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Mark of the Sorcerer: Legacy

By Mason Garcia All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Beginning of the Autumn season, 250 A.D.D., seventeen years after the final conflict of the Demon War. Long after the battle of the frozen lake and the fall of the flying city, human and demonkind lived side by side in relative peace. But not all were willing to accept the change, even after so long. Some could not bring themselves to live with beasts, others refused to let go of the past, but most were angered by their lower income. When the business of slaying demons was outlawed by the Human-Demon Peace Treaty, a great many sorcerers found themselves unemployed. And with no other skills to make a living off of, the same sorcerers were driven into poverty.

While The Magical Council was able to create a kind of harmony between the races, there was always tension just beneath the surface. But this was not a dark world where every day was filled with violence anymore. Killing was no longer acceptable and death no longer the norm.

As the years passed, the prejudice and hatred of the previous generations was slowly being replaced with the patience and understanding of the new. With the absence of a common enemy, the races, now working together, pioneered in the technological field. In just under two decades, the brightest engineers catapulted the world forward by centuries.

In the wake of this Industrial Revolution, it was decided that future generations should be educated properly about the ways of the world. And so the six Magical Academies were founded, one in the city of each guild headquarters. To promote the mingling of species, there were no restrictions and no fees placed on applicants to the schools. If they were between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, and were interested in a future in magic, they would be accepted regardless of race.

This is the new world created after the greatest war in history, and for most, it is an enjoyable way of life. But even the brightest flame has the chance of being snuffed out. Evil has many faces, and the darkness will always try to overtake the light.

Now, a new group of heroes must take up the fight, and stand between the forces of good and evil. The next generation must face the mistakes of their predecessors. They are the hope of the future, and its salvation or destruction lies with their every success and every failure. And it began, as it always has, with the simple desire for change.

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