An Angel In The Devil's Grasp

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Chapter 15


I shook my head tutting to myself annoyed that I couldn’t do anything to stop it because that brute that was treating her like a pet instead of a person had forced her to wear those dangerously high heels. She didn’t seem too afraid of him, but maybe she was too scared to tell even me.

I wondered what goes through her mind sometimes. Blaise was acting much more cheery and friendly, even for a demonic vampire. That did not of course excuse what he and those other monsters had done. Hopefully, we could escape somehow before he did something traumatising to her.

“Violetta?” I asked and she turned her head to me. She hummed in response and I continued. “Are you afraid that Blaise may do something, really bad to you soon?” I questioned with a quiet voice. She looked down in thought for a second before replying to me.

“Yes and no,” she said plainly and I frowned then asked why.

“He has done something that normal couples do, bought me nice things complimented me, but I feel so helpless and on edge around him. It isn’t just down the fact they are holding us hear against our will, I have a feeling that he will harm me for whatever reason. Who knows what they can all do,” She told me sputtering and sheepishly rubbing her upper arms.

“I am worried and scared of that too, but we have to remember to stay strong and keep our faith not just in God but in those who love and care for us,” I told giving her a tight hug.

“Yes, I hope that you don’t go through what Serena went through, I don’t know how she’s managing,” Violetta sobbed. I sighed knowing that she was barely managing. She was crying herself to sleep every night and had become a shell of the confident girl she once was. That monster was revelling in it too. Curse him! “At least Antonio is trying to get you to like him by being nice,” She told me with a smile. It was true, but that could be him trying to lure me into a false sense of security.

“Some people use kindness to trick people, and it doesn’t matter how nice he is being to me,” I reminded her and she nodded firmly agreeing. I would try to get him to influence his vile brothers into being kinder to her and Serena, but I knew that would be both dangerous and near impossible.

“Grubs ready ladies,” Antonio called as he strode over and rested his arms on the back of the couch we sat on. “Although you look just as good if not more,” He smiled cupping my chin with a hand. At first, it made me feel like recoiling but then I remembered what I had to do for my sisters and I forced a smile at him.

“Wonderful,” I replied then let him take my hand, pull me to my feet and lead me into the dining room. It was a long and wide room with high ceilings decorated with warm high-class colours. A mahogany table that was graced by a crystal white table cloth, sparkling plates that had fancy designs around the edge. There were elegant wine glasses at every plate and some flowers in the centre of the table with candlesticks on either side. Above the table, there was a grand, golden chandelier that hung from the high ceiling and made the whole room glow.

“Wow,” I said in awe as Blaise lead Violetta to a seat. I sat on the end opposite Antonio and Violetta sat at the other end of the table opposite Blaise. Antonio looked right at me like I was a meal, and even though I wanted nothing more but to flee and get God to take his sight I smiled softly and looked towards one of the poor souls enslaved by Antonio and his brothers as they placed in front of me was a crystal white plate and sparkling silver cutlery. I took the white napkin offered to me and put on my lap eager to get this awkward and tense meal over with.

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