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What It Means to be Free

By AngelGeek All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Fantasy

Scene 1

When people tell you high school is worse than middle school, you better believe them. It’s doubly true if you start attending Mytho Private Academy. This either means you’re a demigod, a witch, a wizard, a werewolf, a dragon-shifter, a vampire, a halfling, a tamer… You get the idea. That’s great, you’re special and awesome in every way, but it’s not when you’re in a locked down school with satyr hall monitors and not to mention the harpies and the hellhounds guarding every inch of campus. Our parents sent us here to be protected from monsters and foes who would want us all dead, but it’s like a holding cell for special kids. Oh, did I mention our teachers are gods of Greek, Roman, Norse, and Egyptian mythology?

Allow me to introduce myself; I am Angela Kluesner. I’m a spell caster; not a witch, a spell caster, way different. I’m here with my twin brother, Alexander, he’s one too (spell casters come in pairs, you know). We’re, like, 2% of the population in Mytho Academy (the majority of them are demigods, go figure). Spell casters can do a lot of things that include, but are not limited to, making the inanimate animate, incantations that can summon the dead, and, my favorite, sounding like any animal or monster the user wants (I like scaring the crap out of the demigods during study halls and lunch).

As far as spell casters go in socializing, we’re not that great at it— maybe a get together with some people we know, but that’s about it. We’re pretty introverted so we tend to stay to ourselves and get out of the dorm rooms as much as possible. What we didn’t expect was a dorm lock down in the middle of the night. It had always been that girls were on one side of the dorm and the boys on the other, but it was one building (I’m guessing to save money or something) so we all kind of know each other, which is a lot better than not knowing people and being stuck in a dorm building, but talk about awkward.

Around 2 or 3 AM, don’t remember which, alarms went off in the hallways waking just about everyone in the building. Flashing red lights, loud obnoxious noise— our alarms are just as annoying as any normal mortal school. Now, alarms don’t usually go off unless it’s a life threatening situation, like, say, a hoard of monsters was to attack the school, but they never tell us what it is anyway, so we never know. It could have been a drill for all we knew, but that wasn’t the case, as it seemed, being that the building was in total lock down.

My roommates— also spell casters— and I sat on our beds, waiting for the alarms to stop— which it did— but the dorm building was still locked. At this point, we all knew it wasn’t a drill.

Guys and girls sat around in the common room in their PJs, either scared or annoyed, waiting for some kind of answer from the staff. That announcement never came for a few hours and we didn’t know when they would decide to tell us, if at all.

“Okay, this is literally freaking me out,” I said, sitting in the common room between the boy and girl sides. “I so wish that they would tell us what’s going on!”

“Maybe their intercom isn’t working?” One of my roommates, Natasha, suggested.

I knew she wasn’t that stupid, her sister, Violet, knew she wasn’t that stupid and she probably only said that to make the younger ones feel better, but the older kids knew what the staff really was thinking—they never tell us anything because it’s a “need to know” basis and we didn’t “need to know”. Jerks.

“Why is it that Zeus always keeps us in the dark, huh? Bloody—!” Liam began; but before he could continue, Yuudai, his “Friend”, covered his mouth.

“Let’s not use those words, shall we?” Yuudai said. He always had a problem with swearing and words that implied something bad.

“Ugh, fine. Whatever,” Liam said pushing Yuudai’s hand off his mouth. “Just don’t touch me!” His face turned pink.

“Yeah, no PDA,” Joseph, one of the tamer triplets, teased.

The triplets were the three smartest kids on campus. They looked alike—raven hair under silver, red eyes with dark rings around their pupils, and the same exact height, down to the very last centimeter—, but they acted differently. Joe was the guy who didn’t care about anything. He’s always angry and needs to take a chill pill, but if you can get on his good side then he’s eventually going to help if you ask, because, you know, he’s not a total butt face. Jay is the extremely introverted kid who only reads in the corner of class, spends his free time in the library, and doesn’t talk much, but if you can get him to talk, he’s pretty nice. Joseph is the sarcastic one who is more or less a dork who tries to get his brothers to socialize (Which I don’t think they like that much). He’s more of a tinkerer than anything else and he’s always willing to chat.

Now, as for the two “Friends” sitting next to each other, Yuudai and Liam, they are the not-so-secret love birds. Everyone knows they’re dating and that’s okay. No one’s judging, however, I don’t think the gods understood their relationship and put them and their twins together in the rare four-bunk case. It’s usually three to a room, but they were put together in a group of four, thus the name. Did I mention that their twins, Yuki and Michael, are also dating? They must have a lot of “fun”.

“Be careful, Jos,” Nicholas, Liam’s friend, warned with a smirk. “You might get zapped,” he pointed to his now sparking friend, and I mean his entire body was literally sparking.

Nicholas is a child of Hades, FYI. He’s got pitch black hair, blood red eyes, and extremely pale skin. Talk about child of the dead. As for Liam, he’s a child of Zeus. I forgot to mention that. Their friendship goes way back even before they came to Mytho Academy. It’s like they know each others every move.

“Quit it,” Chaos said firmly. “We don’t need you guys turning the dorms into a war zone again.”

That’s Chaos and, well, she’s a control freak. That’s not her real name, by the way, but no one knows what it really is. She’s a soul energy user. She’s got these special powers that have to deal with the soul or something. It was too complicated for me to understand in class.

“It’d be a lot more interesting than just sitting here to wait for an answer that will never come,” Jack said, slouching in the chair he sat in.

Jack is basically what mortals would call a “Class clown”. He doesn’t take anything seriously and he never does his homework. It’s a miracle that he’s even made it through last year. He’s basically the luckiest guy on campus, besides the fact that he can’t find a girlfriend. He calls himself the Jack of all trades, master of none. It’s kind of dumb, really.

“Don’t care, it’s not happening,” Zenral said with crossed arms standing up next to his boyfriend, Xenos, who sat on the ground.

Zenral and Xenos, the most unlikely to be lovers, but are anyway. Zen is a Dragon-shifter, a being who can turn their form into a dragon at will; Xenos is a werewolf, self explanatory. Their families hated each other until the two settled their differences in a… different way. Think of it this way: it’s Romeo and Juliet without the tragedy.

“We went through this yesterday,” Allyson said with her hand on her temples. “Remember when Amber had to jump in and stop the fight?”

Okay, two people here you need to know about—Allyson the tomboy, and Amber our gym teacher. Amber’s a guy by the way. He’s too old to be a student but he wasn’t exactly trusted outside the walls of the Academy, so they made him a gym teacher. It’s weird, but you’ll catch on in a little bit.

Now as for Allyson, she’s typical for a tomboy only with all bleached hair except for her bangs. She wears the guy’s uniform instead of the girl’s. She just refuses to wear the dress, plain and simple; however, she’s kind of like one of those magical girls you see in animes gifted with powers except she doesn’t really change into a sailor outfit, she just stays the same but her weapon is super cool. It’s just a staff if someone else holds it, but if she holds it, it can change into anything she wants. It’s too bad she can only use it in Gym class.

“Like they ever listen, Ally,” Nikki muttered, sitting in the corner.

Nikki’s weird, and that’s saying something from a girl who enjoys watching ghosts in the common room and occasionally talking to them once and a while. She’s like one of those rebellious characters you see in moves and stuff with crazy colors in their hair (hers is a hot pink) only she’s way more absurd. She talks to fire by the way.

“They listen sometimes,” Addyson said playing with her rings.

Addy’s a medium. She sometimes talks to the ghost in the common room with me. I really like her hair; it’s this cool looking undercut with light blue hair. She has this deck of Tarot cards that she uses to freak the demigods out. It usually just ends up with me imitating a monster later on, but it’s still funny.

“Like heck they do,” Maxine mumbled.

Maxine is kind of socially awkward. She a Trans witch, by the way. Mind you, we’re only in one corner of the common room. There are plenty more Demigods, witches, shape-shifters, werewolves and the like scattered around the room. We’re typically marked as the misfits. She’s mostly to herself, but says something—at least quietly.

“They better give us answers soon, or else I’m gonna bash through the barricades and get them myself,” Markus mumbled.

Markus the pink haired king of mumbling, he’s also known as the tiny pink ball of fiery rage. He’s shorter than the average tamer, but could kick my butt in any spar. He and his little brother, Evan, came to this school suddenly in the middle of a semester. No one knows for sure, but it had to be something extreme if they couldn’t wait until after the semester ended.

“I know this is a stressful thing that’s happening, but can we all just stay calm?” Daisuke asked quietly. “It’s not going to make this go any faster.”

Daisuke is the nicest Angel you’d ever meet. With his slick black hair and sky blue eyes along with his pretty tan wings and cute freckles, it’s like he came straight from heaven; however, from what I heard, he’s only half Angel and he came from a small island in the Angel Isles. You could never figure just by looking at him though, except if you looked real close to his skin where tiny cracks were forming slowly across his face.

“It has to be soon, right?” Alexander asked. “They can’t leave us in here without supplies.”

That’s my brother for you—looking for logic and reason to situations. I wanted to slap him; the gods don’t care about any of us. They seem to just like our parents too much to just let us get killed. At least that’s what I was thinking until the announcement began in the common room.

“Attention students,” The intercom began. It was most likely Hermes. “The threat has cleared; class will continue as scheduled.”

All the students groaned in disappointment.

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