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The Wolf that Cried for Help

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Liam Wright grew tired of his pack and being disrespected by them because of his low ranking. Liam and his beloved Zara (mate) were attacked by the pack because of their attempt to leave the toxic family. As a result of this, Zara becomes hurt and violated as a lesson for Liam— which left a burning hole in his heart. Angry and bitter, he asks the wolf goddess for help to make him stronger because of his dire need to protect his mate He refuses to be “weak” and allow his beloved to be hurt ever again. Also, he wants his revenge.

Fantasy / Other
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Goddess Luna

“My dear Liam, what brings you to my presence.” the Goddess Luna asked, her voice almost haunting. The huge wolf spirit she was, a white wolf at that. The Book of Luna says she is the mother of all wolves, a god or a spirit.

Liam didn’t dare to look at his Goddess in the eyes, he kept himself kneeled down and eyes on the tiles of the temple. Liam was hurt, beaten and in shame in utter shame. He was almost disgusted with himself, he felt so low. As a wolf tonight, he felt powerless like a child and he hated it. He hated everything about it.

“Your Grace, I need you now more than ever.” Liam started “I have failed myself and I have failed my Queen.”

Liam trembled as she felt him step closer to him as she asked “Tell me a little more. Why is it you seek my help?”

“I have failed to protect the woman I love, my queen, my mate. Your grace, I can’t let that happen again. I..just can’t.” Liam explained, literally close to tears as images of his dearest Zara getting attacked and violated. “I will never forgive any of them. We didn’t deserve any of it, especially my beloved. We just wanted a new life together. That’s all we wanted. So please, I ask you for your strength and spirit. I can’t allow my love to be hurt again.”

“And why should I give you my power?” she asked.

“My goddess, Zara and I have been nothing but loyal to you in faith. We pray to you every night and praise you every full moon. We have been loyal to you, mother.”

“How far are you willing to go to protect the woman you love?” she asked.

“I am more than willing to give my life for my queen and she knows that. My queen Zara deserves every part of my soul.” Liam spoke every word of the truth. He didn’t know how else to express how much he needed to protect his mate and how much he loved her. Zara is everything to him.

“I see.” she began “Do you understand the conditions of this right? My assistance doesn’t come free and you don’t need to prove to me that you are worthy. I already know your heart. I watch every wolf on this earth. I know all of my children.”

“Yes, your grace. I will be bound to you in exchange for you giving me a part of your soul. The day I die, my soul belongs to you and you only. I won’t be able to live with my beloved in the afterlife.” he told her.

“Good, as long as you understand that my assistance doesn’t come free. Consider it your debt, my child.” she told him.

“Yes, your grace, I understand.” Liam spoke.

“I will ask you one last time. Are you sure this is what you want?” she asked him.

“Yes, I have made up my mind.” he told her.

“Alright, then it is final.” she answered him “Now, you have permission to look at me, my child.”

This was it, for Liam. This was his last night normal, he will never be able to live normally again. However, he will be able to have the strength to protect his beloved and spend time with Zara while he’s still is on this earth. Once he leaves this earth, he will be bonded to Goddess Luna for eternity. At this moment, Liam didn’t care, he didn’t care about any of that. He has been hurt and embarrassed by his pack for too long. The line was drawn when his so-called Pack violated and raped Zara, right in front of him. That he cannot let go, not now and not ever.

Once he finally gained the courage to look into Luna’s bright blue eyes, he became paralyzed. This was his very first time looking at the Goddess, she was a pure arctic wolf. Her bright white fur looked as if dirt couldn't touch it. She was glowing white all over and huge. In the Book of Luna, it says Luna can paralyze you just by looking at her. She doesn’t even have to move a paw. His body wouldn’t respond to his mind to move, it was if he lost all control. His body began to float in mid-air as he felt nothing but heat. His body became engulfed in blue flames. He couldn’t help but scream as if his skin was melting from his flesh.

“Liam Wright, on this day I give a part of myself to you but in return, you belong to me on your last day on this earth. You will have my strength, my power and you will be connected to me for the rest of your life. You are mine. You have proven yourself worthy to your Mother. So I will grant you this but in any way to cross me during this journey. I can take my power away from you. Don’t ever forget, your agreement with me.” she told him.

Liam felt her voice bombing in his head, he heard everything that she said. He couldn’t speak to her, all he could do is listen and scream as he felt his body changing. His dark wavy hair became as white as her coat and his eyes became as blue as the morning sky. A part of her soul was beginning to live inside him like a parasite. Luna became a part of him and now he’s bonded to Luna for life.

Liam watched his own life flashed before him from his childhood to adulthood; his mother dying as a child, growing up lonely until he met Zara in his early adulthood, falling in love and making love to her for the first time under the full moon. It was if he was dreaming, dreaming about his whole life like it was a movie. Then this “dream” of his life became cold as his environment around him became snow and ice. He felt his body become one with him as he noticed that he wasn’t engulfed in flames anymore. He was naked in his human form, with his bare feet in the snow. He looked at his hands and his body as he didn’t feel cold, however. His body temperature became hot quickly as the soft snow became a sudden blizzard. All he saw around him was white snow gusting around him.

What is this place?’ he thought to himself. He paused when he heard deep howls in the distance. The voices echo around him as bright blue eyes began to submerge from the gusts of snow. He kept hearing soft voices saying “You are one of us now..you are one of us.” Then the gusts of wind divided as Luna, the purest Arctic wolf of them all began walking towards him. She was such a huge white wolf compared to his small human body. A giant she was.

“You belong to me now. Understand?” she said.

“Yes. I do. I am bonded to you forever.” he agreed. “I know what I need to do.”

Luna nodded “Good, we will meet here again. We will keep in touch Liam.”

“Yes, we will.” he told her.

With that said, Luna ended the conversation with her deep howl that gave him the utter chills in his spine. No one could ever imitate such a beautiful voice. The blizzard flew around him more violently as Luna disappeared in the midst of it, leaving him alone and exhausted as he felt eyelid becoming heavy.

Liam then gasped for air as he checks back into reality. He was still alone and naked in Luna’s temple. As he quickly stood up to look around him to see if the Goddess herself was still around. There was nothing left but her statue. No bizarre blizzard, no voices and no arctic wolves around him. It was as if he was in a dream and no one of it ever happened. He looked at his naked body and noticed his scars and wounds have healed completely. He then looked in the mirror to look at himself, he looked different; his eyes became blue, his wavy hair as white as snow. His white hair made his look pale. This is it, the contract has started. Liam has become bonded to Luna for life.

Liam wasted no time going home, back to his beloved Zara. It was three am in the morning, he told her he would be back before midnight. He became worried about her fast as she didn’t like sleeping alone for too long anymore. After the pain she went through, he couldn’t blame her and respected coming home at a decent hour so she won’t be alone at night. He grabbed his clothes that he left locker at the temple, dressed and dashed home with his hood up. He didn’t want the world to look at him just yet. It was too soon for that.

Once he made it to their apartment, he slowly turned the key into the lock and crept opened the door. After he closed the door behind him, he took his shoes off to scan the apartment. It was quiet, she was nowhere in sight. He made his way to their bedroom as peeped in the crack of the door to see her sound asleep with her back towards him. He smiled at that, rest is what she desperately needed. She hasn’t slept well in days. He snaked his way into the bedroom, shed all of his clothes before crawling his way into bed with her. Zara jolted out of her sleep, alarmed once she felt Liam’s arm around her bare waisted.

“Shhhh, my love it’s me.” he cooed to her, kissing her shoulder to calm her down. “It’s me. Don’t worry.”

She immediately relaxed at Liam’s voice “What took you so long?”

“I am sorry, my queen. I went to visit the temple and ask for Luna to answer my prayers. I lost track of time. I’m sorry.” he kept kissing her apologetically, not allowing her to look at him just yet.

“Just..let me know if you are staying out late. Text me or something.” she whispered as she began to drift back to sleep.

“Yes, love. I promise I will.” he whispered to her as he never stopped kissed her shoulder and rubbing her wounded back. His hands traced the scabbed bite and scratch wounded on her back from the attack. His eyes flashed icy blue as looking at these wounds every day angered him, he can’t let this happen ever again. He owed this to her and he will see to it. His queen will be avenged and he will make sure to protect her at all costs.

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