An Angel In The Devil's Grasp

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Chapter 8


I trotted upstairs and went to my room and grabbed a clean nightgown then went to the bathroom. I ran the hot tap and let it fill up the sink. I applied some soap to my face and scrubbed my face clean. I splashed my face with the warm water and cleaned the soap off. When my face was finally clean again I took the plug out of the sink and grabbed the towel from the rack. I dried my face and looked in the mirror. Thank god I look respectable again, I thought and put the towel back then quickly changed into my long silk nightgown and dropped my clothes in the hamper. Just as I was about to walk away from the mirror, I saw in the corner a dark shadow outside the window. I spun around and squinted to look outside at the rainy night. After about a minute of looking, I assumed it was a shadow of a bird of some kind. I sighed and turned around looking down momentarily before I looked up to see a terrifying tall slim blonde black-eyed man wearing a dark suit jacket, dark jeans with a dark shirt and dark boots. I was about to scream but he pressed a cold hand over my mouth and pushed me against the bathroom wall.

“Shhhh, don’t scream, that will make it harder for me to kidnap you,” he hissed gripping the back of my neck. I tried with shaky limbs to push him away but using his hand he had on my neck he pinned both my hands above my head backing me up to a wall. He pressed my head back towards the wall making a sudden bang noise caused by my skull hitting the wall. I whimpered as he took out a piece of rope and tied it around my wrists. I started sobbing and I shook my head under his hand.

“Awww, don’t cry, you’re going to see your sister Willa soon, so be good and I won’t knock you out!” He whispered lowly yet aggressively. He growled at me finished tying my wrists together. “There, not too tight, just enough to stop you from causing me trouble,” he chuckled wickedly and then he pulled out a dark piece of material. He looked at me with an evil smirk and held it in front of my face.

“Do I need to put this on you as well?” He asked and my eyes grew wide. I fidgeted under his hand but he grabbed my jaw and held me still.

“I take that as a yes” he replied through gritted teeth. I ran over to the door pushing it open

“NO!” I shouted then raised my foot up to kick him with my heel in the guts. He groaned letting me go so I could rush over to the door pushing it open while screaming for help. I didn’t get far away from him though because he tackled me to the floor making me face plant into the wooden floor. I felt a crack in my nose causing me to scream out as blood gushed from my nose.

“YOU BITCH!” He seethed then wrapped the material around my neck and dragged me back along the floor, blood trickling into my mouth as I gasped for air.

“SERENA!” I heard Isabella scream as she and my other sisters rushed up the stairs just in time to see me and the demon kidnap me jump out of the window. We landed with a thump. I looked up to my bathroom window to see if any of my sisters were there but he had gone to check on me or heard us land outside. My hopes were dashed. No one was there. He threw me over his shoulder then set off running away from the house, sprinting down the dark streets and towards the forest. We soon came to a huge field with a wide and long stone drive with neatly cut hedges on both sides. He started to slow down and I saw in the corner of my eye I saw a huge eery looking mansion. It looked dark and evil and I immediately didn’t like it. The boy put me down and dragged me to the wooden door. He hit his fist on the door three times. It opened and a wavy-haired boy who was a few inches taller than the man who kidnapped me. He frowned at my kidnapper and then looked at me.

“You brought her back in a state, I’m sure the others will want to pick her. Come on,” he scoffed sarcastically and held the door open and my kidnapper dragged me into the mansion. The door slammed behind me. I was stood in front of a beautiful entrance hall with a grand marble staircase. I was in awe for a few seconds but I was brought back to earth by the sound of voices and quick steps.

“Another one?!” One voice screamed followed by a hiss. I stumbled back but my kidnapper yanked on the material around my neck making me jerk back and lose my footing falling to the ground. How my head was still attached to my neck I had no idea because the brute’s horrible tugging made my neck bleed in several places. One of them jumped down from the upper floor stairs landing right in front of me. I screamed at the sight of him glaring at me with black eyes. He took one look at me the cringed in disgust. “She looks like a corpse!” he groaned, his eyes changing to a deep brown colour.

“Good thing I’ve already picked mine,” My kidnapped smirked pushing past me almost standing on my hand. Two other men appeared, one with dark skin smirked at me, the other with slick black hair looked away at my kidnapped unimpressed.

“Remember that we all have to have an even pick of them,” He warned.

“Says the one calling the angel from yesterday frail,” My kidnap chuckled. then he began glancing into the two rooms on either side of the entrance hall. It was quite open-air and luxurious for a mansion with demons living in it. I slowly peeled the material from around my neck and stood up, knees shaking.

“Where is she?” I stuttered, blood spilling out of my mouth. Before any of the foul demons could reply, I heard a door from upstairs be opened hitting a wall with a bang, a scream and heavy footsteps that was heading towards the top of the stairs. I looked to see a person get thrown down the stairs in a bloody broken mess. When they stopped I realised that it was my sister Willa!

“Willa!” I yelled rushing to her side. She was barely conscious, but she recognised me and whispered my name cupping my cheek with her hand, that had its nails ripped out.

“You were right Santiago, as fragile as China, which is most appropriate,” The Man that kidnapped my sister smirk, his racist remark infuriated me ask Willa was Asian. Not all Angels were blonde white blue-eyed girls.

“You don’t need to be a genius to know that, but what we need to work out who next is going to have which one next?” the one in charge, Santiago questioned. I looked up from my sister when I saw two feet in front of me and met the gaze of the demon that took my sister. Though to me he looked like the devil himself!

“She’s mine,” He hissed then grasped me by the shoulders hauling me to my feet away from my sister.

“NO! NO!” I cried seeing Willa weakly reach a hand towards me. The demon grabbing me growled at her then kicked her arm away then he began dragging me up the stairs. “NO! NO!” I cried all the way desperately thrashing to try and get away praying to God for someone, anyone to help me!

“Well, that’s that decided,” I heard one of the other demons say before I was dragged into a dark room.


“Who wants this one then?” I heard the one that acted like a deranged alpha to these demons as I pushed myself up to feeling pains in my palms.

“I have a name, you know,” I coughed wiping blood from my face as I shifted to sit on the bottom step.

“Do share it, gives me something to moan,” The short bald one that always came out with rude remarks, Blaise cackled.

“I already did, did you forget it?” I asked him making his eyes go black and raise a clenched fist that was changed so that it was made of metal. I put on the best brave face I could preparing for him to probably break my jaw. But that hit never came. It was stopped by a fist on fire that looked like a fireball grasped his by the wrist stopping him.

“Willa, remember it and leave her,” The demon with the flaming fist was the Demon that took my sister, Antonio. Blase hissed at him before he yanked his fist away.

“Look who’s going soft,” he tormented.

“Must be you, I am the one taking what is mine,” Antonio spat then he dragged me up off the floor, threw me over his shoulder and began to carry me up the stairs. I whimpered feeling my wounds ache. As soon as we got out of their sight however, Antonio shifted me in his arms to carry me like a bride softly. He even let me lean ion to his chest for support, I could barely hold my head up, I was knob with pain and fear, so whatever he decided to do to me I would not feel.

“You will be sleeping in here now lass, and you won’t be leaving this room unless I say so, are we clear?” He said fiddling with the door handle to get it open. His voice was deep like a rumbling volcano, but it was not loud. His Scottish accent made his voice sound, comforting to me. I frowned at him as he carried me to a large bed with simple black bedding with dark beige wood. “You are mine,” He told me cupping my chin.

“W-What?!” I stuttered as he began to undress. I slowly shuffled back afraid of what he was saying, and what he would do to me.

“You’re in no state for me to claim you right now, I can wait until you are in a better way,” He told me, which sadly would not be long as angels heal quickly. “Rest now, and don’t look so afraid lass, this is why you are here,” He said bluntly then he climbed into bed and pulled me towards him. He held me like that, and although he did not do anything else to me, I felt like I had just been put into a cage.

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