An Angel In The Devil's Grasp

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Chapter 9


My head felt like was underwater, like I was swimming in a stormy sea for hours. I slowly opened my eyes feeling something heavy on my body. It was cold, horrifyingly stiff and had an aura of evil around it. I tried to shift under it but it just sturred the thing making it gasp as if he had just reemerged from an icy cold lake.

“Jeez lass, you just dragged me straight from the underworld with all that fidgeting, what’s wrong with you?” Antonio panted sitting up in bed. I screamed when I saw his body resembled that of a rotting corpse that had just been dug up. His eyes were black and his grin was one with decaying teeth, and while he smiled his skin began to be covered with pulsing black sours hat somehow were starting to heal him and make him look like his usual wicked and frustratingly rugged handsome self. He laughed at me and I glared at him and looked away to study the room we were in whilst it was daylight. It was a Victorian Gothic-styled room with a grand four-post bed, dark oak draws, wardrobe and dresser that went with the heavy door. The walls were dark brown and red that went with the warm bedding. The main feature in the room was the large window that opened out onto a balcony. It looked aged though, and the whole room gave me a miserable feeling. I was trapped in here by that demon, and it would probably become a room where he would do unspeakable things to me. I soon felt his hand touch my shoulder. I jumped once more then I scrambled out of the bed when I felt sparks rush through my body from where he touched me.

“Don’t...” I muttered and looked away from him. I felt like filth itself. My eyes formed fresh tears. Where they came from I don’t know. I’ve never cried so much in my life. Antonio let out a heavy sigh before he got out of bed and strode over to me.

“Now don’t you forget what I said yesterday,” He warned cupping my chin again. “You’re mine, and I will be forceful if I must, but I know if you comply we’ll enjoy it,” He smirked bouncing his eyebrows. “And I know a good way to the heart, is to make you feel special, and the way I am choosing to do that, is this,” he then went over to the wardrobe to open it and have a look in. “Here,” he muttered and turned around with a small ring box.

“I won’t be bought,” I snapped crossing my arms offended he thought he could do that.

“And I am not buying you lass, I am doing what your God supposedly made for humans,” He then got down on one knee and opened the ring box up to reveal a dark metallic ring with a ruby embedded into it. “It won’t be a proper marriage, but it can just be symbolic if it will make you feel better,” He said nonchalantly. “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to wear it,” He added. I thought about it, and although it was a sweet gesture I did not expect from a demon, I was an angel that stood by her word.

“I will accept it, if you can change my opinion on you,” I stated and he glared at me then put the ring box back in his pocket.

“You want me to give you to one of my brothers?!” He snapped and I flinched back.

“No!” I cried as the terrifyingly painful things Vincent did to me.

“Then you will accept this, and accept me,” He seethed, his eyes going black as he grasped my shoulders, his hand become a cold metal claw that dug into my lightly tanned skin drawing blood that trickled down them. I nodded before his claws would puncture my bones, and retracted them resting his bloody fingers on my shoulders. “That’s more like it,” he then licked my blood off his fingers, his eyes still black and never looking away from my tearful ones. I let the tears fall fluttering my eyes closed as he then started to lick my wounds feasting on them like they were gourmet meals. Oh lord, anyone, please help me or show me a way to escape!

“Can I see Serena?” I huffed before he drained the little bit of strength I got from sleeping. Antonio pulled away from licking my blood, his mouth stained red about to speak when a high pitch scream came from somewhere on the other side of the mansion. I knew it was my sister, I sensed her pain.

“Well, I wasn’t going to let you until she was awake, it sounds like she is but you may need to wait a bit lass,” he chuckled. He then opened the door and I shot out of the room. I searched the wardrobe while he did, finding a dressing gown then sped out down the hall to where the scream came from. The halls were surprisingly light and very open. If you changed the dark Victorian gothic furnishings to bright modern ones, it would look very similar to the house me and my sisters lived in.

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