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My Guardian Demon

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In a world where everyone is given a guardian angel when they are born but instead Athena is cursed with an arrogant Demon. Athena Rae Walsh is trying to live a normal high school life but straight after her 18th birthday, she started seeing things she couldn't explain. This would change her life as she gradually found herself trapped by a destiny she cannot change and is caught in the middle of a spiritual war which will change her life forever. She never expected to be stuck in a love triangle. Does she choose the Demon or the Angel? Or will she even survive this war between good and evil? _______________________

Fantasy / Romance
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Dreaded Maths Class

"I swear to god Athena if you don't wake up for school right now, I'm going to grab a bucket of ice-cold water and throw it on you." One of my lovely brothers yelled in my ear making me roll over, landing straight onto the floor with a thud.

Aiden started laughing that rang through my room making me cover my ears and groan.

Definitely not a morning person.

He does this every morning without fail, I thought he would be a generous brother and wake me up nicely as it's my birthday but no.

He's a prick like always.

My brother Aiden and I have a love-hate relationship. One minute we get along really well, joking with each other all the time but other times we just fight or wind each other up to the point our older brother Austin has to intervene.

Austin has been our guardian ever since our parents died in a car crash eight years ago. It was a really difficult time for all of us but our older brother didn't abandon us and he chose to raise us. He's done a fantastic job so far, well with me.

No one can help Aiden, he's a lost cause.

"Get out of my room," I grumbled into the floor before lifting myself up and glaring over at my stupid ass brother.

"Well, I suppose I'll just eat the chocolate pancakes that Austin has made you." Then he ran out of my room with a whistle.

I jumped onto my feet and bolted out of my room, tripping over the thin air a few times and banging my elbow in the process.

Jumping down the last few steps I could see my brother reach for my pancakes, so I did the only thing I could think of.

"Aaaaaah!" I screamed at the top of my voice charging at him before he could react and move out of the way, I jumped on top of him causing us both to fall on the floor. That would have hurt if he didn't cushion my fall.

"What the hell Athena," I shot a sheepish smile his way before standing up, accidentally kneeing him in his private area. I took a plateful of pancakes, trying not to drool at the sight before looking down at my crippled brother.

"You were gonna eat my pancakes," I shrugged, walking over to a very amused Austin. I slumped down next to him, instantly stuffing the pancakes down my throat without taking a breath of air.

I heard a snicker next to me. "What?" I spoke with a mouthful of food.

"Your love for pancakes fascinates me, but anyway happy birthday little Rae," He placed a quick kiss on my cheek. "I have to go to work now but I'll give you your presents and card when I come back. Then you can choose what restaurant you want to eat at."

I nodded away before stuffing the last of my pancakes in my mouth as he left the kitchen. Aiden was giving me a disgusted look from across the table.

"So ladylike," I swallowed the rest as I ran my hand through my knotted long brown hair.

"Hey, you have something on your chin," He started rubbing his chin whilst I stood up to place my plate in the sink.


"No, not there, the third one down," I snickered before legging it back to my room to get ready for school. I threw on a pair of black skinny jeans with a stripy off the shoulder jumper and my favourite black vans. Quickly curling my hair and doing the usual bathroom stuff I was finally ready.

Walking down the stairs I could see Aiden typing away on his phone stood by the door. Before I made it down all the way I saw a flicker of light glowing behind him making me stop in my tracks, staring right at him.

"Hello Athena, what the hell are you staring at. Come on I need to get you to school or I'll be late for College." He swung his car keys around his finger before opening the door and leaving me behind.

"Come on," He shouted making me snap out of my thoughts and rushing towards his car, not forgetting to lock the door.


"Hello there Athena, it's so nice that you could grace us with your presence finally." My most hated teacher Miss Reynolds spoke. I gave her a mock salute before sitting at the back next to one of my best friends Lewis.

"She's going to kill you one day," He whispered into my ear before facing the class again.

"Your wrong, it's this maths class that's going to kill me," He quietly laughed behind his hand, trying not to get us both into trouble but we aren't that lucky.

Miss Reynolds looked our way, crossing her arms over her chest. Her face turning a slight red colour. "Something funny?" She asked.

I just sat back in my chair, making a slight grunt noise underneath my breath. I would love to know what her problem is with me, even if someone else disrupts the class or messes about I still get the blame.

"Nothing miss," She just kept glaring at me before turning around and writing our work for the hour on the board. Lewis started pulling things out of his bag.

He took out a card and a happy birthday bag.

"Happy birthday bestie," A huge grin spread across my face like a Chesire cat as I looked through the birthday bag.

There were my favourite chocolates, a little eighteen charm for my bracelet, a new phone case with me him and Shannon on one of our movie nights. Then underneath all of that, there was a pack of condoms staring right at me.

I gasped quietly hitting his shoulder making him chuckle. He just grinned at me before writing in his book.

"Just looking after you Rae, don't be such a prude. You can't be a virgin forever," He whispered making me scoff as I tried to hide my bag before the teacher saw it.

"Right, that's it Athena, detention after school." My teacher scolded before walking my way to write it in my diary.

"I assume with all of this talking you have already done the work?"

"From all of this complaining, I'm assuming your single?" I shot back.

Some students started to laugh but instantly quieting down when she shot them all a warning look. Her hand shot out waiting for me to give her my diary but I refused.

"Give me your book."

"No, I didn't do anything wrong," I pointed out.

"I won't ask again, give me your book now."

"I didn't hear a please, my brother brought me up to have manners which evidently you do not have" Everyone in the class gasped making me roll my eyes to the back of my head.

Now my teacher's face was a bright red, her eyebrows creased together and her wrinkly chapped lips turned into a tight line.

"Headteachers office now, I hope you don't have any plans for the next week." She sneered, turning away storming back up to the front of the class. I quickly looked at Lewis to see him sending me a sad smile.

Another flickery glow appeared behind him that I saw behind Austin this morning, then disappeared in an instant. I shuck my head before gathering my things and placing them into my bag. I swear I'm seeing things after I bumped my head this morning.

Stupid Aiden.

"I'll see you later Lewis and thank you for my presents," I gave him a peck on his slightly stubbled cheek and began walking towards the door, noticing Miss Reynolds with a small smirk on her lips.

I turned the door handle swinging it wide open making it hit the wall slightly, but before I stepped out of the classroom I waved my hand to the teacher with a fake smile, "Have a great day miss Reynolds, I learned so much."

I slammed the door and gritted my teeth. The hallways were empty, not a single student to be seen. What a crappy birthday morning this is turning out to be. Dragging my feet across the floor as I ran my finger along the wall I hear a slight mumble.

Looking round to see if anybody had appeared behind me, but no one was there.

"Now I'm going mad," I whispered to myself as I set off walking again. I felt a slight breeze across my ear sending a slight shiver through my body.

I spun around again but this time I wasn't alone, "HOLY FUDGE!" I slightly yelled, but clumsy me tripped over my bag that I had dropped onto the floor making me fall flat on my bum. The tall figure was still stood right in front of me, not moving an inch.

My eyes trailed up his body until I could see his face. He was a lot taller than me, his blacktop was clung to his upper body showing off all of his muscles that made me drool a little. His eyes appeared to be a light brown matching his messy hair.

He just looked down at me with a slightly sexy smirk on his lips.

"Where in gods name did you come from? I almost had a heart attack and I think I've broken my bum," I said to myself but he heard me.

"It's impossible to break your bum," The boy spoke, his voice was so deep and instantly made him ten times hotter.

"Well, I think I found a way," I stood up on my feet, giving my bum a slight rub before returning my attention back to the mystery guy.

The hallway was freezing now, goosebumps raising on my body. I quickly wrapped my arms around me, rubbing my hands up and down to warm myself back up.

All of a sudden his eyes turned a deep black with a little flame flickering in the middle where his pupils should be. Large smoky black wings appeared from behind him making me shriek in fear.

One of his large hands shot out to cover my mouth, making my screams turn into a muffled noise.

That's it, I'm going to die.

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