An Angel In The Devil's Grasp

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Chapter 2

9:34 was the time Isabella would wake up from the horror every day. Panting heavily in a cold sweat while there was a dull pain in her head which soon faded as she regained control of her powerful senses. She was always thankful it wasn’t real, drawing a cross on her person while muttering a thank you to God. Shortly after the sound of someone banging on her bedroom door.

“Wake up sleepy wings!” The voice of Isabella’s youngest sister Violetta was heard from the other side. Isabella sighed and sat up. She stretched her arms, legs and fluffy white wings which were wrapped around her like heavenly blankets. Before you get any more confused friends, Isabella and her sisters are angels. Sent by God to spread good in a small North-Western American town. They lived in a large country house that had brightly painted rooms with beautiful yet modest furnishings. The kitchen and bathrooms were modern and they had up to date essentials, however. They all lived in modern luxury but preferred more old fashioned means of entertaining themselves like playing musical instruments, singing, books, going to church and helping people in the community.

To most in the modern world, it may be boring, but this is their duty that gives them joy. As well as being immortal, they have powers. Isabella’s was godlike strength, agility, stamina and speed. Violetta’s powers include the animal side of being angels. God’s children are connected to his creations, and that is shown in Violetta’s powers to communicate with animals and summon them to her aid. Like all angels, they are incredibly beautiful. They have differences in opinions in everything from their duties to relations with humans. Some are more outgoing with humans but others think they should only help and protect. They would never marry a human or have a child with them. They wouldn’t be allowed to. Not just because it would create havoc, but also because their fate has something much more eventful for them when it comes to romance.


I hauled myself out of bed after hearing my sister shout at me childishly. I stretched and fluttered my white angel wings and straightened my bunched up nightgown, then walked over to my oak dresser and looked in the mirror. I grimaced immediately. My long brown hair was messy and stuck out everywhere. I picked up my hair brushed and started to brush it. While I brushed my hair my wings disappeared from my back like I want them to do every morning unless I need them again. After a few minutes, my sister Violetta popped her head around my bedroom door.

“Oh, so you are awake,” she said and smiled. Her curly red locks were down brushing against her pale shoulders with a few strands clipped out of the way with silver clips on both sides of her face so her light sage green eyes could reflect the morning sunlight from my window. I smiled at my sister’s beauty and she spoke again.

“Willa is downstairs in the kitchen making the breakfast, it should be ready by the time Serena and Dorothea come back,” she spoke softly and I frowned wondering what they were doing at this time.

“Where are they?” I questioned. Violetta opened her mouth to speak but she stopped when we heard wing beats coming from outside my window as well as a knock. I scoffed and stood up to open them and see my two other sisters smiling at me with a wave.

“Ahh, speak of the...” I cleared my throat before Violetta could finish. We do not use that word or any word like it.

“Were you about to use a bad word, Violetta?” Serena said while entering my room. She was wearing a sleeveless top that covered her front well, a knee-length white skirt and some white slip-on flats. Her black long hair was plated in a fishtail and dropped over her shoulder and down her front. She had a cheeky smile on her face, both her deep brown eyes and chocolate skin was glowing.

“Tell me Isabella scolded her,” I heard Dorothea’s soft voice chirp and I smirked at Violetta. She looked at me and shook her head silently begging me not to. Dorothea stepped into my room as well, her dark brown and blonde streaked hair was flowing down her back. She also wore a white short-sleeved t-shirt, a knee-length skirt, and had a wide smile models would spend thousands on. They both were out flying. I could tell that because their wings were out and they were flapping a little.

“Could you please both put your wings away or my room will be engulfed with feathers?” I asked and both Serena and Dorothea’s wings shone brightly. Their wings disappeared quickly and when the light stopped shining Serena sighed.

“Envy is a sin Isabella, it isn’t my fault my wings are sifter than yours,” she said with fake innocence and a bat of her eyes. I rolled my eyes scoffing.

“So is pride, Serena,” I replied arching an eyebrow at her. “And just so you know Dorothea, no I didn’t scold her,” I said and grinned. Violetta cried out in pain as Dorothea hit her on the back head.

“I didn’t say the word!” Violetta protested but Serena shook her head and folded her arms.

“No, but you were going to, and we shouldn’t ever use it. It may get us unwanted attention,” she scolded harshly. She spoke the last few words quieter and for good reason. We don’t even know if we’re safe in our own home. We never sense evil in our home but sometimes we sense it in the town and once I even sensed evil outside the house.

I shuddered at the memory and judging from the looks on my sister’s faces they were thinking the same thoughts I was. Why it was here was unclear, but we wouldn’t leave our town and kept up the good fight. We were brought back to the present when my bedroom door was opened. The straight black locks and the shining brown eyes gave it away. My fourth-youngest sister Willa appeared from behind the door wearing a white sundress that was flowing at the waist. It was simple but flawless on her.

“Now that Isabella is up and you are all here let’s have breakfast,” she stated. Her soft and very warm voice filled the room. We all smiled and nodded at her and she led the way to the dining room.

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