An Angel In The Devil's Grasp

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Chapter 14


I spent about 5 minutes starting at this barely-there dress. I didn’t even know how to begin to put it on! It looked like one of those dresses that when you got it on was extremely sexy and would look amazing on a model, but she had to have had someone help her put it on. I had no one to help me and just looked at it puzzled until I felt a wicked presence in the room I did not like one bit.

“Why aren’t you ready yet?” A dark voice whispered in my ear. I jumped forward away from him, dropping the dress.

“Vincent,” I huffed. “You scared me,” I said nervously shuffling away from her.

“Who did you think it was?” He asked sarcastically, picking up the dress. “Now, why aren’t you ready?” He asked me again holding the dress by its lace. I looked at him with my eyebrows raised and my lips pursed in annoyance then folded my arms.

“I’m not putting that dress on for dinner,” I said angrily. Vincent sighed shrugging his shoulders.

“Then I’ll put it on you” he replied. My eyes grew wide.

“What...” I began but I felt a gush of wind and my nightgown had disappeared leaving me in white undergarments.

“Hey!” I protested. For a few second Vincent stood in front of me smirking with the black dress in one hand and my nightgown in the other. Another gust of wind and I felt coldness hit the skin on my chest. I looked down and my once white bra was now a strapless black lace. My jaw fell open and I blushed.

“Wow...” I heard Vincent mutter under his breath when he appeared in front of me again. I felt the gust of wind again and I looked down and saw that my white panties had changed to some black things that didn’t cover me well. Vincent appeared in front of me again with a wicked smirk on his face. “You know, if we didn’t have to go to dinner and Santiago wouldn’t be such a prude, I’d throw you on the bed and make love to you all night,” he said darkly and my breath increased again.

“Please don’t” I begged backing away from him. Vincent chuckled before speaking again.

“You mean please do, don’t deny it, sweetheart,” he replied. That’s what frighten me. I’ve never done anything like that with a man before and I never thought about it. But a small part of me then wondered what it would be like but I pushed those thoughts away. Don’t be dirty Serena, I thought. Especially know with this brute.

“No, never,” Vincent smirked at me.

“So innocent, I bet you are one of the biggest freaks in secret,” he chuckled then there was another gust of wind and the black laced dress was now on me. It just covered my bum and the top barely covered and supported my chest. I gasped and instinctively pulled it up to cover me more. “You can keep your hair down, but wear the heels,” he said and using vampire speed he ran to my bed, dropped my nightgown in the soft sheets then sped off downstairs.


We were having a whole roasted turkey with baked potatoes, several roasted vegetables and most importantly, APPLE SAUCE! I loved having apple sauce with every roast. We had it at Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Easter, and any roast dinner! But, how they learned about me liking that I didn’t know. Willa and I were in the living room waiting for the food to be served. I was wearing a light pink dress that went to the ground with a long golden necklace that was shaped like a violet. My hair was tied back and slightly curled down my back. I also wore the large heels that Blaise got for me. He forced them on my feet saying I could practice looking great in them. I felt tears well up in my eyes at how much it home.

“What is it?” Willa asked with concern on her face. She looked wonderful as well. She wore a long Green Party dress that had ivy leaves from the shoulder to the bottom of the skirt. Her hair was tied up and in a neat bun with ivy leaf clips holding it still. She had diamond earrings and a matching necklace. They weren’t ivy leaf themed but she had a silver bracelet that had ivy leaf charms on it. It soon just looked like a blurry mess because of the tears in my eyes.

“Nothing just my feed hurt,” I said sniffing and she frowned. “Don’t worry though, I can still walk,” I reassured her not wanting her to get in trouble with Blaise. She soon picked up on I meant when I lifted one of my feet and turned it around in a circle.

“You can burn them when we get out of here,” She whispered in my ear while she rubbed my knee. My eyes widened at her encouraging me to do that. Remembering what life was like before we were kidnapped was nice. But it also gave us pain in our hearts. We missed our sisters and our good friends. They did everything for us. Part of me was still scared about being kidnapped but part of me felt this was fate. Destiny. Like it was meant to happen, and that we were trapped in it.

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