Lethal Touch

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The Birth Of An Alpha

5 months later:

“Ryker.” I whisper sitting up holding my lower belly

He doesn’t stir and I have to repeat myself 3 more times before he wakes up. Everything in my lower belly is tightening and I cry out in the pain, this baby is ready to come and he isn’t about to spare me any pain.

“Ryker!” I start crying out, the noises coming out of my mouth are animalistic at this point.

If I wasn’t in as much pain as I am, I would have laughed so hard at his reaction. Ryker is up and out of bed within seconds grabbing all of our luggage needed for the hospital stay and literally throwing it into the backseat of his car, as I’m waddling doing my breathing exercises and he’s absolutely panicking.

“Ryker I cannot have this baby in the car! Please hurry up!” I yell squeezing his hand until it was white as a ghost.

Another contraction hits me like a train, if I wasn’t just finishing nursing school I could have sworn I just swallowed my stomach. The contraction moves from the front of my belly all the way into my lower back so every inch of my body is in agonizing pain, Ryker’s eyes are full of fear, he’s afraid I won’t make it through this and at this point I was a little worried as well.

Ryker’s afraid that he’s going to lose me and be left with nothing once more, in the end if I go and my son lives I knew everything would be okay.

Finally making it to the hospital, they get me in a wheelchair and rush me into one of the birthing suites. Instantly I’m hooked up to multiple machines that scream at the nurses that my oxygen levels are dropping drastically, my head spins as another contraction rips through my body.

“Get an IV started on her immediately, she’s not birthing well and needs fluids asap! Get oxygen on her now!” I can’t tell which doctor is ordering who, everything is blurring around me, my eyes seeing dark spots.

“Alpha, talk to her! Your voice will keep her awake, and keep her strong enough to push this boy out. Any minute she’s going to need to push, his head is already low enough.” A large hand envelopes mine and squeezes hard, pulling me out of my trance.

“Stay with me Alethea, please stay! I need you baby, so does our son. You’re almost there.” his lips meeting my temple. Nodding I feel another contraction building up and I let the nurses know that I need to push, they hoisted up my legs and I begin pushing.

Crying out I stop pushing to breath, they’ve turned on a diffuser that made the room smell beautiful, lavender and peppermint. The doctor steps between my legs and Ryker growls staring at the male doctor who’s fingers are moving toward my vaginal area.

The doctor stares into Rykers eyes and doesn’t back down, this is the doctors house and he’s the one in charge, not Ryker. If Ryker wants to see the birth of his first child he needs to tone down the Alpha in him.

“Ryker, he’s just doing his job!” I cry out as another contraction starts, my hand squeezing Rykers, trying to hold him back from attacking the doctor.

His lips meet my cheek and he’s focused on getting me through this, the contraction is hitting it’s peak and I can hear them all telling me to push, bringing my chin to my chest I push with all the strength I have left in me, which isn’t much.

I feel his head pushing against me, it’s the most painful thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life, I scream at the top of my lungs, he must be hitting my pelvic bone because this isn’t normal. This pain is enough to make me pass out but somehow I don’t.

“No he isn’t supposed to be sitting there, Damn he’s stuck, yeah we are going to have to turn him sunny side up.” the doctor says as he starts rotating my little boy, I lied when I said that him hitting the pelvic bone was the most painful thing, this was by far more painful than that, I cry and scream even louder than before. Ryker is trying to calm me down, rubbing the hair off of my sweat soaked forehead, kissing me, kissing my mark, anything to help soothe me but nothing is working.

“Okay Alethea, when this next contraction hits, I need you to push as hard as you can!” the nurse is also in my ear encouraging me quietly.

The next contraction hits within seconds of her finishing that sentence, I groan and bare down trying to push him out of me, I feel myself stretching open to accommodate his head and it stings like a mother.

“Alpha, come see your son be born.” the doctor ushers my husband down to my privates, if I wasn’t so exhausted I would have protested to this, I was afraid that he’d never look at me the same way again. But the look on his face wasn’t of disgust it was a prideful look, his eyes met mine and I could see the tears, he was proud of me.

“One more push Luna and your son will be here.” the nurse holds my hand as I push and feel my son leave me body, my nest is now empty and I’m only slightly saddened by this, now I would be able to hold my boy.

“Here Alpha, hold your male.”

“No let my wife hold her son, he wants skin to skin with her first. A son always needs his mother first.” he says cutting the cord as the doctor puts my son on my bare chest. The minute my hands meet his warm skin, I cry joyfully.

Ryker is next to my head staring at our little boy, who’s not so little. We stare in total silence at our male, his head is full of dark ebony hair and his skin is already the same color as his fathers, he’s a spitting image of Ryker but he has my lips and nose. I wonder who’s eyes he will have but most babies are born with blue eyes so we won’t really know what his true eye color is until he’s at least 6 months old.

His cries are music to my ears, it proves he’s alive and this isn’t all a dream, turning toward my husband I stare into his eyes that are full of hot fresh tears.

“You did so well Alethea.” he kisses my dry lips and I smile at him.

“Take your shirt off so you can hold our boy.” I whisper, Ryker rips his shirt off and pulls the rocking chair closer to the bed, the nurse grabs Xavier and puts him on Rykers warm chest. I cry when I see the bond already forming between the two of them, his lips meet our little boys head and I can see the vein in his forehead popping out, he’s trying so hard not to break down and sob over the birth of his male.

I’ve never felt so full in my entire life. This, this is what I’ve been waiting for. The moment I finally felt free, that I felt a sense of peace that radiated throughout my body, with Ryker he brought me peace but now with this addition to our family it feels like this is the very first day of our lives together, not when we got married, not when we first mated, none of that even compares to this peacefulness. I have never felt this whole before, and only Ryker and my son could give me this feeling.

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