An Angel In The Devil's Grasp

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Chapter 16


I was now running out of options. I didn’t brush my hair or put any make-up on; I wanted to look as unappealing as I could to that blood-sucking demonic monster waiting for me outside my door. How do I know he was there still? Because I can sense him. He has what I can only describe as a rotten apple of evil that is over 6 foot tall and thirsty for blood, chaos and pain. I’m sure he could still sense me moving around the room with other things. It was this sick mate connection thing we had, and I hated it with every bone in my body, but I couldn’t stop it. It seems that these were the ones who really were our mates and that the prophecy was unfortunately true. Things were moving at a thousand miles a minute in my mind as I was sat on the edge of the bed rubbing my hands together wondering about the endless possibilities of what would happen to me. What he would do to me...a thing that I could not stop wondering and seemed to intrigue me.


I had been stood outside the door to Serena’s room for a good 10 minutes, and she hadn’t moved and I sensed she was deep in thought. Frustratingly the bond we had was not strong enough for me to be able to read her mind and know what she was thinking about. How fucking long does it take a woman to put makeup and some shoes on?! Unless she wants to make herself look pretty, that could mean she’s come around a little. I chuckled to myself at that thought and sighed. I wouldn’t mind if she were just stalling and acting like a brat. An excuse to punish her again. Eventually, the door opened up to reveal her wearing the dress still, but with no make-up and her hair was a mess. She wouldn’t look directly act me, and I think she had tears in her eyes.

“You look like hell,” I scoffed then grabbed her by the chin and made her look at me. “And I like it,” I grinned and more tears flooded from her eyes. “Now come on,” I snapped grabbing her by the arm.



We were about ten minutes into dinner already eating our creamy soups starter and Serena and Vincent hadn’t made an appearance. I did see Vincent go upstairs dressed in a nice black suit before I came downstairs myself, so he clearly had made plans to join us, but then again that could be for much more horrifying plans. The demons at the table were talking away to each other, and occasionally my sisters would speak. I spoke the least, I was too busy praying for Serena, and trying to avoid Antonio’s gaze. I could not help making eye contact a few times with him, and each time I did, he smiled ever so slightly. Stop trying to get to me you demon! Lucifer may once have been an angel but he is a sinner, and a deceiver, and so are you!

“NO!” Serena screamed making me drop my spoon into my bowl in shock. Everyone turned their attention to the direction it came from, the doors. Santiago stood up and stormed away from the table to the door followed by the rest of his brothers.

“What’s happening now to her?!” Violetta asked me.

“I don’t know,” I replied slowly standing up myself. “But I am going to use this, as a chance to get out of here,” I whispered grabbing her by the hand.

“We can’t!” Violetta wailed, the fear of what Blaise would do to her made her eyes look like those of a terrified doe in car headlights.

“I will then, you say here, I will bring help!” I told her pulling her into a quick but tight hug then after letting go I turned and ran through the door going to the kitchen. I prayed my sisters would survive until I came back with help to free them.

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