An Angel In The Devil's Grasp

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Chapter 5


We were all shaken up when there was a thunderclap outside the stained glass window. Scary timing. Our werewolf friends all sniffed the air then growled at the window.

“Whatever evil is in town is getting close to the church,” Kate growled. Instinctively Sister Butterworth tugged Willa away from the foot of the large wooden cross that hung on the wall. She dragged her by the wrist towards the rest of us. Justin, Kate and Jacob circled us. All five of us stood close together while Sister Butterworth closed and locked the doors and windows into the church.

“Lord, protect us,” she muttered as she did.

“Sister Butterworth?” Serena asked.

“What is it?” I finished as she began to say the Lord’s prayer. She turned looking up at the windows.

“GET BACK!” There was a huge explosion that smashed all the windows into tiny bits. We all hit the floor and covered our heads. One of the wooden beams holding up the roof came crashing down The wooden beams shattered and landed on Sister Butterworth with chunks of the roof falling around her.

“Sister!” Willa yelled and was on her knees clearing the rubble carefully.

“Willa! Get back!” I called and tried to go to her side. I was too late. In a flash, my sister was being held in a headlock with a knife to her throat.

“NO!” Serena screamed but I held her back. Willa was shaking with tears staining her face. Willa was being held by a man with thin jet black hair that was messy and stopped below his ears. His skin was tanned and his eyes were blood red. He wore dark jeans, tough black army boots and a dark trench coat. On his face was the dirtiest, most evil smirk I had seen.

“Willa!” Dorothea yelled reaching for her with tears in her eyes.

“Let her go!” I yelled as Willa struggled in his grasp. He pulled her closer and put the knife to her cheek drawing some blood.

“No chance,” his voice was deep. “Willa here is wanted for something. You all are,” he laughed wickedly tugging Willa’s hair back when he said her name. “Except for the nun and dogs,”

“You monster!” Serena screamed and lunged forward out of my reach but Justin held her back grabbing her arms. Willa shook her head. Even though she’s in danger, all she can think to do is protect others, I thought and shook my head. That was so typical of my sister and it made me want to cry.

“Don’t! He could take you too!” Willa called back. Her voice was shaky but she was being brave. The man chuckled in Willa’s ear and sighed looking down at her. He stood at least six inches taller than Willa who was five foot five inches.

“So you are the smart one, Antonio will like you,” he stated and looked up at us. I furrowed my eyebrow before speaking again.

“Who’s Antonio?” I asked.

“Who are you?! Give us our sister back!” Serena screamed.

“Surely you can take a guess? Rhymes with freeman, which is what she isn’t” his voice was laced with evil. I felt Serena shudder and I realised what he meant.

“Demon...” Serena trailed off and her body recoiled. The man smirked again and this time it was directly at Serena, it was like he was looking at a tasty piece of meat and not a person. She looked down not meeting his cold gaze.

“You have harmed a woman of the church! Let her go and craw back to the underworld where you belong!” Jacob shouted with a growl. The man hissed in return and took some steps back while holding Willa tightly. I could tell that the hiss from him must have scared Willa because she whimpered loudly and more tears fell from her eyes. The man picked up on that. He chuckled and put the knife on her temple.

“Aww, I think you’re scaring her dog,” he shouted back with a mocking and evil tone, and he laughed again. I then took out a crucifix and took a few steps closer to them. He jumped back with Willa still in his grasp hissing loudly and his eyes turned black. Jacob and Justin stood on either side of her in their wolf forms. Even with gnashing teeth, sharp giant claws and bright amber eyes the man didn’t even look intimidated by them. They both growled and barked at him but he hissed back with deadly fangs.

“Let our sister go!” Serena yelled.

“You will not take her from us!” I screamed. My body urged me to go for him but Kate held me back.

“Serena...please,” Willa cried through her sobs. Serena sobbed as well. The demon smirked at Serena like he was pleased with Serena’s sobbing. At her being distressed.

“You,” he began pointing the knife at Serena. She looked at him in horror, as did I. “I’ll be seeing you, in my bed, and other places,” that was the last thing he said before there was a second explosion, and when the smoke cleared we soon realised the horror that I prayed would not ever happen had happened.

“NO!” I screamed letting go of Dorothea and I lunged forward. I landed on my knees exactly where they were standing.

“Willa...” Dorothea whispered through tearful eyes. Justin and Jacob looked around the rubble in an attempt to find them.

“He’s taken her!” Justin yelled and kicked a stone in anger. Jacob flicked through the rubble.

“Oh, Christ” he muttered and threw a shattered piece of wood in frustration.

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