An Angel In The Devil's Grasp

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Chapter 13


A few hours had passed since Violetta had got here. She was treated the strangest, but not as cruelly as myself. At least that was what Willa had told me the brief one time she was allowed to see me. I dread to think of how paranoid Isabella and Dorothea must be right now. There was no way the police would find us, but hopefully, the pack would somehow. It was nice to see another one of my sisters; we rarely spend time away from each other. Hopefully, Violetta will still be treated well here. Although, Blaise was still far from being nice.

It wasn’t nice to see him snap the neck of an innocent little bunny outside near on the front law last night! But he hasn’t locked Violetta in her room, unlike Vincent with me. He hadn’t even let me get dressed and go outside. He brings me meals and doesn’t leave until I’ve eaten. He stays in my room when I use the bathroom. There are no windows in there so I can’t escape. I have tried to escape, but it got me in even more trouble. On the night after I was brought here, I managed to get the large bay windows open and I flew out into the forest, but sadly my ‘mate’ was the fastest of these demonic vampires and he caught up to me. His voice was deep as he called me his ‘naughty little angel’ and he dragged me back to the house and tied me to my bedpost with some rope. He then did some horrific things to my body before Santiago demanded he leave me be or I’d be dead. It took me days to be able to walk again. In that time I had seen Violetta once but I wasn’t allowed or able to go to her. She was outside my door talking with Vincent and Blaise. I think she wanted to see me as well because she used her powers to summon a power stag to force open the doors but Vincent put a curse on my room so that no good magic could reach me or enter the room since I tried to fly away. The look on Violetta’s face made me want to die.

Right now I was in my room waiting for Vincent to bring me some food. I guessed it was dinner time when I started to get hungry. Two knocks were sounded on my door and I looked up from my bed to the door to see my sisters running in like little children with a large bag in Violetta’s hand and an expensive-looking hairbrush in Willa’s. I furrowed my eyebrow at them before I got up.

“What are you...” I began but was stopped when Violetta through her arms around me. She spoke my name in relief and I hugged her back.

“I’m so happy you’re alive,” she said pulling away with that warm smile of hers.

“I’m sorry this has happened to you,” I replied trying to smile back.

“We’ve got news for you,” Willa said to me with a grin.

“What news?” I asked.

“We’re all having dinner tonight downstairs! Some normality, and maybe a chance to look around here more and work out a plan to get out,” Willa told me going quieter as she spoke. I could hardly I was going to have freedom from this room!

“That’s the best news I’ve heard since getting here!” I exclaimed dancing around with joy with Violetta.

“Okay...okay!” Willa began calming us down. She dipped her hand into the bag and continued. “There is just one bad thing about it, they want us to wear these,” she said a little regretfully as she took out three dangerously short cocktail dress that was strapless and had black fancy black lace around the front. My eyes grew wide at it and I shook my head as she handed it to Violetta and took out a pair of black lace high heels.

“I’m not wearing that!” I said in protest pointing at the disgusting clothing. Yes, Vincent had made me wear revealing things, and nothing at all, but I would be seen by more than him. Willa sighed and Violetta looked at me in disappointment.

“We have to, just this once,” Willa begged.

“It’s bad enough that he’s seen me in worse than this, but to be seen by others. I couldn’t handle it!” I exclaimed.

“It was his idea,” she told me dishearted and I felt my breath get stuck in my throat. Brilliant. Now if I didn’t dress like this as that heathen wanted I would be harmed. It may be the only chance me and my sisters get to do something other than be treated like prisoners, and get enough time with each other to figure out a plan of some kind.

“You don’t have to wear a colour like an actual lap dog,” Violetta shrugged pointing to the collar around her neck.

“Fine,” I muttered glumly.

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