An Angel In The Devil's Grasp

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Chapter 10


Why are rude awakenings called rude? Especially when rudeness is the last thing it would be called. The awakening I had this morning felt like hell on Earth. It started with me being shoved off the mouldy uncomfortable bed onto the cold dusty floor. It made my aching body feel like it was breaking like glass. The floor I lay on, also had a horrifying liquid on it that was almost dried up, It was horrifying because it was a mixture of my own blood and, sperm from the demon that raped me...

“Already a filthy siren whore for me aren’t you?” I heard the voice of Vincent, that was erratic sounding. I whimpered and lifted my head to see his body was like a corpse, smelt vile and had black eyes. He stood over me holding the sides of my face so I had no choice but to be still as dark thick blood with maggots wriggling around in it. I screamed out in absolute terror praying for someone to get this monster away from me.

“SERENA!” I heard my sister called from outside the door as the blood-stained my face, next and chest spreading more and more over my dark skin. The door was then pushed open revealing my sister in a dressing gown.

“Hello, sister-in-law!” Vincent grinned, his teeth like that of a shark’s.

“D-Don’t,” I stuttered turning his face with a shaking hand so he was looking at me again. He had already hurt Willa, but she was extremely protective and would go up against the hounds of hell to protect us. But now it was time that I protected her for once.

“Away,” I then heard my sister say with a low but steady voice. We looked to see she was making the symbol of the cross with her index fingers. Vincent snarled at her dropping me to the floor making me yelp. If it was a human making that symbol I expect he would slaughter them, but the fact she was an angel meant it was much stronger. “AWAY!” She screamed.

“Willa don’t!” I warned her as he stalked over to her.

“You will not harm her any more, you will let her heal and be with those who love her,” She ordered firmly. He hissing caused some of the disgusting blood to land on her hands, but Willa bravely fought back by speaking a prayer of protection that made him cower back to my side. He went from a vicious beast to a caged animal that was afraid. Even though he had hurt me and my sister, I couldn’t help but feel slightly sorry for him. My nature I suppose.

“Listen to her, listen to her please,” I begged softly rubbing his shoulder. He looked up at me, growling and heavy-breathed, but eventually, his eyes went back to their normal deep rich brown. I sighed heavily then my sister strode over and helped me up.

“You won’t always have your God to help you,” Vincent hissed then in a puff of black smoke he vanished. The room around us was transformed into a much friendlier room. There were cream walls, a beige fluffy carpet, a white and cream four-post bed with matching white furniture. There was also a fireplace, a large mirror on the ceiling and golden chandelier too. My sister and I finally looked at each other, both burst into tears and pulled each other into a much-needed hug.

“Serena, I’m sorry that you’ve ended up in the same situation I’m in...” She sobbed pulled away from me slowly looking down at the floor. “He made me tell him where we live...” She added, her strong and brave persona she put on before crumbling.

“Who’s he?” I asked.

“I think your sister means Vincent, lass,” a voice said from behind that made me look behind my sister and her swing around to see the man that took me from my own room!

“I’m Antonio, and I know we don’t like each other but I’m your future brother-in-law,” he stated.

“WHAT?!” How could she be with that monster?!

“Believe me, he’s evil but he’s not hurt me as much as...” She trailed off, tears filling her amber-brown eyes. I glared at Antonio, but couldn’t stand my sister being upset or having what came across as flashbacks to the horrors she went through. I wasn’t the only one though because before I had even a second to think about what to say to comfort her, Antonio was at her side with his hands on her shoulders holding her to face him.

“I won’t do what he did, and you know how to make sure I don’t lass,” He reminded.

“I’m less likely to do that since you kidnapped my sister,” She replied, her voice quiet and subdued.

“Her being here for him will calm him down a wee bit, make him less likely to lash out,” He added.

“I am not a toy,” I said standing protectively between him and my sister.

“Aye, you’re much more to him, but he can do whatever he pleases with you except kill you,” He smirked like it was a silver lining. “We both will be watching you if, now do whatever it is you girlies want to do, have tea and cakes, braid each others hair, do whatever,” He added wafting his hands then walked out of the room. I saw my sister smile slightly finding his gesture funny. Was she going mad?! We needed to escape them not laugh at them! I needed to remind her of that.

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