What It Means to be Free

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Scene 3

Having Ancient Greek history cut short, our class had the go ahead to have a good hour for what we'd liked. This was the perfect time to talk with Alexander about his boy problem in the library.
So who's the boy? I asked in his head as I picked a book on incantations I had read before countless times.
You already read that one thirty times, Angel, Alexander said, avoiding my question.
Don't avoid the question Al, just tell me who it is.
We sat at an empty table by a book case with a "Read" poster on the side of it. Alexander leaned back in his chair while I sat at the edge of my seat with the old incantation book.
I don't have a crush on anyone.
Don't lie to me either Alex, just tell me.
I caught him glancing over to a table across the way. Michel was reading his own book of interest. Micheal, his twin, was probably somewhere in the bookshelves thumbing through books. I narrowed my eyes at Alexander.
It's Michel.
Yes it is, don't be an idiot brother.
I don't have a crush on Michel!
Then why are you so defensive.
Because I don't have a crush on him!
That's not what you said when I asked if you liked Markus.
Markus is an idiot, I don't date guys like him.
But you like guys like Michel.
Stop saying that!
Then why aren't you saying that
Michel is an idiot like you're saying about Markus?
I would get an answer from him whether he liked it or not.
...Fine, I might have a crush on Michel.
Okay, I do.
This would have been a lot easier if you'd just started with that, you know.
Shut up.
Okay, so story time. About a year ago, Alexander was closeted about his homosexuality. Now he's not. You see, his last boyfriend decided to be a bad person and outed him when they broke up. From what I remember, though, is that the guy he was dating was loving and caring for my brother. I didn't quite understand until I listened in on one of the guy's conversations with his friends one day and found out that they were planning on outing him all along. That's not okay, so me and our buddies decided to teach those boys and girls a lesson in Gym. They never messed with him again.
I suspected that Alexander was trying to avoid the subject because he didn't want to be humiliated again. Understandable. Of course he's no longer ashamed of being gay, but it's still traumatizing when it does happen.

Do you want me to talk to him?

Please don't.


I gave up seeing as Alexander really didn't want me to do anything. Of course, I knew he really liked him because of how he kept catching a glance at him every so often as I continued reading, but I still did nothing. It was kind of boring to be honest.

That was until Joe, Jay, and Joseph came rushing over to us, quietly as possible of course. The Librarian would have had their heads if they didn't.

"Guys, what's the matter? Is everything okay?" I asked quietly when they reached us.

"It's the gates to the outside," Jay said calmly.

"Why the hell are you so calm?" Joe muttered angrily.

"Because we really don't need to be alarmed," Jay muttered back with a glare aimed at Joe.

"Guys, please," Joseph said, his hands in the air like a barrier.

"What about the gates?" Alexander asked, now sitting up straight.

"They have extra security," Joseph said nervously. "There are more bars, more doors, more..."

"More Hellhounds and Harpies," Jay finished with a straight expression.

"It's not normal," Joe added.

"Well, yeah, we figured," I agreed.

"There are also signs of magical barriers above us," Jay explained. "They seem to be for..."

"...Something big."


"Past the danger level of a monster hoard or rogue god," Joe explained.

"It's more like...Like a world threatening event," Joseph said.

"Like Ragnarok or something?" I asked, curiously.

"Sort of," Jay said.

"That sure seems like something to be alarmed about to me!" Joe spat.

"Or it could just be an air strike," Jay explained further. "We can't know for sure yet."

"How many people have noticed?" I asked.

"Well, the majority of the school has noticed the gates, but I think only magic users who are familiar with barriers are noticing the barrier above," Joseph answered.

"So there's a lot more gossip?" I asked.

"Probably a lot more gossip," Joseph repeated.

"Definitely a lot more gossip," Jay said, crossing his arms.

"I want to go see it," I said, closing my book and getting up. Alexander followed my lead. "Let's go see these new security upgrades."

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