Alamer Book 1: the Tale of Alys (Draft)

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Erwignan, God of Knowledge, Magic, and Fate

“We meet for the first time Alys.”

My vision changed sharply, I was somewhere in the sky, surrounded by white stone, grass, purple flowers and water. It was day outside, the sun shone above me, casting purple lights onto the floor and running water.

“Who are you? Where am I? What was that I just saw?” My voice echoed.

A book was in the center of the room, wide open on a table. I felt drawn to it.

“Look to the banners in the room Alys. Open your eyes wide, and look in the room you will be entering soon.”

My eyes locked onto a familiar white banner of a purple dragon eye. The banner was commonly displayed throughout the school and on the streets of Vale.

The banner was that of the god Erwignan, God of Knowledge, Magic, and Fate. My eyes widen.

“Yes child, you stand in the Temple. You will come here soon physically.”

I fell to my knees, touching my head to the floor.

“Merciful god of knowledge, magic, and fate, forgive me for not realizing it sooner.”

A warm breeze surrounded me, brushing against me slightly.

“Rise, my child. Forgiveness is not needed. It is time you and I must speak. But not here, in this weakening vision, you must come to my Temple. Alamer is in grave danger.”

Flashes of my previous dreams, the war and bloodshed, raced across my mind.

“I sent you what I have seen into your dreams. You are important Alys, we need you. Wake up Alys!”

I quickly thought of Verulus. “Wait! What of my friend, the wizard Verulus? Is he alright? I want to know what happened! What was that I saw before coming here?!”

“You will know soon enough Alys! The time of this vision grows short, which is why you MUST come to the temple! Speak to the headmaster of my school; tell him you must come here! Bring the wizard with you!” He pleaded.

“As you wish, Lord Erwignan!”

“Now wake up!” He commanded.

I gasped suddenly and sat up, trying hard to breath. I was back on the training ground, surrounded by the Council; the headmaster was at my side, already trying to get me to lie back down. I could feel beads of sweat on my forehead.

“Child, you need to rest! Everything is alright.” He spoke gently and encouragingly.

I fought the urge to lie down. “Headmaster, I beg of you, tell me how to get to Erwignan’s temple! I need to go there with Verulus!”

The headmaster stopped trying to have me lie down. The Council exchanged weary glances.

“Please! I don’t expect any of you to even believe me, but Lord Erwignan spoke to me in my vision!”

The Sorceress gently placed a hand on the headmaster’s shoulder. “Alys, as much as I want to believe you, I cannot readily say I do. You could have been imagining it, trauma from Verulus’ spell.”

I groaned and quickly looked for Verulus, who was standing away from me, looking afraid to approach me. I stood up, shaking profusely as our eyes locked on to each other.

“Verulus! Please tell me you believe me!”

He came over and put a hand on my shoulder. “I believe you Alys…”

I sighed in relief and hugged him, glad at least he believed me.

“Alys is telling the truth. The Lord wishes to meet with her, and the boy.” The grandmaster stood up, a grave look in his eyes. “I will take you there, as He wishes. You’ve been chosen to be his new Voice.”

The Council members started to protest until the headmaster held up his hand. “Even I cannot live forever. If Lord Erwignan has chosen her, then we must respect that decision. I am not young any longer, so the choice makes sense. We, you included, will show her the proper respect and train her when the time comes.”

The Council nodded. I felt uncomfortable, the idea of me being someone important felt like some sort of joke. With a wave of his hand, a portal opened.

“This is the most direct way to Erwignan’s Temple, the stairs long ago crumbled to the surface. Only headmasters have had access to this temple since. Go ahead and step through, you two, I shall follow behind.”

I nodded, taking Verulus’ hand and pulling him through behind me. Unlike the teleportation spells I had experienced before, this was more like stepping through an open door. Verulus drew in a deep breath when he looked around the temple. I turned my gaze to the middle of the room, to the sole book that was on the table, closed.

The headmaster moved past me, leaning against his staff for support, looking drained as he spoke. “My Lord, we have answered your summons. Speak with us, share with us what you have seen.”

The book opened with a short burst of light, Erwignan’s disembodied voice echoing in the room.

“I have forseen war and bloodshead! The Dark One has returned!”

Verulus and I tensed. The Dark One was the embodiment of darkness, evil and death. Centuries ago, the Dark One waged war over the lands of Alamer and Alame, the sister countries, as a starting point to world domination. It would have succeeded had the gods not sent the five dragons to fight alongside the warriors that rose up to defend the countries.

“What can be done, oh Lord of Fate?”

“The lost princess of Alame will be the key to fighting the Dark One. Alys, you must find her, warn her of the coming darkness. But first, locate my Eye, it shall help you and Verulus on your journey.”

The book floated over to me, flipping pages to stop on what the Eye was. The Dragonglass Eye of Erwignan was a powerful talisman, worn around the neck, and truly looked to be a glass eye.

“This is what you wish for us to find? Where would we even begin to look for it?” Verulus questioned.

The book flipped to a page containing a map of the surface of Alamer, highlighting a swamp section of the country south of Irinis, nearer to the capitol city. “There is a temple dedicated to the Dragon of Knowledge within this swamp. Go there.”

I nodded. “As you wish, Lord Erwignan.”

“Why me? Why Alys? None of this makes sense!” Verulus was annoyed.

“Hush boy! My reasons for choosing you are for you to learn! For that, leave now! I will answer no more! Find the Eye, find the princess!” The book snapped shut in our faces and hurriedly floated back to the center of the room.

I frowned at Verulus, but nodded my head, heading back towards the portal, dragging him behind me. The headmaster followed us and closed the portal.

The headmaster looked at me. “His reasons for choosing you may be unknown, but I feel you may learn of them through your journey. I wish you luck, Alys and Verulus. You will always have a home here, understand?”

I nodded and hugged the headmaster. “Thank you, sir. I promise I will come back.”

The headmaster patted my back. “I’m sure you will. Verulus, I charge you with teaching her magic along the way, as you are well suited to the wandering ways.”

“As you wish, headmaster. Alys, let’s go to my place. We can get ready to go, and come up with a plan.”

I stepped away from the headmaster and nodded. The headmaster grabbed my hand.

“I must warn you, child. The Lord will show you in depth visions, more than what a scrying mirror would. Do not fear what you see, and share it with Verulus, understand? His companionship will aide you well.”

“Yes sir.”

“Now go.” He gently pushed me towards Verulus.

“Goodbye, everyone. Oh, please tell Nileyn and Nera I’m alright! Tell them I will see them again!”

The Council nodded and we parted ways, Verulus and I heading through the portal to the school, then to his home.

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