My Guardian Demon

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The Game

"You made it" Lewis yelled in my face as soon as he saw me and Shannon walk onto the field where we would be watching our school's football team compete in the finals against our rivals.

Our high school is called Ashton high which is one of the biggest in our area, whereas our rival high school is Colby high. It's a much smaller school and most of the students are badly behaved. Most of the time they like to pick a fight during a football game or right after because our team is better, to be honest.

I couldn't even respond before he wrapped his long arms around my tiny waist and spun me around till I felt a little dizzy.

"Lewis put me down before I throw up all over you" I shouted making him drop me in an instant.

He looked straight at me and actually had the cheek to look me up and down like a perverted teenage boy. I smacked his chest making him chuckle lightly.

"Don't look at me like that" I scolded.

"I'm sorry but when did you grow boobs and an arse. How did I never notice that my best friend is god damn hot" He said a bit too loudly making a few of his teammates look over including my ex Brandon and his idiot of a friend Greyson.

I hit him a bit harder this time because from his loud mouth, the two boys I did not want to interact with right now, were currently making their way over to us.

"Here we go" I mumbled to myself. Shannon nudged my side telling me she wouldn't leave my side, especially with these two idiots.

I looked over Lewis's shoulder to see Nathanial stood a few steps away from Aiden who had come to watch the game and then join everyone at the party later on tonight.

He was concerned about me and Brandon, knowing about our past together. It was quite sweet.

Even though he isn't my guardian it doesn't stop him from looking out for me. I gave him a small smile so he knew that I was okay. Before they came close to the three of us I felt Zacs arm brush against mine sending a few sparks up my body.

Now both of them were here, glaring at each other from across the field. I didn't even need to look to my side as I could already guess how furious Zac probably looks. Whenever he touched me it felt a little cold but it didn't really bother me much.

Before I knew it both boys were stood next to Lewis in their football uniform eyeing me up with a sick smirk plastered on both of their faces making me scoff.

"Can I help you two?" I asked.

"Did you come here for us Rae? We are flattered." Brandon spoke, looking me up and down making me squirm a little.

"Don't call me Rae, only my friends call me that" I spat, already annoyed with the both of them.

Greyson was just staring at me with lust filling his dark green eyes.

Brandon stepped closer to me, his hand brushing against my cheek as he tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear.

"Oh, we are more than friends baby..." He leaned forward till his lips were next to my ear making me shiver from his hot breath against my skin.

"Be mine again and I promise you, I will make you scream my name so loud my whole neighborhood can hear" Before I could push him away Brandon flew to the ground hitting it harshly.

In the corner of my eye, I could see Zac who was literally on fire, his wings on full display as smoke surrounded him.

I placed my hand on his hoping no one would notice to try and calm him down because of incidents like this shouldn't happen in front of so many people. His breathing slowed down as his burning body lessened until there was no more fire surrounding him.

His black eyes turned back into his deep chocolate brown ones as soon as they gazed into my blue ones.

My heart started to beat a little faster than normal so I quickly looked away to see Brandon standing back up to his feet, anger flashing through his eyes with a little confusion. I'd be confused too.

His eyes met mine and before he could start having a fit the coach blew his whistle signaling that the game will be starting soon. Brandon and Greyson ran off without hesitation leaving Lewis behind.

He turned to me, "I seriously hate that fucking guy, but whatever just happened there was sick... Ow" He rubbed his arm whilst glaring at me. For someone who is a lot taller than me and had a lot of muscle, he could be such a wimp.

"Don't swear stupid, now go out there and make momma Rae proud" I said whilst pointing my finger at him, He gave me a cheesy grin before bringing both of us in for a big hug. After a few seconds, he gave us one last smile before joining his team.

I turned so I could face Shannon who was blowing a kiss to her boyfriend Nathan who did the same making me roll my eyes at there lovey-dovey moments. Shannon must have noticed because she slapped my arm lightly before dragging me away to sit down ready to watch the game.

"I wish someone would look at me like I look at chocolate cake," I said as we both sat down on the benches waiting for the game to begin. "You need help with your chocolate obsession but more importantly do you have anyone in mind that you like? Any boys that you speak to that I don't know about?" She questioned.

I couldn't exactly tell her about Zac or Nathanial, she would think I'm totally crazy and I'm not quite sure if I'm allowed. Apparently, I'm in a lot of danger being the prophecy of this spiritual war and the last thing I want is Shannon or Lewis getting hurt because of me.

Zac was so irritating and can be quite scary at times which makes sense because he is a demon. He's hot though and he did protect me before, even though his jealousy and anger can become a bit too much sometimes. I have never met anyone as arrogant and cocky as him though.

On the other hand, Nathanial is so sweet, he makes me laugh. He's so handsome with his light blue eyes and most of all he isn't evil. He is the opposite of evil, he's a freaking angel. They probably don't see me as more than a friend anyway.

"Do you honestly think Austin and Aiden will let me have a boyfriend after Brandon? no way."

"Oh come on Rae you need it, make use of the present Lewis bought for you"

"Shannon! I will not be using any of them and I can't anyway. Aiden has probably used them all by now" Shannon snorted loudly, knowing my brother all too well. The match had started making me look towards the pitch seeing Lewis who had the ball passing it to one of his teammates.

My eyes spotted two men arguing in the corner of the field. I squinted my eyes little to see if I could recognize them and I did.

Nathanial and Zac were having a heated argument with each other, both of them looking incredibly angry to the point both of their wings appeared behind them. Over time, I have gathered that they start to turn into their true form when angry or when they use their powers at full strength.

Suddenly another man appeared in a puff of black smoke immediately joining in with the two of them. He was just as tall as them and had dark black midnight hair. I noticed him smirking a little before whispering in Zacs ear.

As soon as he finished he glanced my way before disappearing leaving Nathanial stood there who now looked calm.

"Oh my god," I said as an idea entered my head.


"I wanna prank someone, specifically my older annoying brother" I tucked my hands into my hoodie pockets trying to warm them up a little.

"I'm all ears, whats the plan?" She asks excitedly.

"Aiden ate all my chocolate which means war. He sleeps around on a daily basis right, so imagine his reaction when he finds out that he got someone pregnant"

"I LOVE IT" I smiled at my best friend before looking over at my brother who was flirting with a blonde. Typical.

"How are we going to get a positive pregnancy test though?"

"I'll find a way don't worry, nobody eats my chocolate and gets away with it and I mean no one"


Finally, the game had finished and to no surprise, our team won. Which means I have to go to this stupid party watching everybody get drunk and grind on each other. It's not really how I want to spend my Friday night. I would much rather be watching harry potter in bed with some chocolate.

Lewis had left to go and have a shower, so me and Shannon were on our way to my house to get ready for this party. She was so excited, making some weird dance moves whilst singing at the top of her voice in the car. My brother was making weird faces at my friends awful singing but I thought it was hilarious.

I heard my brother muttering things under his breath, probably moaning about me having annoying friends.

"Oh quit your moaning Aiden"

"I'm gonna be fucking death if she carries on... Will you not hit me when I'm driving" He shouted.

"Firstly don't be so dramatic you drama queen, and secondly we aren't even moving. I wouldn't have to hit you if you didn't swear, it's not my fault that your dumb" I crossed my arms as I looked out of the window avoiding my brother's glares.

We finally made it to my house. Shannon was out of the car in a flash and before I knew it we were in my bedroom. I was sitting on my bed watching my best friend in amusement as she started to throw my clothes everywhere trying to find a 'sexy' outfit for the both of us.

Especially me, because apparently, I need to have a little fun and meet a guy. Little does she know I have two hot ones in my life right now who I haven't seen for over an hour now.

Shannon threw some clothes at me which hit me straight in the face causing me to lose balance and fall off the bed causing a loud thud.

"Oops sorry, Rae" She apologized but had a massive grin on her face which she was failing to hide behind her hand.

"Come on get ready, tonight we are going to have fun. It's gonna be a night to remember"

Little did we know that this night is definitely a night you can't forget.

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