An Angel In The Devil's Grasp

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Chapter 3

We were close. I could feel it. A year ago, me and my four brothers had to drag ourselves out of the underworld to hunt for five angels. Even though we were extremely disorientated, and adjusting to our human forms, we could already sense them. The purest beings in creation with no idea of what was going to happen to them. We were going to make them ours, and even though their precious God had no choice but to allow it, it would be spiting him, a huge blow to him. We would then come into power ourselves by ruling the underworld. We are myself Santiago, Marcel, Blaise, Vincent and Antonio. We more than demons, we could control the elements, the darkness was a shroud that gave us strength while it scared and weakened others, we fed on humans like vampires which gave us their abilities but much stronger. We took pleasure in torturing others and killing too of course. Each of us had control over an earth element they had control over, mostly for torture. Mine was fire, which should say everything about me. I didn’t want the strongest of the angels though, I wanted the one who was the feistiest. She would be the biggest challenge to get control over, but the rewards would be rich for me. What my brothers, I could guess easily. But much to our frustration, it would take us some time.

“We should be in the town by morning!” I heard Marcel’s voice from up a tree. We were currently standing in a forest in the dark of night, our form complete with sharp suits were taking shake allowing us to adapt to them. It was around midnight and the moon was full, a time better for scumbag dogs than us.

“How about we find somewhere to rest for the night? We will need to with these new bags of bones,” Blaise asked cracking his knuckles then his neck.

“Wise. All we need to do is find somewhere that offers hospitality to us,” I sarcastically replied.

“Excuse me for suggesting that, your not-majesty,” Blaise snapped through gritting teeth which made me growl after a brief bow.

“Well, may I remind you I will be King soon, so watch your tongue before I rip it out and feed to my hounds,” I snapped back. My eyes turning red with rage. Blaise fangs appeared from his mouth and his eyes were red but I wasn’t threatened by him one bit. My fangs appeared from my mouth and I hissed at Blaise. We both death glared at each other for a few seconds before Antonio stepped in.

“Enough, fighting between ourselves isn’t going to help us,” he said staring us both down. I scoffed at him and my fangs disappeared as did Blaise’s who calmed down first. It was a little painful, damn these weak human bodies.

“Well, then Antonio, you’re the smart one, where are we, five monsters from the underworld suppose to say on earth?” I asked and he rolled his eyes and turned to me.

“This,” He then placed a hand on a worn away bolder that stopped just above his knee. It then began to roll on is own, Antonio following after him. “We make our own lair,” He added.

“We’ll need all our strength if we’re going to take one of them tomorrow,” I added. Vincent began to walk forward but he stopped and hissed with his fangs sharp and eyes red but not with anger. With desire. He was staring at nothing and I knew he was thinking about his angel. We all had moments like that and sometime we would be uncontrollable.

“I want my angel now! I want her in my bed!” He roared and I put a hand on his shoulder.

“We all want our angels, but we need to wait until tomorrow because if we were to strike now it’s likely they will be being protected,” I stated and he clenched his fists.

“I feel, despite this human body restricts me physically, I feel it is making lust stronger, but it is one of the only joys they have isn’t it?” He shrugged and I scoffed.

“We’ll improve them when we can, then you can deal with that wood in your own time,” I said patting him on the shoulder twice before walking past him.

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