An Angel In The Devil's Grasp

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Chapter 6


After the explosion, he threw me over his shoulder and leapt out the window with unbelievable speed. The storm was now ranging, my tears mixed with the raindrops and they stung my skin. I was feeling sick with fear. We were rushing through the town and towards the dense forest that circled it. I closed my eyes tightly and kept praying for my sisters or Jacob or Kate or even Sister Butterworth to come and save me.

“Please...please,” I sobbed but it was useless. I heard him chuckle again as he ran through the forest.

“Not going to happen, now shut up and stop with the tears,” he replied and put me down. We were in front of a grand mansion that my sisters and I had never seen before. His dark figure walked over to the large oak door. He banged his fist on it three times. The door opened and I saw two more people. One was shorter than the other with a closely shaved head, full lips, deep brown eyes, caramel coloured skin, a body like a football player, and he wore a sharp black and red suit without the jacket. The taller one of them had scraggly blonde hair, pale skin, a beard and was thinner than the shorter man. He had a different look on his face to the shorter man though. He looked as if he was shocked by me.

“This, is what an angel looks like?” The shorter man scoffed as I was dragged in by my kidnapper.

“Yes, don’t like it go complain to God,” My kidnapper snapped then he grasped my dress suddenly and he ripped it off. I screamed trying to break free but I was soon stood in less clothing before strangers. “But don’t do it without having a good look,” he seethed in my ear groping parts of my body which made me whimper and cry out more. The shorter man smirked licking his lips while he looked at me. I felt extremely violated and helpless. The bearded man rolled his eyes at his friends’ behaviour like they were a couple of young boys play fighting.

“He’s back, and comes bearing gifts!” The bearded man yelled with a thick Scottish accent, as my kidnapper shoved me towards the shorter man. I tried distracting myself by looking at the place that was now my prison. The floor was made of dark marble and was covered in Art Deco designs. There were four marble pillars, two on each side of the entrance hall. Directly in front of the entrance was a grand marble staircase with a dark carpet rolled down it. On two of the walls were grand and expensive-looking paintings and next to all four of the pillars were statues. My eyes grew wide when I realised that they resembled angels.

“You two gonna come down and see what he got?” The shorter boy shouted and from the left side of the top of the stairs a tall black man with short dreadlocks that was also muscular but looked like he could knock even Jacob and Justin out with one punch. The man smirked at me giving me a good look up and down, his eyes were black also.

“Nice,” He commented as the other short man touched my back.

“She looks to prim, too easy to break, you fight between yourself,” A tall boy who had brown eyes with short slick back black hair, eyes that were like a tiger's, and the most intimidating glare out of all stood who leaning on the banister rail.

“Vincent, what’s in the bag?” He asked and my kidnapper called Vincent opened then bag.

“See for yourselves,” Vincent stated gesturing to the bag. The blonde man . and the intimidating-looking one walked to his side and they both looked in the bag. In seconds, they were both baring their fangs and hissing with blood-red eyes. The blonde boy licked his lips and put his hand in the bag.

“Now that’s what I call a gift!” The blonde Scottish boy yelled. I watched in horror as he took out, a blood bag. I felt sick sneak into my mouth and risk spill out making me cover my mouth with both hands.

“Vincent, why are there only four bags in here?” The one with the intimidating glare asked Vincent who was grinning like an evil Cheshire Cat.

“I had a little snack of my own at the hospital, and it was fresh,” he wiped his mouth. I coughed nearly choking on the sick that went back down my throat. He, he killed someone and drank their blood?

“Yep, extremely too prude, she’s nearly throwing up at the sight of blood,” the intimidating one sneered. . I gaged a little at the sight of him shaking the bag making the red liquid swishing around. He held it up to the light and squinted his eyes to look at the bag.

“This is only a couple of days old,” he stated and Vincent shrugged his shoulders and chuckled to himself.

“Well you know me, always quality,” he replied with a smirk. My stomach turned at his smug look, or maybe it was the blood bag, I’m not sure.

“You should probably take her elsewhere, she looks like she’s going to faint,” The intimidating man.

“Good idea, come Willa” Vincent grabbed my arm and dragged me upstairs.

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