Alamer Book 1: the Tale of Alys (Draft)

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The Master Council

The Master Council seemed to stiffen at the mention of the black witch.

“Are you certain?” The Master of Water leaned forward in her seat, gripping tightly her trident.

Verulus nodded. “I’m afraid so. It is none other than the Lady of Irinis herself.”

“How can you be certain? Or are you just falsely accusing a woman whose daughter was kidnapped as of recent?” The Master of Fire frowned.

“Masters, I have not seen the Lady perform black magic with my own eyes, but the news was revealed to me by Sir Aindrias. It is my understanding he has been friends with the Council for many years, so I trust his word. It was his idea to not kidnap the Lady’s daughter, but free her before becoming a sacrifice to the black witch’s magic.”

“And where is this daughter then, if she was “rescued” as you say?” The Master of Air rose. “You speak as if you know where she went.”

“Masters, she is the girl waiting to be addressed by the Council, my companion that I’ve brought here to Vale.”

The Master sitting in the chair before me rose and stepped down, turning to face me. The elderly man in purple robes looked at me and smiled.

“Ah, so you are the Lady Alys then I presume? Come, come forward child, I’m afraid these old eyes are not as they once were.” He extended a withered hand towards me, beckoning me forward.

I stepped forward, taking the elder’s hand, smiling as he patted my hand with his other hand.

“My, what a beautiful smile. Tell us why you’ve come to Vale, Lady. Verulus, you may step down until the Council is ready to speak with you again.”

Verulus stepped down from the center, allowing me to trade places with him. I took a deep breath before speaking.

“I am here for a few reasons, Masters. The first, as Verulus and Sir Aindrias had desired, was to get me to a safe location to figure out the next step whilst my friend consulted you about the Lady of Irinis. I know not of what her intentions were beyond plotting with a stranger to kill me, and it wasn’t until recent that I was told the Lady is not and never was my real mother. The second, I wish to know whether or not I am capable of becoming a caster.”

“A caster you say?” The elder leaned back in his chair, pondering.

“What makes you think you can even cast? Have you casted a spell before, even by accident?” The Master of Water asked.

I gestured to Verulus, and smiled. “Shortly after I met Verulus, he casted a spell of transportation to get us out of the sewers. According to him, that should have knocked me out. He suspected it could be a sign of me possibly having the potential to be a caster.”

The Masters nodded, seemingly agreeing with my statement.

The High Sorceress smiled. “That is sometimes a good indicator, agreed, but there are other ways to indicate a possible caster. Those who come from a long line of casters and don’t know it usually also don’t fit in with the society they live within and almost seem to radiate natural energy. There is also a test as well. The test simply, is to bombard you and see if you instinctively shield yourself.”

The Master of Water grinned. “I love that test. Seeing the little pre-registrants getting pushed around is funny.”

“You take too much enjoyment in it, Aysu.” The Master of Air rolled his eyes.

“Now now children, back to the task at hand.” The Headmaster chuckled. “Forgive us dear.”

The High Sorceress approached me with a smile. “There’s no need to test though, you have more potential radiating off of you than I’ve ever seen. However, you need to learn a few basics before the starter exams.”

The Headmaster took ahold of my hand and patted it once more. “You’ll stay with the other first year registrants, and you can learn alongside them for a week, then you will take the starter exams.”

“Yes Headmaster, thank you!” I smiled in relief, glad I did not have to return to the surface just yet.

The Headmaster smiled. “Master Pyrusn will lead you to the Hall of Registrants. Ask for help when you need it, surely the others will help. Verulus, my boy, we still need to continue our discussions, so if you would, please stay.”

“As you wish Headmaster.” Verulus flashed me a smile.

I left after shaking the Master’s hands, following the snooty Master Pyrusn, who informed me he was actually one of the Lectors, to the Hall of Registrants.

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