An Angel In The Devil's Grasp

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Chapter 12


Blaise had been showing me clothes for fifteen minutes. And they were all things Sister Butterworth would say if I wore them God would be furious. They were revealing, expensive, bold-coloured and I know I would feel extremely uncomfortable wearing it. He got me ball dresses, cocktail dresses, gowns, knee-length dresses, runway dresses, even red carpet dresses; as well as hundreds of heels and a whole white dresser full of makeup. There was also a lot, and I mean a lot of lingerie. I knew what he wanted that for and that terrified me. I was currently nervously sitting on a small but comfy stool while he searched for something. He had an awful lot of things to look through. The room had three long silver cloth rails on both walls and the dresser was right at the back of the room with a hanging light directly in the middle of the room with a cream flower-shaped shade. There were two sets of draws that were made of light pine wood with painted flowers on the top. One of the draws was lower than the other and had a mirror on top of it and a comfy chair in front of it meaning that set served as a dressing table too.

“I think you should wear this when we go for a walk tomorrow,” he said finally getting out what he wanted me to wear. It was white lacy lingerie that was see-through and had white stockings with white heels.

“Really? Where’s the rest of it?” I asked laughing nervously.

“Oh shit! Nearly forgot!” He exclaimed then knelt in front of a set of draws to get out a small black box. It was a plain black box, no label, not even a shine to it. He opened it to reveal what looked like a studded black pet colour.

“It’s a surprise, and you will wear it all the time,” he told me while putting it around my neck before I could even speak. “Eventually I will get you a little tag with your name on,” He grinned clipping it in place. His hands lingered on my shoulders making them get goosebumps. He then dragged his cold fingers slowly up the sides of my neck, one hand then snaking around the front of it skimming my skin just under the collar. He then gripped my neck making me gasp. “You’d like that, right?” He hissed yanking me back so he could stroke the back of his other hand down my neck, chest, stomach then to my crotch that he gripped over my clothes which made me whimper. “RIGHT?!” He shouted and I felt from his hand a shock of electricity making me scream in pain ‘yes’ getting him to stop and sickly smile. “Good, now get changed and I’ll get you a warm coat so we can go for a walk,” He told me smacking my backside making me squeal in surprise at the new was a tingling one!

“Where can I change? Is there a screen?” I asked him while he took a seat in the dressing table chair.

“Right here baby,” He said gesturing with a hand to the walk-in wardrobe like it was obvious. Dummy! He wants to see you naked!

“Umm...” You need to obey until you can find a way out, that is what the others will be doing, I told myself then nervously began to change from my modest and smart clothes into the stuff that made me look like a stripper. I crossed my arms over my chest timidly looking at the wooden floor while he looked at every inch of my body he could.

“Damn, I could eat you up now. But I want to savour you,” He chuckled getting up to grab me by the waist. “I won’t let you freeze when we go outside though, you won’t be any good to me cold,” He grinned then got out a warm brown fur coat.

“Fur?” I questioned, I’d always been uncomfortable wearing fur.

“Hellhound! It’ll keep you nice and warm,” He told me handing me the jacket as he got on his suit jacket. I groaned quietly to myself then reluctantly slid my arms into the sleeves and pulled it on. It felt scratchy on my body and made me feel too warm. I knew I shouldn’t object though and just wear it.

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