Lethal Touch

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The Death Of An Accomplice

2 Years Later:

My back rests against the pole where I had once been tied down. My hands feel the frozen ground beneath them, I wonder if the earth still holds evidence of the atrocity that occurred that night. If my husbands blood is still deep within its soil.

It’s been too long since I’ve allowed any emotion to appear in my body. The only emotion that was constant was pain. Deep throat cutting pain that started in my chest making its way to my lungs cutting off oxygen. My knees hit the soft grass, my forehead and hands touch the wet earth where the tears don’t stop for hours, I don’t make a sound as I grieve over them but my body shakes with agony.




My next target was nearly the last on my long list of victims. Knocking on the front door I snide at the Alpha who stands before me.

" You should really work on your security detail a little harder Alpha Jones. You made it much too easy for me to kill your security, I was only a little displeased that they hadn’t put up a better fight. You should know by now how much I love the game.” I smirk sinfully

" How about we head to your meeting room huh? Have a nice little chat? First I will have to gather your family as they will be joining us today.” My hands were surrounded by black leather, I did not want to see this mans memories just yet.

Just has he turned his eyes away from me to holler out to his family for them to escape I plunge a thick needle filled with tranquilizer deep into his jugular.



As soon as I gathered his relatively small family of 4 including him and his wife I was about to begin my ritual.

Dropping my backpack full of supplies, I tie each members hands and feet with silver chains, nobody gets to escape this punishment. As I finished I notice each family members eyes beginning to reopen from their comforting nap.

" Ah welcome back to the living.” I speak poison dripping from my tongue

" Please I will tell you everything you need to know about the whereabouts of Julian. Just don’t hurt my family. I beg you!” Jones cried

" Funny how I begged every one of you while I was on my knees to stop from killing my family, but not one of you intervened, you just stood there while my entire family was slaughtered in front of my eyes. It’s funny how the tables have turned isn’t it?” Venom dripping from every word spoken from my mouth.

" I didn’t want to do it I swear!” He screamed

" We will see about that.” I grimaced removing one of my gloves reaching towards his face. As soon as my skin touched his stubbly chin his memories flooded my body.

The moment he found his mate, the moment his luna had birthed their son, and their daughter, their glorious wedding day. All useless information to me, it took a matter of minutes for me to find the information I was looking for.

The picture replayed in my mind over and over again thousands of times as I focused on his chocolate eyes snapping my sisters neck. It continued to haunt my mind even after I stumbled away forcefully removing my hand from his thick chin.

" You are the one who killed my sister!” Roaring I couldn’t contain the anger that flowed through my veins.

" I will make you pay for what you did to her!”

Spinning to his only daughter I fist her mocha brown hair into my hand bringing her over toward him, releasing her hair I drag a silver knife down her porcelain skin drawing blood. This gets him struggling against his chains.

" I’m sorry you have to suffer at the hands of your fathers actions little bird, he should have killed me when he had the chance.” I spoke, my cool breath sending shivers down her neck.

I yank her arm towards me pulling it at an uncomfortable angle making her hiss out in pain.

" Tell me do you regret what you did?” I yell through gritted teeth

" Yes, Yes I do!” he breathes

Twisting her arm I snap it in multiple places, her scream echoes throughout the room.

" Lies.”

Pulling out the sword that rests in its sleeve across my back, I swing it decapitating her head. She will not suffer anymore because of her fathers actions, it is not her fault her father is a monster. Heading for the son I ram the sword through his thick sternum savoring the crunch it makes when it finally cracks through the cartilage.

Spinning to the Luna I begin dragging her towards him. I sit her up so she’s now eye level with her husband. Using my sword I slowly sever her arteries. Blood flows from her neck splashing him. His cries are music to my ears, I wonder if my cries sounded the same to him.

" Where is he?” I scream snapping his neck up so his eyes were level with me.

" He has disappeared, but I am sure you’ve already read that.” He sneered. I despise the look on his grim face, plunging my fist through his chest wall I rip his heart out tossing it to the floor in a silent victory.

" Worthless piece of shit.” I breathe

Wiping my bloodied gloves off on his crisp shirt, I carefully remove them tossing them in my backpack. I yank the soaked long-sleeved under armor shirt off tossing it to the ground where it begins to absorb more liquid.

I tug on my leather jacket and wrap the backpack around my shoulder navigating around the dead corpses that litter the room. Soon the pack will realize their alpha is dead. Before I leave I drag my fingers through the mixed blood, writing on the wall.

Moon Blessed.

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