Lethal Touch

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The First Meeting

Eliminating another name from my list, their only remains one and that is Julians. He has mysteriously disappeared from his pack pending my last kill.



Alpha Julians pack was north of where I was, Chicago, Illinois was a rough place to live let alone run a pack so it was no wonder the Alpha had trouble keeping his men under control. It was time for a new leader to rise for them anyways. Heading north I make my way into Wisconsin, an absolutely breathtaking place. With each change of the season a new look made its way in.

Spring brought regrowth, flowers began to bud, trees began to earn back their healthy tender leaves and grass began to sprout through the frozen earth again. Summer time brought endless heat and rain making everything lavishing green with sprinkles of color. Fall brought changes in leaves, Leaves turned vibrant yellows, oranges and blood reds. Winter was the last season where snow clung to the pine trees covering them in a white blanket, this is the current season. I find February an interesting month, the weather doesn’t know if it should be warm or negative 40 degrees, but I hate it because of Valentines day... A day to remind me I have nobody to love me.

Making my way to Julians territory I make camp outside, knowing they have a breach in their territory the stand in Alpha will make his way to my location demanding to know why I’ve come into his pack without consent. Setting up my tent I listen carefully for any noise to prove that somebody was here, Hearing twigs snap I know that they have finally arrived. A small smile makes its was to my face.

" It’s about time you show up.” I acknowledge facing the fire refusing to turn around and greet this wolf properly.

" What is it you want Widow.” I don’t see the man who speaks but cringe at the ridiculous nickname the wolf community has given me. I can tell he’s the alpha by the way his voice demands authority. They always do.

" I think you know exactly what I am here for Alpha.” My voice caresses the last word.

" You know damned well he isn’t here. Why come to this territory when he no longer resides in it?” His voice is dripping with venom. Sassy. I like it.

" I am here for his family.” I spit back just as pissed as he is.

" You will not touch my family!”

He steps forward revealing no skin to me. Smart man. A hood covers his face,His build is one that I cannot explain in justice. He stands at approximately 6′7, he probably weighs in the mid 200s. I can tell from the way his long sleeve shirt pulls at his skin that his torso is ripped along with his biceps. This male is nothing but solid muscle, he would be a challenge even for me. I haven’t had a challenge in years. I am willing to play along with his game.

" Ah Ryker isn’t it? I didn’t realize you had become of age to replace your father.” I played

" I have been of age for 4 years but did not take the position until recently. My bastard father made sure of that, he knew you were coming for him so he left putting me in charge. He thinks you will leave if you get to kill me and my people. He underestimates me, you will not hurt my pack.” He growls

" Do not threaten me, you’ve heard the stories but you have never seen my gifts in action. It is foolish to speak before you know the power I yield.” I say cockily sounding like some sort of wizard.

" You come to my land to kill do you really think I’m going to treat you like you’re royalty? ” a growl vibrates through his chest. He has a point I suppose.

I notice he hasn’t come alone, he has a small army here. I raise my eyebrows surprised, I wasn’t expecting such a warm welcome. Tugging my gloves off I feel the stiffening of the men that surround me. I let out a laugh tilting my head towards the cloudy sky like the psycho I’ve become.

" What? You want to test my powers Ryker? Do you want to see how powerful I really am? You brought so many men I can only assume you want to see what I can do?”

" I don’t want you to harm my men. I brought them here because I know how powerful you are. You will be accompanying me back to my pack where you will remain in our prison. You are going to help me find my father so I can destroy him.” his lips turned into a permanent scowl. Glaring at him I grimace, I do not like being bossed around, I don’t do well to authority and this mans wolf demands it. Holding my tongue I speak.

" So what do I get out of it? Your father is mine. I will kill for him. Remember this, you will have to kill me to get to him.” I grit

The last thing I want to do is stay in a pack where I know I don’t belong but I could see all the benefits to potentially residing here for a few months. This man grew up with his father so he knows exactly how Julian ticks, he has the upper hand on me and that makes me think we can benefit from working alongside each other.

" We will see what happens Widow.” He spits

" My name is Alethea quit calling me that bullshit nickname, Id rather have scissors shoved through my ears than hear you speak it one more time.” I snap stepping towards him challenging him in the smallest way. A tall male steps in front of me.

My eyes widen at the bravery of this wolf. Gradually my hands snake around his neck, his memories assault my brain. This wolf has had a rough life, I watch as his parents left him at a young age to be with his drunken uncle who beat him daily. His mate met him immediately rejecting him for the raised pink scar that begins at his left eyebrow gradually making its way across his nose down to his right ear. I love it, it makes him look stronger adding to his attractiveness. Lastly I see him burying his parents alone.

My eyes roll back to stare into Caribbean blue Iris’s I speak,

" I am sorry about your family Grayson, your mate was unwise to reject such a strong male.” Removing my hand from his handsome face. The look in his eyes is the look they all have. Surprise with a dash of embarrassment at the sudden intrusion of memories and his cheeks reddening.

" So it is true, you can see memories of those you touch?” I nod my head answering his question.

" I can do a lot of things with my bare hands, but I don’t want to hurt you.” I raise my hands up in surrender. I will never hurt another being unless they were there that night or they’re the family of the being who was there.

Ryker steps towards me tossing me my gloves.

" I want to see how you fight, but I will not let you see into my mind.” his finger taps the side of his right temple, as if I want to see into his head.

" I don’t wish to see into peoples minds, it’s trespassing. I use it to find the people who I need to kill, that and proving I actually have powers considering no one actually believes that a female exists with such insane abilities.” I mention while tugging on my gloves.

" It is still a gift that you use without others permission. Do not touch me with your skin. If I win you will come back and help me find my father. If you win I will set you free, but without answers as to where my father is.” Ryker growls

So bossy. So annoyingly bossy. Rolling my eyes I begin circling around his massive body, I observe as he slowly removes his sweatshirt. Fuck me. This man was a sight for sore eyes. His eyes are ebony, they’re the most mesmerizing color I’ve ever seen, so dark they look like a midnight sky without a star in the heavens.

Short black hair stood spiky at the top but smooth on the sides, his golden brown skin held no flaws on his front side but the tips of his shoulders were purple in color from a silver whip, I assume his back is scattered with those same scars. Both arms were covered in intricate black tattoos that laced around his shoulders onto the tops of his pecks almost hiding the sickly looking scars, but they were beautifully done. The scars even added to his beauty if that was even possible.. My heart skipped a beat. A crooked nose shapes his face perfectly, plump lips never once lifting from a frown, my heart continues skipping beats. Odd.

Raising two fingers in the air I challenge him to make the first move. I feel the first crack against my ribcage, my chest collapsing as the air was forced out of my lungs. Spinning I nail him with an elbow to his temple, I hear him hiss out in pain, his hand shoots out gripping my neck, his skin touching mine. The world around us ceased to exist, slowly enveloping us both into my memories. In order for me to see someones past I need to be the one to touch the others skin. But right now he’s touching mine. Nobody has touched my skin in over 2 years. I stiffen as my memories play through my mind.

The day my sister was born where I was holding her in my arms tears in my eyes at the little bundle of joy staring up at me, my 18th birthday party where I got drunk for the first time. The day Orion stood across the small creek staring at me smiling his perfect smile, how he ran across the water to get to me no matter how many times he slipped on the algae covered rocks. The image of Orions’ throat being slit, my baby sisters neck being snapped brought undeniable pain to my chest only to be replaced by fury.

Gripping his thick arm I rip it from my neck with a cry. I stumble back out of breath from the intrusion. My husbands death replaying over and over again in my mind. I let all my rage fly into my next hit, slamming into his stomach I take him down, his back hitting the dirt with a loud echo. I punch him left and right before he takes hold of my covered wrists flipping me onto my back, pushing my arms above my head he takes both wrists in one of his hands, while the other avoids direct skin contact while simultaneously exposing my neck.

“You’ll lose the fight every time if you fight with anger. Anger never wins.” he whispers into my ear.

" Fuck me.” I sigh relaxing into the dirt.

I just lost.

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