An Angel In The Devil's Grasp

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Chapter 11


It had been two whole months since Willa, and Serena had been kidnapped. Isabella was traumatized by being the one to see Serena be taken by what she could only call, a demon. Dorothea had to talk to the police a few times about Serena’s kidnap and she said I should go somewhere happy, a place where I could distract myself from having worrying thoughts of my sisters. I knew the place. It was not the most heavenly of places, more a place for those horrible monsters than me, but it may do me some good as it is the last place they’d expect me to be. The local graveyard where our Aunt Edith was buried. She was the twin sister of sister Butterworth and she loved us dearly. She died of a heart attack two years ago. We had all mourned her death but knew but if we even needed a place to think, she would be there.

After getting dressed into a cream, knee-length vintage dress with black knee-length boots and a grey cardigan. I walked from my house to the graveyard which was just next to the chapel, so not too far away but still a good walk. I enjoyed walking, I would often daydream as I walked while I held the pretty white flowers I had bought to put on her grave. The graveyard stretched out over a hilly area with a winding path that split off into a few ways with many different gravestones and a few leafy trees. Aunt Edith’s grave was in a more secluded part of the graveyard but right next to a path. Her gravestone was polished with gold lettering saying Aunt Edith’s full name, the day she was born and the day she died along with a sweet message. ‘We will always love you and miss you, Aunt Edith, you were one of the greatest women God ever created’. I smiled to myself when I read the message. I placed the flowers on the grass in front of the grave.

“Aunt Edith, it’s Violetta. Things have gotten really bad. Willa and Serena have been taken by, monsters, horrible evil monsters,” I began remembering the one we saw take Willa from the church. “The police are involved, the pack is constantly on guard, your sister got hurt, Isabella and Dorothea are stressed out and we don’t even know why they and worried but they still let me come here!” I added cheerily. I kneeled in front of the grave putting my hands in my lap. “I haven’t told anyone this, except for when I spoke to myself about it, but I’m really confused! Should I try and find Willa and Serena? or should I find out more about the demons? Or should I try and convince my sisters that we should go into hiding and pray for help?” I held my head in my hands sobbing a little. “Please, help me, auntie,” I begged sitting there while the tears fell down my pale face. I probably looked sickly right now, like I had just rose from the grave myself.

“Emotional?” I turned to my side to see a short tanned bald man wearing a dark hoodie with a black rose in his hand. I wiped the tears forming in my eyes nodding.

“Oh, yeah, emotional” I replied. The boy awed at me before handing me a tissue from his pocket. I thanked him and wiped my eyes. I looked back down at the grave and the boy did as well.

“Your aunt?” He asked and I nodded. I told him she died two years ago and he nodded again.

“Aww, it’s a shame that she’s not alive today to try and protect you,” he stated with fake sympathy.

“What do you mean...” I began but I gasped when I saw his eyes. They were as black as all hell. I then realised what he was. Before I could say anything else, he grabbed my arm roughly.

“Walk to the entrance and there won’t be any trouble,” he whispered in my ear and I nodded. We walked to the entrance quickly without getting looks from the few people in the graveyard. I was panic-stricken but I knew I had to do what he said. That was until we got to closer to the exit. The second we got out I pretended to stumble making him scoff, I then touched the ground and quickly summoned as many insects as I could that were around. Worms, spiders, anything that was troubled by this demon and his wicked presence. As they started swarming him I ran away as fast as my shaking legs would carry me. I ran past many trees and weaved around graves until I felt like my lungs were begging me to stop and catch my breath. I was in a secluded part that had a lot of mausoleums placed in a semi-circle. It was darker and felt cold but it was away from that demon.

“You’ve got some legs on you I’ll give you that,” A voice suddenly spoke making me jump and spin around seeing the demon sitting on one of the mausoleums like it was a couch. I backed up from him but he dropped down going into a roll then stood up getting a knife out of a pocket. “Don’t make this any more difficult, if I cut you it’ll be a waste,” He threatened, his eyes still black. Before I could react he was in front of me and grasped hold of my arm, spun me around and threw me over his shoulder. I did protest a little but I didn’t hit him. It would have been foolish. I thought he was going to run with me over his shoulder but he liked to climb. He jumped into a tree and scaled up to higher. I heard him growl like an animal when he jumped into the next tree. Tree after tree he jumped until we were far away from the graveyard at the edge of the forest.

“You’d better get used to this place, it is going to be your new home,” he stated and I heard the grin in his voice. I shut my eyes tightly. I didn’t what to see what was in the forest. I already felt the dark energy clouding it.

After about ten minutes of running through the evil woods, we approached a dark mansion. He stood with me over his shoulder and he hit his fist on the door three times. The door opened letting him stroll inside then it closed behind him closed with a thud. He dropped me like I was a discarded bag making it hurt as the floor was solid marble. Rude, but it was a breath-taking room. he put me down.

“Violetta!” I heard the voice of my sister Willa as I struggled to my feet. She rushed down the stairs in a dress that looked more like one for a fancy high-class party and I had never seen in her something like that. She pulled me into a hug the second she got close to me and it was a huge relief to see she was alive.

“I’ve missed you so much!” She stated and I nodded in agreement.

“I’ve missed you too, thank God you’re okay,” I grinned hugging her again. She nodded then turned to the one that kidnapped me.

“Marcel, you are going to hurt her. She is fragile and Blaise said he wants her first and he will almost destroy her so she doesn’t need you harming her too,” she said defensively. I frowned at my sister and then at the man who was known as Marcel who kidnapped me.

“Who’s...?” I began but I stopped when I heard a scream followed by the doors to a room on the other side of the hallway revealing a scary-looking black man in a tattered suit, black eyes and blood dripping from his mouth. I started to tremble and backed away when he growled and strode over to me like. He grasped hold of my shoulders so tightly I thought he would break my bones! I cried out begging for him to stop as he leaned into me.

“Hello, sugar pie,” He grinned then planted a long kiss on my cheek.

“Vi...Violetta” I stuttered in reply and I felt my cheeks heat up. Sadly I had never been kissed before, and now I had been by a monster. He hugged me again tightly and then kissed my check.

“You look so lovely in that dress” he stated taking my hands in his and looking at my dress.

“I bet you would look nice in the other things I got for you doll, and nothing on at all, and tied up,” He chuckled dirtily. I started to tremble again, but before I could say or do anything he grabbed my shoulders again and pushed me towards the stairs controlling me.

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