Lethal Touch

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The Alpha Kings Queen

My entire body is in agony, my left wrist is obviously broken and my baby, I can’t feel him moving around inside me. Usually he’s squirming around inside of me but right now he’s still, and this terrifies me more than anything has in many moons.

“Ryker.” I whisper rubbing my belly with my right hand trying to initiate some sort of movement, the baby kicks whenever Ryker touches my belly so maybe that’s why I’m calling for him.

My eyes meet Rykers and I can see the anguish in his eyes, his wolf is taking over completely, the human side and the beast are fighting one another and so far it looks like the beast is winning. Calling out his name once more has the human side running down the stairs so comfort me and hope to feel the heartbeat of our baby boy.

“Come here baby.” he whispers into my hair while pulling me into his lap, his large palm rubbing my protruding stomach, and I finally release a breath when I feel the little kick against my skin. I refuse to cry in front of these people but I can feel the hot tears trying to fall onto my cheeks.

Ryker nuzzles my neck kissing it lightly and I can tell he’s shielding his face from the many people who are surrounding us. Pulling away from me, he grabs my broken wrist and immediately sets it without warning, I couldn’t stop the cry that escaped my throat.

Ares finally reacts to the predicament and screams for the pack doctor to get here, nobody goes to check the injured Alpha Queen not even her mate. I begin standing but Ryker scoops me up immediately bringing me up the stairs carefully, he pauses staring down at August but instead of reacting his eyes close and he continues for our room.

The doctor is in our room within minutes and he’s brought his expensive equipment, the ultrasound is on and he’s squirting the cool gel on my now exposed stomach. Rykers hand squeezed mine almost as hard as I squeezed his.

“Wonderful, I can see him moving around in there as we speak. I can tell this is going to be a hard birth for you Luna, he’s quite a large male.” I watch him move the probe around until I finally hear his little heartbeat. I breath once again, relief flooding through my entire body.

“Thank you sir.” I whisper closing my eyes finally allowing myself to let the tears fall from my eyes.

“You’re welcome Luna.” he says wiping away the gel and begins packing his instruments, soon he’s gone so it’s only me and Ryker, I can hear the light knocking on the door signaling that my best friends are wondering if everything is okay, luckily Ryker lets them know I’m not up to seeing another human soul tonight.

The only thing that continues running through my mind is that I could have lost another son, that I almost fell into that dark place again, the one I swore I’d never step foot in again.

Everything in my life is a constant spiral into tragedy and at this point in my life I begin questioning if I will ever actually get my happy ending.


“Baby, wake up we are going to leave.” his lips tickle the sensitive skin on me ear

Sitting up slowly I wince from the paid radiating across every inch of my body, I clean myself up in the bathroom before I finally feel presentable enough to leave the room. The moment we step out of the room everyones eyes are on us, wondering if the moon blessed female miscarried last night.

The moment my eyes meet hers, a switch in me flicks, all the rage I’ve kept at bay for all these years is back, she notices easily and hides behind her mates shoulder. Removing Rykers arm from mine, I strut toward them with a purpose that I pray they’ll understand, otherwise the old Alethea will be back.

Stopping in front of them I make eye contact with her, I can almost feel the fire in my eyes burning into her soul.

“If I ever see you again, you’re a dead woman walking.” I whisper

“Don’t threaten her Alethea.” Ares whispers back, hoping to keep some civility of August’s introduction to her new role.

“It’s not a threat, it’s a promise.” I stare straight into his eyes, he knows that I’m not joking around with this threat, I will end her if she ever steps foot on the same soil I’m on.

Ares’ hand wraps around my upper arm, gently though. Our eyes don’t ever break apart, and I can tell he’s silently apologizing for her actions, my hand reaches up to his and the moment our skin touches I see everything.

My eyes roll into the back of my head, his memories assault me, how his life has been easy up until the last few years. Ares’ parents adored him, like he was the sun and they cherished him like any parents should, it looks like he has a younger brother by maybe a year, they’re like twins.

And then his memories show me, how he feels about me especially, I wasn’t sure that he was capable of loving somebody but in this particular memory, I knew that he loved me. What confuses me is that this particular memory is when we were back on Oneida land, I’m sitting outside the house Ryker built for us, on the front porch with my lemonade and a Colleen Hoover book, I can tell I’m invested in this book because my eyebrows tend to raise at my surprise that this book held.

Yet the moment Ryker steps out that door the book is the last thing on my mind, his lips are gentle at first but within moments it is heated, the book is tossed to the side as he carries me inside the house. I remember we couldn’t even make it into the bedroom, we made love right there on the living room floor, but in this memory I wasn’t making love to Ryker anymore, it was Ares.

I was seeing Ares’ wants, not his memories. I could feel his soft lips suckling on my skin and it was erotic, the noises coming out of my mouth weren’t my own and I knew he was enjoying everything that was escaping my throat.

Ripping my hand from his skin, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. Our eyes meet and the moment he sees the redness his eyebrows scrunch and a wicked smile, a knowing smile, He’s enjoying how much that vision affected me.

My heart ached when I thought of how my body betrayed me, especially with me carrying Rykers child. I would never imagine being with anybody else in an intimate way like that.

“You’ll see me in your dreams Alethea.” he whispers kissing my cheek.

Ryker grabs my waist and we finally get to leave this hell hole, whenever we visit this place, nothing goes right here. Theirs a darkness in this home that I never want to experience ever again and I pray to whoever is in charge up above that Ares won’t come back.

The car ride is eerie and I begin to wonder if Ryker knows more than he’s letting on, he’s always been able to sense when something is off with me and this was no different.

“What did you see that made you react the way you did? That smirk on his face must have meant that you saw something that bothered you.” his face is hard, like he’s already preparing himself for whatever is about to hurt him.

“I haven’t had any visions in years Ryker and now all of a sudden they’re back but when we touch I don’t have any visions.” I say back trying to ease his anxiety

“That doesn’t answer my question Alethea. What did his memories show you?” he asks once again with a stoic expression on his beautifully chiseled face.

“At first the memories were just like every other one, but at one point it was of me sitting on the front porch reading a book, you know that night we had sex on the living room floor? You came out and brought me back into the house but once we were back in the house, it wasn’t you that I was with intimately, it was him and it was like I could feel his skin on mine. I’ve never had a vision as personal and one that felt so real.” my voice quiets toward the end of my sentence, fear coursing through my veins.

“You had a vision of the two of you screwing?” his face remains passive but I can see his carotid jutting out from his skin.

“Ryker, it’s not like I wanted to see that image. You know I could never love another the way I love you, I’ve dedicated my life to you and I will never change my mind when it comes to choosing you over every male in the universe, aside from my son, he will come first once he’s born.”

“Every time we go to this fucking place something happens, I know you didn’t want to see that but it’s just hard for me, it makes me feel so inadequate compared to him, it’s just like the Grayson situation all over again. I know you wouldn’t leave me for either of them but it still just sits in the back of my mind that you’ll realize how much better they are.” his eyebrows scrunch up and I know his heart is hurting, he will always believe that I’ll leave him, just like I left when Aspen died.

“I told August if I ever saw her again, I’d kill her. We wont be going back to that place for a very long time. I will spend the rest of my life proving to you that you are more than enough for me, you deserve more than me Ryker, every bone in your body holds goodness and you saved me from the darkness that I held within me. You are it for me and I wouldn’t want it any other way.” I nuzzle into the side of his neck trying to comfort him as much as I can while we pull into our driveway.

“Let’s live our best life Ryker.” I whisper kissing the soft flesh of his neck.

“Deal.” he whispers

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