An Angel In The Devil's Grasp

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Chapter 7


An hour had passed since Willa was, taken. We were now clear that there were demons in the town. We realised it too late and now our sister was gone. The police had come to investigate, and an ambulance came to take Sister Butterworth to the hospital. Justin left Jacob and Kate to look after us. He ran out of the church not long after that demon took Willa chasing after them in his wolf form as far as he could go. Not even he and all of his pack would go onto that evil property.

“Excuse me miss,” the detective leading the investigation approached me. We were in the living room of our home, now the safest place we know. Luckily the detective was a werewolf from another pack that knew Jacob and Justin. “Can I ask you some questions about what you saw?” He asked sitting next to me. He was a middle-aged man with brown hair and brown eyes. His skin was slightly tanned and he wore a dark suit jacket and suit trousers with a white shirt and black shoes. He looked very smart for a detective and his badge and gun gleamed brightly on his leather belt. I nodded and sighed when he asked me. “Thank you, now were all your sisters there when Willa was taken?” He asked and nodded in reply. He jotted something down on a notebook and continued. “Was Willa there when the explosion took place in the church?” I nodded and he wrote in his notebook again. “And finally do you know the identity of the man who took your sister?” I paused a minute. He appeared again in my mind with Willa in his arms and a knife to her cheek. I felt the tears well up in my eyes and I sniffed. “Miss?” I was snapped back into reality by the detective’s voice.

“Oh, sorry, no I don’t know who the man was,” I replied and wiped my eye. He nodded and wrote something else in his notebook. He closed it and put it in his back pocket.

“Thank you, if you remember anything or learn something new please let me know,” he said handing me a card.

“Detective Jason Yeardley,” I read his name and looked at him.

“You can call me Jason if you wish, you don’t need to be afraid to approach me or the police,” he said kindly. Part of me was a bit cautious about his kindness. There had been cases where men have fallen in love with one of us and even tried to kiss us once. I saw nothing in the detective and to top it all off, he was married. I looked at the card and shook my head.

“You don’t need to give me your card detective Yeardley,” I said handing him back the card. “I will go to the police if I learn anything new, now please find my sister,” I said and he took back the card.

“Good night miss,” he said and left. I closed the large door behind him and walked into the living room. There sat in tears was Violetta with Dorothea hugging her. Serena sat near the window looking out into the night.

“Hush, don’t worry Violetta, they’ll find Willa,” she said rubbing Dorothea’s back. I sat down in my armchair next to them.

“Why, why would he take her?” She said between sobs. Serena groaned and turned to them.

“Don’t ask such stupid questions, Violetta, you know why he took her,” she rolled her eyes and looked back out the window. I looked at her with a frown. Since when did she become so, harsh? I wondered.

“And what’s got your feathers in a ruffle Serena?” Dorothea mockingly asked. Serena shot a glare at her. She sighed deeply and looked at the floor.

“I’m sorry, I guess I’m just a bit afraid” she mumbled and looked at us.

“I can’t get what that guy said to me out of my head” she stated and hugged her knees. I felt sorry for her. I knew what she meant. I ran the words the man who took Willa away said to her. ‘I’ll be seeing you, in my bed’ were his words. The look on Serena’s face when he said it made her look like she was going to vomit.

“Isabella, they want to mate with us” she stated with a shaky voice. I nodded slowly looking into the fire.

“I know, I know they do” I replied softly. Serena stood up and walked to us.

“What are we going to do? Willa could be being raped right now?!” She yelled holding her head in her hands.

“Serena we’ve told the police and Justin and the pack are looking for them,” I replied and stood up as well. Serena nodded and sighed.

“I know, I’m just worried about her,” she said and I hugged. She looked like she needed a hug and I didn’t want to see my sister upset. She hugged me back and sobbed slightly on my shoulder.

“Hush, it’s okay, it’s okay,” I comforted and she nodded pulling away. She wiped her eyes and sighed in slight annoyance.

“And now I’m a mess” she groaned wiping her checks clean of smudged make-up. I pursed my lips smiling warmly at my sister and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Go and get cleaned up,” I said. Serena turned her head to me and frowned. “And get some sleep, you look exhausted,” I added and she grinned thankfully at me.

“Thanks, Isabella, night guys,” she said and trotted towards the door to the grand stairs.

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