What It Means to be Free

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Scene 2

Maybe it was too early for assumptions, but it seemed very clear that things were about to change; either they were going to change on it's own, or we were going to change it our selves.

Being stuck on an island away from normal life makes a kid search for anything interesting, and at the moment the current gossip of the school was that last lock down. I couldn't go anywhere on campus without someone talking about it. To be honest, I was talking about it too.

It's not like we have anything else to talk about.

As school continued on as usual, I went straight to my first class for the day: Charms, Incantations, and Curses. Fun.

I know what your thinking, Charms? Curses? Sounds like Hogwarts! Yeah, no. The school isn't a magical castle with school houses and magical stair cases that move on their own. The schedules might seem the same, but that's where things end in similarities.

The class was taught by Hecate, goddess of magic in Greek Mythology. The class room, as most class rooms in this school, had the resemblance of a Greek amphitheater, or you could look at it as a college class room. Either way, the student to teacher ratio wasn't that great.

Seating went by last name in alphabetical order, so Alexander and I were pretty close to the middle of the room in the K's, him before me. That gave us the perfect opportunity to mess with others and talk to each other telepathically.

That's another thing we Spell Casters can do. Between the two twins that are born together, they are telepathically linked so they can create stronger spells and such. It's how our kind works, but that also means we're stuck together. It can be our strength or our weakness. That being said, the farther we are from each other, the weaker the connection. If we go too far from each other, we could eventually die from either monsters killing us or just lack of strength. So we always stay together, even having the same schedule. Safer is better, that's what Alexander says.

Have you ever noticed that Hecate's voice cracks every so often? Alexander began to speak to me in my head.

Uh, no. Why? I talked back.

Me neither. This is the first time she's done it.

Are you saying she's hiding something?


Dork, she's too good with magic to let such a little thing give it away.

Well, what do you think her voice is cracking for?

I think you're just imagining it.

Alexander huffed at me. Then you listen to her voice!


I almost wished I hadn't agreed to that.

I started paying attention to Hecate's lecture on the many different illusion incantations and just as Alexander had said, her voice cracked when she said "illusion". Now, I don't usually pay much attention to class, since I already knew just about every incantation by reading the text book out of boredom, but I knew that there usually wasn't a high pitched squeal from Hecate. She's a Greek goddess, she's too proud for that.

I looked around the class room and I saw everyone else noticing it, too. Talk about embarrassing.

I almost felt bad.

Believe me now? Alexander asked in my head.

I would have sighed if we weren't in class.

Okay, you have a point; but it doesn't matter. She'd never tell us anything about the lock down this morning. I answered in his head.

The gods worked in weird ways. They say we're important but they never tell us why. They teach us how to survive, to use our powers, but we can never know what is to come. For the longest time we believed the gods weren't on our side, but when I heard the cracked voice of Hecate, I wasn't so sure.

Well, if we sneaked around...

No. I stated bluntly. And what happened to being safe, Alex?


You're doing this to impress a guy, aren't you.


That's a yes.


We will discuss this later, Alex, I explained in his head.

After class, Alexander and I headed to our next class: Monster Biology.

Monster Biology was always boring to me. It was just Serapis, an Egyptian god, explaining what monsters did and how to kill them for an hour. Of course I had to pay attention, so nothing really exciting happened during that class. We're just going to skip it.

Next was Ancient Greek History, taught by Athena of course.

The thing about her as a teacher, she tended to know what was going on within the children. Being a goddess of wisdom, she knew that the students were talking about the lock down. She usually knew what to say to stop rumors, but I already knew she had nothing for that intent. The moment I saw the blank chalk board, I knew that it was a discussion, not a lecture.

Despite everything, the class took their seats.

"Good morning, students," Athena began.

We replied with a "Good morning" of our own.

"This morning's lock down was unexpected, I understand that you all have your assumptions about it," She explained. "I'm reluctant to say that the only thing I can truly speak of is that it was not a drill, nor a prank."

"So it was real?!" A classmate asked in alarm.

"To put it simply, yes."

There were murmurs between classmates. Was she lying? Was it the truth? Why would she be telling us so easily? There was no way it was real, but would Athena have a reason to lie? Or is it exactly why she has to lie? To teach us a lesson?

She was telling us the truth. It had to be.

"As much as it would have been wise to tell you the whole truth, I cannot on orders from Zeus himself," Athena said, she folded her hand in front of her.

"Of course..." I heard Liam mumble in the seventh row.

"Liam, that is enough from your tongue, boy," Athena scolded.

I rose my hand.

What are you doing, sis?! Alexander screamed in my head.

I'm trying to get answers.

"Yes, Angela?" Athena addressed me.

I lowered my arm and said, "Athena, is something bad coming?"


"Or is it already here?"


"Will it try to kill us?"

"I think that's enough questions, Kluesner," Athena warned. "I cannot answer any, however the answers you seek will come soon enough." She paused. "You just have to wait."

The thing about me and my brother is that we're impatient. We need the answer as soon as we ask the question. We just can't play the waiting game.

"But Athena--!"

"Child, that is enough," Athena cut me off. "Class will be short today. However make sure that you've studied, Saturday is the section test." She looked around the room. "Class is dismissed."

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