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Knight's Of Haven, The Ring of Pendragon

By Neb Storm All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Drama


King Arthur and Merlin mixed into one Hero who learns to wield the power of light and a the weapon Excalibur. Mike Havens collects kids from his school to be his Knights of the Round table and defeat the descendants of Morgana. With the Ring of Pendragon, saving his loved ones will be that much easier.

Chapter 1: Merlin's Memories

I continued to tap my pick against the golden ring edging in writing around the stone, then reached for my brush and started scraping it against the gold cleaning it off. It was going to be a masterpiece, It required many materials to make, but truth be told, it will be worth it when the king receives it. To wield such power over light that will send darkness back to the holes from wince they came. But that is a side power, something to unlock later in his future, the power to strengthen the bond of the king and his knights, to grant him strength he never knew he had, that is the true power of the ring. It wasn’t flashy enough though, Arthur was going to receive his father’s sword if I don’t do something about it quick.

He needs a weapon, if battles could be won by strong bonds alone there wouldn’t be causalities and I know all about great losses. I turned to the stream and handed the ring to some sort of angel that emerged from it. As she smiled lights shined off of her that was too bright for my old sore eyes. She had placed her own manna within the ring giving it the true power it needs. To cast a sword from the objects around you. Sure, it’s not poofing a weapon out of thin air, but this feature is needed, especially with all the magic beings that it can conjure swords from. The true power is, well I mentioned true power so many times you must be confused now… I lost my train of thought, a weapon is handy and everything, but true power comes from within the soul, it is the light that guides you, the strength that gets you through the day. This ring is meant to teach Arthur what true bravery is, not arrogance and pride, not rage or hate, but granting yourself with wisdom from your experience and moving forward from there. What is that power though? What does it do for you?

Let me tell you the nature of magic power.”

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