor length dress for the special occasion. Ryker kisses the side of my head and helps me up the stairs, we make it to our room and it’s a comfortably small room that holds a bed and two end tables. A tv is mounted on the wall, I couldn’t wait to binge some Netflix with my husband.

We don’t have time to relax before the party starts, Alexandra and I meet up to help each other get dressed and do our hair and makeup. I’m glad they came with tonight, it was nice to have backup.

“Alethea, I just don’t understand how someone can look so stunning with blood red lips, seriously not many can pull off that color.” Alexandra always gave me compliments but she always forgot to look at herself in the mirror, the only female I’ve ever met who can pull off black lipstick.

My dress is tight showing off the baby bump, it’s a shimmering silver with delicate lace work and at my thighs it turned sheer. Ryker’s in his navy tux, the same tux we got married in. It brings back one of the best days of my life, his smile is contagious. I fist the bottom of my dress so I don’t trip while walking down the stairs, his arm looping through mine protectively. Nobody is going to harm the future growing inside of me.

Entering the ball room, we take a seat at the front which just so conveniently sat both the king and the queen. They haven’t arrived yet, but I couldn’t stop myself from eating the freshly baked bread on the table, this baby was always hungry. Ryker passed me some of the fruit that was being used as decoration, this boy was more important than the curtesy to wait for the guests of honor.

Finally they made their entrance and the entire room was silent, they stood a distance apart and she looked miserable. I was right though, even through her misery she’s still beautiful, her long brown hair hung stick straight down to her shoulders, and her eyes were a warm chocolatey color. The anger on her face was apparent, it looked like she wanted to murder him.

Every table stands clapping and welcoming the new queen, even though it’s obvious she doesn’t want to be here. Ryker helps me stand, he must think I’m heavily pregnant but I can still stand on my own without needing assistance.

The Alpha king sees me, and it’s the first smile I’ve seen on his face all night, that is until his eyes move down to my belly, the smile is gone. Ryker growls pulling me closer to him, kissing under my ear, I look at him raising an eyebrow letting him know to relax.

“So Ryker was able to put a baby inside you? What a surprise that is, I thought you would have to ask me to put an heir inside you.” I really expected him to tone it down, especially because his mate was sitting next to him.

“Ares, please, not tonight.” I say his name instead of his title and his mate stares at me in disbelief.

“It’s Alpha King to you.” I can practically see the venom dripping out of her mouth.

“I wasn’t speaking to you.” I spit right back, she sits back in her chair scowling at me. If she really thought I would bow to her after this, she was wrong.

“I’m just saying Alethea, pregnancy would look so much better on you if that were my male growing inside of you.”

Ryker is getting more upset by the minute, I place my hand on his and give it a squeeze just to let him know that he’s the one who put the male inside me and he’s the one who infiltrated my heart. Ares’ does this to piss Ryker off, for no reason whatsoever.

“Ares’, it’s been 3 years now, I think it’s time to let go of your obsession with fucking me.” I sip my water looking anywhere else but the two of them.

“August, I want you to meet Alethea. The moon blessed female who’s stolen my heart for the last 3 years. That’s Alpha Ryker, they’re mated but I don’t understand how considering he’s the one who murdered her original mate, didn’t he slice his neck open, Alethea?” Gulping I try and hide the hot tears that are threatening to fall onto my cheeks. Ryker stiffened beside me, I know he still felt guilty about that night, I just didn’t know if he truly believed me when I told him I had forgiven him.

“That’s correct.” I whisper stepping away from the table, Ryker says something under his breath that has Ares’ and Augusts’ face pale. I head for the desert table craving a good helping of chocolate, and my mate meets me there, he pulls me into his chest and I lean into him appreciating the comfort.

Ryker feeds me more brussel sprouts but the smell makes me nauseas, I shake my head when he offers me another. As soon as he’s fed me enough healthy food, he brings the plate of deserts and my stomach is growling for every single piece of chocolate on the plate.

The first fudge brownie he places on my tongue has me moaning, I take his finger in my mouth and suck the rest of the fudge off. Ryker has a devious smirk on his face and I can’t help but wink at him.

“You two are disgusting.” August is bathing in her misery, it’s ruining everybody’s good mood.

“Stop watching if you don’t like it.” I don’t even look at her as I say these words.

“What is it like, loving the man that killed your mate?”

“I forgave him a very long time ago for something he was commanded to do. What happened in your life that made you such a bitch? I thought luna’s were supposed to be bold and brave and caring but apparently I was wrong.” I stared into her eyes, intimidating her. August looks away first, she’s not a very strong female.

Ares just stared at me in awe, he holds out a hand for me to take and I just stare at him.

“One dance and I’ll leave you and Alpha Ryker alone for the rest of the night.” I stare at Ryker who just nods, but I can tell he’s not happy by it.

It feels rude that I’m dancing with Ares, rather than him and his mate dancing.

“I’m sorry for what August is saying, she’s uncontrollable.”

“Ares, she’s literally the female version of you. You started it, don’t patronize Ryker anymore tonight, he’s on edge. Ryker is very protective of me and it won’t take much especially from you to make him snap. Please just back off, you make it very hard to come here and celebrate a new beginning for you and August.”

“I wish I would have met you first Alethea. This could be my child inside of you.” he whispers placing his hand on my stomach, I’m uncomfortable by this gesture.

“But it’s not your male, Ares. It’s Rykers. Please you have a mate now, it’s time to move on.” I twirl around, and I see Ryker staring at us but he looks semi relaxed. I think he knows in his head that Ares wouldn’t hurt me.

“I know but it’s hard for me to let you go Alethea, you’re stuck inside my brain, my wolf wants you, I want you.” his lips meet my forehead in a kiss of acceptance and maybe one of goodbye. He’s finally letting me go, I squeeze his shoulder appreciatively.

My mate wraps his arms around my waist, and we dance with each other. Our mouths meet sweetly, his lips are so gentle yet they apply the perfect amount of pressure.

“That boy is begging me to murder him.” his voice is rough with emotion.

“I don’t think he is going to be a problem anymore.” I whisper swaying back and forth with him. I can tell he’s still struggling with the way Ares is with me but he doesn’t act on it.

I don’t know how long we are on the dance floor before Brian and Alexandra decide to join the party but when Brians hand extends toward me, we switch partners so Alexandra dances with Ryker and I with Brian. The four of us laughing hysterically as we dance with each other clumsily, my family is almost complete.

For the first time in a long time, I let go with my friends and my mate, we dance, we laugh, we eat crap food and we have a fucking blast.

Ryker leads me up the stairs but pauses when he sees Brian and Alexandra struggling to get up the stairs, nodding I tell him to go help our drunken friends. August sees me standing here and comes over, she doesn’t seem hostile but she’s also not happy to see me.

“I have another question for you, does it feel good to have another woman’s male chasing you? I mean my mate is in love with you, how does it feel to know that you could be the sole reason that we don’t work out.” her smirk pisses me off.

“Probably not as shitty as it feels to know that your mate is in love with another woman.” I snip back, she’s cancerous. My wolf is not happy with her.

“You bitch.” she snaps, her hands meet my shoulders and she pushes. I fall.

I fall down a flight of stairs, my stomach slamming into the concrete steps. I land at the bottom of the staircase still too stunned to comprehend what’s just happened. My hand automatically holds my stomach, my heart is beating a million miles a minute, Brian and Alexandra are at my side holding my hand telling me everything is going to be alright.

Where’s Ryker?

“This is an act of war!” my mate screams, I find him pinning August against the wall, his claws digging into her neck, blood saturates her white dress. August’s eyes are filled with fear, her body quivering.

Ares’ eyes go back and forth from his mate and the woman he loves, he doesn’t know who to go to. I can see the shame he holds in his eyes for the actions of his mate, he’s embarrassed his female may have just killed my child.

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