Lethal Touch

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2 year later:

I close my eyes smiling brightly at the sound of my sons laughter mixed with my husbands, they’re playing together in the living room right now as I make sliders for our little get together tonight, all of our friends were coming over for the Saturday night UFC fight, even the wolves had get togethers for mindless human fights, it was our excuse to have them over for the night.

I giggle hearing Ryker make airplane noises and fly our son throughout the house, Xaviers laughter is contagious. A knock on the door has Ryker putting his son on the ground and letting our friends through the door, two little kids run through the door and basically tackle Xavier, they’re all so close in age and love each other like they’re siblings. The only people we are waiting for are Grayson and Brooke who are bringing Lily whose turning out to be a stunning little girl whose strong and showing that she may just be a warrior in our pack someday.

I hug all the kids kissing their cheeks and head toward Brian and Alexandra, hugs are dispersed and so are bottles of beer.

“Hows your little girl treating you?” Alexandra asks

“She’s very active, just like her brother, how’s your little girl doing?” I ask she’s not as far along as I am but her belly is already protruding quite a bit,

“She’s doing well, I’m just so thankful that after two boys I’m finally getting a girl, my entire house is run by penises and I can’t wait to have a child whose on my side.” she jokes but I can’t tell if she’s serious or not. Her sarcasm is dry like that though.

Nodding we watch our children play together roughly, every once in awhile we have to tell them to tone it down and Ryker even has to scold Xavier loudly for biting Nathan their second born son. A swat on the bottom has him crying and waddling toward me for comfort and I have to try my hardest not to pick him up and comfort him but if he’s going to be a successful Alpha he needs to learn to be disciplined and the sooner he can learn this the better he will be off in the beginning of his reign.

“Ryker is so good with the kids, he was born to do this.” she smiles at me and I can’t help but smile right back because she is right, he was born to be a father and to be honest so was Brian, they’re both so good with the kids.

“Is Brian excited about her?” I ask, I don’t know why I ask because I already know he’s excited for her arrival.

“Of course he is, we struggled for so long to conceive our first time around and now they just keep popping out of me, I’m ready to get fixed. I’m not ready to have a football team running through my living room.” I can’t stop the hyena laugh that escapes my lips and both Ryker and Brian stare at me because I’ve never made that sound before in my life.

“What’s so funny over here ladies?” Ryker grabs my hand and twirls me before planting a perfect kiss on my lips. I pull away gagging at the taste of beer, the babes isn’t picky when it comes to food but she hates the scent of beer, and can’t stand cucumbers. Everything else is fair game thankfully.

A knock on the door signals the arrival of Grayson, Brooke and Lily. I open the door and greet them with tight hugs, and a kiss on the top of Lily’s head, she runs over to play with the boys but they are all so flirtatious even at that young age, they look at her out of the corners of their eyes and blush as she plays with them.

“Grayson, you’re going to have your hands full with her, she’s going to have boys throwing rocks at her windows in a decade.” Brian says shaking his head as Nathan tugs at her red hair.

“I am going to have gray hair, but I already know she’s going to be able to take care of herself, thankfully Alethea is teaching the females how to fight properly.” he says kissing my cheek.

I stare at Brooke, somethings different about her, she’s glowing and I can already tell she’s pregnant. Things are changing in the werewolf community, wolves are able to get pregnant from others who they aren’t mated with.

“How far along are you?” I ask her and she blushes profusely, but I don’t think it’s anything to be embarrassed about.

“16 weeks.” she whispers and I look to Grayson whose smile is the biggest I’ve ever seen it.

“Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” I ask excitedly, we are all going to have children similar in age.

“It’s a boy.” she beams proudly and I can already tell Grayson is just as excited for a little boy as he was about his little girl.

God help us all if any of our children are mated to one another, I don’t know how Ryker will react when his daughter finds her mate but all I can think of now is the pure happiness that radiates throughout my home.

Congratulations are spread throughout the room and we all gather in the living room with our plates of food and chat with one another, the tv playing in the background but we don’t pay much attention to it.

Lots of laughter is how our night went, that’s how most of our days go now, the laughter has taken over our lives instead of the heart wrenching grief that used to consume us. Our happiness gets us through the days now instead of the revenge seeking behavior I once held, everything is the way it’s supposed to be now.

Tucking in our little boy we stare in awe at our little creation, wondering how on earth we got so lucky to be his parents. Warm lips meet my temple and pull me toward our bedroom, our exhaustion getting the best of us.

After cleaning up for bed, we both slide under the covers and my eyes fall closed but only for a moment before they open and find Rykers ebony eyes staring at me.

“Thank you.” he whispers kissing my mouth passionately.

“For what?” I whisper back as my thumb traces his jawline

“For giving my life a new meaning, when I first met you I already knew you were going to change my life, but when you gave me our children, you gave me another purpose. Loving you and our children is the only reason I wake up in the morning, without you I wouldn’t be where I am now, sitting in this bed with my smoking hot wife who’s carrying our second child. Thank you for bringing me back to life.” his hand pulls my head to his chest where he holds me until he’s totally asleep.

But I stay awake for awhile longer thinking, it was him who brought me back to life, after years of searching for even the slightest hint of happiness, he is where I found it. Ryker is the one who brought me back from the dead, not the other way around. Without him I’m positive I would be dead, either from my grief or from my anger. Without him I wouldn’t have my children and I wouldn’t have one of the greatest love experiences in my life. I knew Orion was looking down on me and so was Jasmine, they were happy that we finally got our happily ever after and I knew they weren’t jealous, they were happy for us. I had a feeling our daughter would look like Aspen so it’s only fitting that her middle name be in recognition of her aunt that was taken from us far too early.

We needed to find one another in order to save the fire that was dimming by the second from our pain, once we found each other, that fire inside of us finally found the air it needed to breathe again, and once it caught onto the oxygen, our fire flourished. Our love Flourished.

The end.

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